The Monthly Forecast For April

As the Sun has moved into Aries, a Fire sign, it heralds new beginnings, zeal, and enthusiasm for life, which is sorely needed now. We have some very powerful aspects this month, where we will see a shift in the consciousness of the Race Mind.

Don’t be discouraged by the stops and starts of forward progress at the beginning of the month. Mars makes a conjunction to Saturn on 3/31, which will be felt until the end of the week. Saturn slows everything down, so the feeling of frustration and anger as we watch the inept and dangerous response to the Covid-19 pandemic will continue for a bit. Thursday, 4/2 has a number of what appear on the surface to be challenging aspects, ( the Moon opposes Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars), which, if we look a little deeper, set us up for a positive shift. Here’s why I think that. The Moon represents the emotions and the subconscious mind. With the opposition to Jupiter, people are exaggerating, and making promises that they cannot deliver on. Jupiter also rules the law. So, a belief that someone is above the law, or is a law unto themselves. Now, add Pluto into the mix. The Moon in opposition to Pluto means that people have had enough. This is a turning point for many. This is an aspect of walking away from abuse, at any cost. We are going to see a lot of furious people who are watching the results of a malignant narcissist destroying the country on every level, health, the economy, everything. It’s important because it’s triggering anyone who was ever impacted by a narcissist. It will give people an opportunity to truly heal on the deepest levels, understanding the scope of this pathology as it plays out daily before your eyes. Then, we add Saturn into the mix. Same day. Ugh. This opens up Root Chakra fears. All of them. A feeling of aloneness, or powerlessness. Hopelessness. Don’t give in to it, it’s just one day, and how the planets are aligning. And finally, the opposition from the Moon to Mars. Mars, in this scenario, is about the anger that comes out of fear. Anger only exists where fear lived first. So expect people to be fearful, frustrated, angry, and ready to do whatever it takes to move forward. To break free. Ultimately, that’s a very good thing. I think 4/2 sets things up for the aspects of 4/4.

On Saturday 4/4 we’re going to have a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, which will happen three times this year. This is a game changer. It’s an explosion of power, the power of the collective consciousness of humanity, restoring honor, integrity, sacred law, including people taking their power back from a corrupt administration, and personally, in their own lives. This is a demonstration of Divine Justice. There will be a reckoning, and it begins now. This conjunction occurs once every 13 years. It will happen for the third time, in November. And we know what happens in November.

4/6 is wonderful, with several positive aspects. It’s productive and hopeful. Push forward on any projects now. The Full Moon on 4/7, from Libra to Aries, is a little tricky to navigate, given a square that day from Mars to Uranus. Uranus is always unpredictable, with sudden, unexpected changes. With Mars, there’s some volatility, so try to find your center, your point of stillness, and do not engage with people who are not high vibe. It’s not worth it.

April 14th and 15th appear to me to be about a political power struggle, with a Sun/Pluto square on Tuesday, followed by a Sun/Jupiter square on Wednesday. In your personal life, avoid trying to force yourself to do things that you don’t want to do, and that goes for people you are in relationships with. Pluto rules coercion and bullying. Given what we’re seeing on the national stage right now, many people have had all they can take of that. Remember that spirit is always working with us, when we remember our own divinity. Don’t push yourself. Rather, try to go with the flow, wherever possible.

Sunday, 4/19, brings a little respite, as the Sun moves into gentle, grounding, and nurturing Taurus. The Moon in Pisces makes two sextiles at the same time, to both Jupiter and Pluto, very beneficial.

The New Moon on 4/22 in Taurus brings fixity of purpose, steadfastness, tenacity, and strength. Try to tune out the fears being generated by the Race Mind ( the collective consciousness of humanity) at this time. It’s not helpful to yourself or anyone else to succumb to that. Stay connected to your spirituality, in whatever form that takes.

4/24 is very good, with aspects that enhance faith, optimism, creativity, and manifesting. The 29th and 30th are all about letting go of people, places, and things that no longer grow our souls.

in summation, April is a very intense month, on both a personal and global level. I believe there is a battle going on, between the darkness and the light. Humanity has to decide where it  stands, for love, compassion for others, kindness, and respect for all living things, including the planet. Or, fear, denial, greed, and entitlement. We are living through a pandemic, yes. I believe that it has been born out of a pandemic of narcissism that has been building for over a decade. People have become almost numb to it, traumatized by it, because it’s been so pervasive. The terrible experience of this virus has within it, the possibility of reminding us of the inherent goodness and compassion of people all over the world, restoring things like community, an ability to work together for the common good. It is a Phoenix moment for all of us. As we all push back against fear, we grow stronger. As we join together, helping each other to overcome pain and loss, we grow in love, light, and a shared commitment to make the world a safer place. This is a time of change. During it, I pray that you, and all of your loved ones be safe. I send my prayers out for all. Blessed be, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine