Teachings From Classical Chinese Medicine and My Experiences With Possession and Exorcisms

I have been blessed and privileged in my life to have studied and worked with a renowned Taoist Master, Dr. Yuen, for twenty three years. Dr Yuen teaches Classical Chinese Medicine, which is ancient. It is rooted in Taoism, going back thousands of years.( Traditional Chinese Medicine is from post-Communist China, only about 65 years old). The two are very different, with TCM having been westernized by the Communist regimes, with all of the Taoist teachings removed, all spiritual references stripped away. While all Chinese medicine is powerful, Classical Chinese medicine is far more so. Its approach is that all healing begins with the healing of the Spirit.

My first class with Master Yuen was in 1996. It was an introduction to herbal medicine. I began studying Chinese medicine in 1994, and had already become certified in a type of acupressure, which incorporates Ericsonian hypnotherapy, Reichian techniques based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, and other tools to facilitate somatic release. I fell in love with Chinese medicine, and wanted to go further. At that time, Dr Yuen was the Dean of Oriental Medicine at the Swedish Institute in NYC. I had heard about him, and was eager to study with him.

As a Clairvoyant Empath and Medium, and Druid priestess, I’ve always been able to see spirits of all kinds, the dead, ghosts, the souls of all living things. Animals, trees, stones, Nature Spirits, the Elementals, Guides and Teachers, all of it a part of my life from earliest childhood. I started doing Medical Intuitive readings when I was very young. Since I am a hereditary psychic, no one in my family was surprised. Rather, it was expected. The other thing I’ve always been able to see are demonic entities. That gives me enormous compassion for the people who are involuntarily hosting one. What I love about Classical Chinese Medicine and other traditions is that they encompass all of these things. It’s incredibly shamanic, similar in many ways to indigenous culture teachings, which have been a part of my path for most of my life. ( Since I am sensitive to Native people and their history of genocide, land theft, and cultural appropriation, I avoid the New Age Movement’s use of certain titles, like “Shaman.”  My techniques are my own, developed in childhood and throughout my life by the guidance of a Master Teacher, and trainings and memories from previous incarnations that were always accessible to me.)

The first class that Dr Yuen taught on possession that I attended was in 2000. He taught another one in 2002, and another in 2006. It was an enormous relief for me to be sitting in a classroom with 70 people, listening to Dr Yuen teaching about the different levels of possession, the types of entities, and their effect on people, physically and spiritually. Hearing a world famous teacher speaking so matter of factly about things most people know nothing about, was a gift. Other cultures have protocols for dealing with entities, but not ours. Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native cultures, all deal with this subject.

One of my biggest issues with the New Age Movement is the removal of indigenous culture teachings around possession, because they see it as “negative.” That’s unfortunate. It leaves people in the dark about what’s happening to them, and provides no tools for healing. Classical Chinese medicine provides the necessary tools to help people reclaim their own divinity. Their own Divine Blueprint that  their soul came in with. Acupuncture, using ancient Point combinations, Exorcism, Stones, Essential Oils, and spiritual practices help restore the individual to their true state.

During a conversation with Dr Yuen, where we were discussing possession and the after-effects of an exorcism, he was explaining how an entity “ forces the soul to have traumatic life experiences that were never a part of its curriculum or Karma “. I cried. I’ve seen it over and over in my practice. Denying the reality of the supernatural changes nothing. These things exist whether people believe in them or not. Personally, I find it incredible that people don’t believe that entities are real, after all, they’re all through the Bible. The word “evil “ is mentioned in the Bible 613 times. Jesus performed numerous exorcisms. The Hindu deity Durga is seen as the fierce protector, and banisher of demons. The Karana Mudra in Buddhism is said to “ Banish demons and Quell evil”. But western culture denies the existence of all of it. Perfect.

Over the past year alone, I have performed about 34 exorcisms. As I’ve said, I was taught how to do this and other types of protection work, including binding the entity away from someone, when I was young. I understand that it’s not for everyone. All Healers have their own gifts, their own magic. For whatever reason, this is very familiar and comfortable for me. My Sacred Space is set up for this. I am supported and protected. I live in a Crystal Cave with 35 tons of Calcite boulders in the ceiling. Seeing someone begin a new life, the life they were always meant to live, is so moving. I told Dr Yuen that I will do this for the rest of my life. He said, “ I believe that this is what you were born to do”. My answer? “ Well, we all know I wasn’t born to cook”.

People have asked me which Stones are good for protection. Some of the Stones that are powerful for protection are Obsidian, Labradorite, Smokey Quartz, Realgar, Cinnabar, and Rose Quartz, because Rose Quartz represents Divine Love. Divine Love is the ultimate alchemist, burning away anything not of the Light. Obsidian is my personal favorite. It deflects all negative energy. It vibrates to the planet Pluto, and is a bridge to the Void. I have it in the four directions in my office, and in my bedroom. I have all of the others there, as well.

I love my work. I am honored and grateful to be trusted by my clients in this way. One of my clients asked me, aren’t you afraid of entities? My answer was, why would I be, I was raised by one. I’m afraid of cooking utensils. Or the vacuum cleaner. And, recently, hoodies, since I accidentally zipped my hair into one. Ow.

As we watch the news, we see a level of darkness in the world that’s oppressive, yes. But remember that the Light always prevails. There are warriors of light everywhere, in every country, pushing back against racism, fear, misogyny, and hatred. We were sent here for this time, and this reason. We were trained for this battle over lifetimes. We are fierce. We are strong. We are love. We are anchored in the light. We will prevail. Release fear, and send light to Earth Mother and all creatures great and small. The darkness shall be returned to the nothingness from whence it came. I hope this teaching was helpful. If you would like me to expand upon it, let me know. I can always do that.  Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

** Please note: I will not be writing about the techniques that  I use to perform an exorcism, out of an abundance of caution to protect both clients and practitioners. As we have seen in the recent past, with a New Age guru killing three people in a Sweat Lodge that he was in no way qualified to lead, and other people out there professing to be Healers, that are not, ego can be a dangerous  thing. Entities are cunning, and extensive training is necessary to remove them safely.