The Cave At Night

imageI’ve mentioned before that I live in a magical Crystal Cave. It’s hard to believe, sometimes. The main level of the house is subterranean, built into the side of a hill, with 35 tons of Calcite boulders forming the ceiling. Every room has a Crystal ceiling. The kitchen, the bedroom, my office, the family room… Soft bluish gray Calcite boulders, embedded in 3 feet of concrete. My lair is the master bedroom, which is magical. The walls are a rich pine, like those in a log cabin, and there is the one large picture window which looks out into the woods. Obviously, being underground, none of the other rooms have windows. Since my favorite color has always been any shade of purple, my room is decorated with deep plum velvets, from the velvet duvet on the bed, to the darkest plum love seat near the window, to the smokey lavender area rug on the cherry hardwood floor.

I was lying here this evening with a book, ( pretty much the norm for me), with one of my cats, Miss Cleo, curled up asleep next to me. She’s snoring, with one paw over her nose. The lamplight is reflected in the window, where I’ve hung my collection of witch balls. (Witch balls are colored blown glass balls that are said to trap any negative energy inside of themselves. I just think they’re pretty. I’ve always warded my property myself, using my own magic and the Stones, so I don’t need them for that.) On the shelf along the window are pots of blooming orchids, African violets, mostly in magentas, but some ivory with deep pink centers. My larger specimen Crystals have soft spotlights on them, as they shower the space with light. I feel surrounded by beauty. When I was younger I used to watch “I Dream Of Jeannie” on TV, and I remember loving what the inside of her bottle looked like. I think I’ve created something like that for myself.

Some people like that minimalist style of decorating. Not me. It’s a crazy blend of antiques, Crystals, fantasy Art, with statues of Fairies, Dragons, Power Animals, Kuan Yins, Crystal Balls, and most of all, magic. So, I feel sheltered and cozy, with my purple fleecy throw over me, the room glowing like a stained glass jewel, lit from within, with my family and four-leggeds tucked in for the night. And everywhere I look are the Stone People, with every exhale breathing magic into the air. Also my family. So, from all of us here in the Crystal Cave to you, we send you magic, and bright blessings, may you be safe and warm on this lovely autumn night.