What Being A Minister Means To Me

Art by Kinuko Craft

My spiritual path in this incarnation formally began when I entered the convent to become a nun when I was 12. I entered a cloister as a postulant, where I remained for just under a year, when my mother’s mental health crisis resulted in my father bringing me home, to take care of her, and my three younger brothers. I was devastated. One of my commitments in life has always been to walk a path of service and love. I’ve never deviated from that path.

I was ordained as an interfaith Minister in 1996. I decided to do that for a number of reasons, most importantly because I had a number of high-risk adolescents in my practice, and I discovered that clergy could not be kept out of hospitals and prisons, where at risk kids are liable to end up. I remember the day I was ordained. The ordination ceremony was so beautiful, with flowers, candles, and friends gathered to witness a very sacred moment. The prayers during the ceremony uplifted all of us. It was the realization of a dream that began at 12, and had never been given up on.

Today, I performed the ordination ceremony for a friend. It was just as emotional and exquisite as mine had been. There are no words to describe the recognition of a part of oneself that is many lifetimes old. It’s as if something locks into place within you, on an energetic level. It brought me incredible joy.

Since 1996, I’ve performed many weddings, helped people write their vows, and, yes, counseled clients in hospitals and a few prisons. Most importantly, my commitment to living a life of love, kindness, and compassion for all those in need of help has been a sacred one. The title of Reverend in front of my name denotes that my counseling practice is a spiritual one, not a secular one. No one in need is turned away. Healing the soul is sacred to me.

There is a candle lighting ceremony at the end of the ordination. In it, we are reminded that light is necessary for life, and we are being recognized and invited to be “ the light of the world”.

Becoming a Minister changed people’s perception of me, but it didn’t change my truth: I am here to serve, to teach, to offer aid in difficult times, but most importantly, to be the light of the world. I always have been, and always will be, that.  I am a Druid Priestess. My ministry is dedicated to helping people find their magic, their gifts, and to follow their dreams. I’m grateful for the Universal Brotherhood Movement, in supporting the spiritual path of so many. I’m sending love to all who are called to a path of service, and who choose to be the light of the world. Blessings to all, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine.