The August Gem and Mineral Show

August brings us the largest Gem and Mineral show on the East Coast, held at the Eastern States convention center, in Springfield, Massachusetts. This year’s show was probably the best one ever for us. We had pre-purchased some incredible specimens from a dealer down in Brazil, giving me the first look at what he was buying. He was there for a month. I was blown away by what he found. Some of it made it up here in time for the show, some of it is traveling up by boat, and should arrive by the end of the month. Here’s some of what I brought home with me.


bought two huge natural Citrine clusters, one is 78 lbs, one is 75 lbs. They have beautiful large points and crazy rainbows, and have black Tetrahedrites and some hints of Smokey Quartz. Spectacular. There’s a huge Smokey Quartz Point, 42 lbs, also with black Tetrahedrites, which has sections of Citrine, and Manifestation crystals inside of it. ( A Manifestation Crystal is another perfect crystal growing inside. Not a Phantom. A whole other crystal. This point has three).

Next is a 16” Citrine Point, 23 lbs, beautiful rainbows. I bought some fabulous Quartz Spheres, so alive with rainbows that it’s amazing. A foot long log of black Tourmaline. About 30 Obsidian Spheres, ranging from 3” to 7”. Rainbow Obsidian, Gold Sheen Obsidian, and Silver Sheen Obsidian. Wow. All from a Mine in Mexico, the only Obsidian dealer that I buy from.

I bought a few Rhodochrosite Spheres, some Gemstone Trees that people have been asking for, ( Carnelian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz), large Quartz Points, more Bumblebee Jasper… our SUV was packed to the limit.

I have no words for what just walked through the door. These are Master Healers and teachers. I know they will go to their destiny. They always do. It’s my honor to be in guardianship of them until they leave. Everything is unpacked, and my office is back to normal. For now. Until the next shipment arrives. Oh, God. Blessings, Judith