Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Will Cook photography

As I watched the Grammys last night, I was blown away, as I always am, by Pink. I probably have all of her albums, including her latest,  Beautiful Trauma. Last night she performed a song from that album called “ Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”, co-written by her and Michael James Ryan Busbee. It’s an anthem for our time, in the face of the wave of sexual abuse reports, harassment, and discrimination against women. Women are breaking their silence and coming forward in record numbers, an army of warriors who have had enough. Last weeks trial of Larry Nassar, the team doctor for the U.S. gymnastics team, was a nightmare, revealing decades of abuse. He pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse of young girls on the team, some as young as 6 years old. He is already in prison on charges of having child pornography, over 30,000 Images. Over 150 victims were allowed to speak to the court, giving statements about his impact on their lives. The entire country learned about the years of the sexual abuse of young girls, their trust and innocence betrayed, stolen from them, while those charged with their safety did nothing to stop a monster, even when these girls tried to speak out.

So many of us have survived the theft of innocence, of trust, of feeling safe in our own bodies. There are all different kinds of betrayals. All different kinds of thieves. Some are parents who are supposed to love their children, while neglecting them, or beating them, or indoctrinating them into cults, or rigid ideologies at the earliest age. Some are teachers, some are clergy, some are coaches. They are everywhere. For children, receiving  love, acceptance, and approval becomes dependent upon giving up the Sacred birthright of being who you are. Thieves.

Another type of theft is to be in a relationship, claiming to love your partner, while doing everything to avoid true intimacy. Lying, cheating, or deflecting, refusing to take personal responsibility for anything, prevents any spiritual growth, any evolution. It freezes a relationship, keeping it in stasis. Codependency, allowing oneself to remain stuck, investing in someone’s possibilities, is equally soul destroying. Thieves.

Another type of theft is racism, denying the humanity of another in order to feel superior to them. Thieves. Misogyny. Pathological narcissism. Religious fundamentalism. Thieves. Thieves of joy. Thieves of safety. Thieves of love.

I love the lyrics to this song, because it speaks to the fury of betrayal, and the incredible courage we have in overcoming it, reclaiming our personal power, and moving on. Some of the lyrics are: “ There’s not enough rope to tie me down, there’s not enough tape to shut this mouth. The stones you throw can make me bleed. But I won’t stop until we’re free. Wild hearts can’t be broken. No, wild hearts can’t be broken. “

What we are is magical, beautiful, wild, and free. In Native culture, the eagle represents our connection to Spirit, to the Divine. Eagle flies higher than any other bird. The lyrics go on to say, “ My Spirit above me. You cannot deny me. My freedom is burning. This broken world keeps turning. I’ll never surrender. There’s nothing, but a victory. “

We will never surrender. This battle has just begun. We won’t stop until we’re free. Until everyone is free. We are strong. We are fierce. We are an army of light, truth, and justice. And we’re coming for the thieves and their enablers. What they didn’t realize is that Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. They’re about to find that out. Strap in. It’s about to get interesting. Blessings, Judith

** Thank you To Will Cook photography for permission to use his amazing Eagle photos. He captures the essence of the Eagle Spirit better than anyone I’ve seen.

** Thank you, Pink. We love you.