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Welcome to Judith Star-Medicine.com, a Sacred Space for all who are led here to experience the beauty of the Stone People and their healing gifts. It is a Sacred Space to experience the healing power of the Stars, of Earth Mother, of our Brothers and Sisters who are the Four-Leggeds and Winged Ones. It is a Sacred Space to recover, discover and uncover the magic that is uniquely you, gifted to you by the Creator. This place is intended for you to just BE, with images to lift your consciousness, teachings to inspire you and, ultimately, a place that lifts and opens your heart. My prayer is that this space heals and blesses all who enter. Whether you find something you'd love to purchase or not, may you find peace and a safe refuge in the Light.

Reverend Judith Star-Medicine
“She Who Heals With Stars”

Enter The World Of The Stone People: Crystal Magic

All indigenous cultures connect to the earth for healing. Plants, stones, trees, mountains, herbs, essential oils, minerals, all are seen as allies and living partners  on the journey back to wellness.

Stones are Master Healers. The Taoists have a Materia Medica of stones that are used for healing that dates back to the 13th century. They believe that stones are the most powerful healing modality we have, as they are the oldest living beings on the planet. The stones are seen as the Record Keepers, some, over a billion years old.

I have worked with and taught about stones for over 30 years. I have a powerful heart connection with them. They are incredible healers and teachers. All of the stones available for purchase in my store are hand picked by me, from sources I know and trust. None are artificially enhanced, as that would compromise their healing properties. No heat-treating, no irradiation, no dyes. You can be confident that each stone is natural, and is what I say it is. ( Cutting and polishing stones does not affect their healing properties, as it does not affect their mineral structure.)

Bringing stones into our home benefits everyone that enters.  They add strength, serenity, wisdom and grace to our environment. Some, like Smokey Quartz, remove radiation. Some, like Obsidian, offer protection. Some, like Amethyst, uplift and inspire. All of them add something magical, helping to create a Sacred Space. I know they will enrich your life, as they have mine.

At the Crystal Cave Teachings section, the "All Posts" tab is my blog, where I write about a number of topics. Other areas cover astrological forecasts, the Chakras, and the healing properties of Metals. As a mystic and alchemist, I am always weaving together the supernatural and the earthly, using the lifetimes of teachings at my disposal. It is a magical universe, we are much more than we know. We are a part of something vast, formless, and infinite. We are all connected through love. May we always remember that truth. I hope this perspective blesses all. This is my world, the world of magical beings, of miracles, and light. Come on a journey with me. 

We are always adding new inventory, so check back often. Also check out our judithstar-medicine.com gift certificates. Now you can give the gift of a healing Stone without having to try to guess what the person may need most. They can select whichever being speaks to their heart. 

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