Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues

I know that it’s been a rough few weeks, culminating in today’s fiasco of that alleged attempted rapist and all-around douchebag being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Take a little time to grieve, throw something, or whatever you need to do. I say, let’s use that anger in a powerful way. There’s an old song from the 1920’s by Ida Cox, called “ Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues”. I love that song. ( Listen to it on YouTube) This is a time for all of us to unite. Republicans have no idea what they’ve done, really. By disrespecting Dr Ford so blatantly, by their sham investigation, by their bullying, they have unleashed the accumulated rage of women everywhere. Every one of us has experienced being harassed, or sexually assaulted, or have been victims of domestic violence, or emotional abuse. What we just witnessed was a travesty, a travesty that reached our souls. The smugness, The dishonesties, the corruption that these men, greedy for power, displayed, was unbelievable. What it actually accomplished was the opposite of what they intended. Something snapped, on a collective level, for women.

I am not beaten. I am not discouraged. What I am, is fucking nuclear. Let’s be clear. If we vote, if we refuse to be cowed and bullied, if we stay on target, we can take back the House and the Senate in 4 fucking weeks. We can impeach Trump and Kavanaugh. He will be the second Supreme Court Justice in history to be impeached. We can do it. We are a force of nature. There are sworn affidavits that no one was allowed to see about him. He’s  unfit for the position.

So, give yourself a day or two to process. Then, it’s time to reach inside of yourself for your Wild Woman. Remember the Civil Rights Movement. People were beaten, oppressed, jailed. But they never gave up. Women fighting for the right to vote were beaten and arrested. They never gave up. We are all capable of heroism today. They’ve tried to control us, to control our reproductive freedoms, our rights over our own bodies. They’re still trying. I say, fuck that. No. They are not destroying all of the progress that has been made through blood, sweat, and tears. Wild women don’t get the blues. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back to the fight. As we do, we can help women who have suffered in silence heal. Dr Ford was courageous to come forward. Her story was our story. Her pain was our pain. They will not get away with silencing her, or us. This win is temporary. Very temporary.

The world is counting on us. We are the Light. We stand for Earth Mother and the Divine Feminine. We will not fail. Expect us. Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine