The Peace of Wild Things

Sometimes, when I watch the news, or in my work, and I see bad people doing bad things with absolutely no consequences, my heart cries out for justice. When that justice is denied me, and all of us, when I realize that those people are going to stroll on through life with no accountability for the harm they have caused, I need to find a way to get back on my center again. Sometimes, being fierce, being a warrior, being an advocate for those that have been abused, being a Sacred Witness, leaves me with a feeling of helpless anger inside that has nowhere to go, and is not good for me. Understanding Karma just isn’t enough, during those moments. Acceptance that there is nothing I can do other than to send light and prayers to those that are suffering is hard.

I asked the Universe for help, for a way to find peace, and this poem was put right in front of me. I have always found myself in nature, I have always been able to become whole again, no matter what, after being with the Earth, the animals, the wind, the water, and the Stars. I can take that step back, away from the culture of separation, the culture of egos and pain, and breathe. It was good to come across this poem again after so many years. I hope it does for others what it did for me. Thank you, Wendell Berry. This poem is a balm for my heart. We all need the peace of wild things. Thank you for reminding me where to look.  Blessings, Judith image