The Monthly Forecast for June

Kinuko Y. Craft

The Sun is in the sign Gemini for much of June. Gemini is an Air sign, ruled by Mercury. It rules the lungs, arms, hands, and nervous system in the body. The key words for Gemini are “ I Think”. Gemini is a dual sign, the twins. ( Castor and Pollux). It represents flexibility and curiosity, both good traits to have this month.

6/3 is lovely, with the Sun in Gemini Trine to the Moon in Aquarius, both Air signs, while the Moon also Trines Mercury in Gemini. The mind is open and stimulated now. The Moon moves into mystical Pisces on 6/5, forming two sextiles to both Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is sudden and unexpected changes, while Saturn is about patience and stability. This is a good day to begin something that will last.

6/6 has a number of planets aspecting Neptune. I expect more lies to be revealed regarding ongoing investigations. Reach for calmness and try not to engage in some people’s delusional thinking. Avoid debates. 6/11 is good, with the Moon in Taurus Trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Reach for alchemy and magic. It sextiles Neptune, adding in the mystical. Remind yourself that anything is possible.

The New Moon on 6/13 in Gemini invites us to embrace our duality. Some believed that Castor and Pollux were twin brothers, with Castor being human and Pollux being immortal. This would be a good day to acknowledge being an eternal soul having an earthly incarnation, and embracing all of the opportunities that brings.

The Moon moves into Virgo on 6/18. Both the 18th and 19th are wonderful, with a number of positive aspects. The Summer Solstice is on 6/21, when the Sun moves into Cancer.

The Full Moon on 6/28 is expansive and powerful.

This is an excellent month to focus on duality, rather than polarity. Duality is about being conjoined, both/and. Polarity supposes that you have to choose one versus the other, either/or. Spirituality teaches us that there is no “ other”, that we are one with all that is. In one version of the Castor and Pollux myth, when Castor dies, Pollux asks his father, Zeus, to allow him to share his immortality with his twin. Zeus grants his request, creating the constellation Gemini. This month encourages us to embrace and integrate our humanity with our divinity. We are both. We are made of stars, our own unique constellation, dancing through space and time.

May this month be filled with beauty, love, magic, and joy for you. Blessings, Judith