What Matters

This is a pivotal moment in our nations history. What we stand for, what we teach our children, is what’s at stake. Some say that impeaching a corrupt president is a bad move, politically. That, since he isn’t going to be removed by the Senate, why bother. Here’s why. What matters in life is honor, integrity, courage, and compassion. The moment that we decide that forsaking those we have pledged to help is okay, we have left our path. The moment that we accept lying and political corruption as the norm, we have left our path.

What matters is what we want to believe in. What we want our children to believe in. Cynicism is an indulgence that we cannot afford. No matter how exhausting the fight is, a warrior continues on. When you fight for the innocent, for the defenseless, a warrior continues on. Our path is clear. When history records this time, those who choose  fear, denial, and apathy will share the same shame as Germany did, during the time of Hitler. To close one’s eyes to evil is to enable evil. Whatever the outcome will be, what matters on a soul level for each of us is that we chose to stand up in the face of the profane.

How do we define victory? For me, it’s knowing that I did all that I could, in a fearless way, to save everything, the children, the environment, Earth Mother, to keep going. I have to be able to look myself in the eye and respect my choices. Staying on my path, no matter how challenging, is what matters in the end. Never give up. We are an army of light beings. Writers, teachers, healers, we are all that stands in the way of a scourge. Let history record  that we showed others what it means to have honor. That we lit the way, our hearts a beacon, a torch illuminating a sacred path. Do not entertain doubts or fears. Press on, knowing that the light always prevails. That’s what matters. Living from that. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine