Staying Grounded, Centered, And Balanced, No Matter What

Remaining grounded and balanced while remaining completely engaged with life can be challenging for pretty much anybody who is not an enlightened being. (For the record, that definition does not include me. I have not as yet attained Ascended Master status. Damn.) Not being an Ascended Master, I’ve discoved a number of things that either help me remain on my center, or things that knock me completely off of it, faster than you can say “face plant”. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Let me start with some things in life that can knock us off of our center. Number 1 for me is people. Relationships are wonderful and growth-promoting. Or they should be. But relationships of all kinds take investment of energy, compassion, honesty, and self-reflection on the part of both parties. Attempting to remain in relationships where even one of these things is missing is a recipe for disaster. At this point in the world, narcissism and personality disorders have become a pandemic. So have addictions. Mental health issues are not being addressed, with funding for clinics and hospitals being gutted. The likelihood of any of us encountering any of these scenarios, whether at work, with family, friends, or partners, has increased exponentially. Nothing prepares us for dealing with the fallout of interacting with pathological narcissists or the worst part of that spectrum, the personality disordered. Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, to name a few. The disturbed energy field around these people radiates out around them, often disturbing or compromising the energy of the people in a relationshi
p with them. Healing from exposure to this group takes time, compassion for yourself, and support from people who know what this is. They are energy vampires. In fact, I believe the phenomenon of books, TV, and movies that are flooding the market about vampires are a direct response to the culture’s increasing awareness of energy vampires. I just wish it wasn’t romanticized. ( How to love an energy vampire 101. Ugh. ) Anyone who has had one of these people as a boss, a co-worker, a parent, a friend, or a partner has had to heal from the flaming wreckage they leave in their wake. Some good books on personality disorders are: Why Is It Always About You, by Sandy Hotchkiss, LSW, Malignant Self-Love, by Dr Sam Vaknin, PhD, Stop Walking On Eggshells, by Paul T. Mason, M.S., The Gaslight Effect, by Dr Robin Stern. (Excellent book). These are all very good, there are many more, but these are a good starting point. A word here about attempting to “fix” these people: don’t. They are dishonest on a core level, rewriting history in such a creative way that it rivals fiction novels. There is no accountability, and absolutely no empathy. Their inner landscape is a barren one. They operate from fear, in fact, fear is their driving emotion. I’m sorry if that comes across as uncaring. After 40 years as a clinician and healer, with numerous friends and clients that are also clinicians, the unanimous consensus is this one. Sooner or later, unless you protect your energy field, these beings will hand you your ass. Or what’s left of it. If you want to stay on your center, avoid them whenever possible.

Another thing that can knock us off of our center is the News. I’m all for being well-informed, but the constant bombardment of negativity which constitutes the News today is unreal. One glance is pretty much all it takes, for me. Wow. Politics, crazy religious wing-nuts like that family with 19 kids, including the pedophile one they covered up while ranting about gay people… Unbelievable. It made my head explode. No, no, no. That brings us to ideologies.

Any kind of ideology is restrictive. In no way does any of it support a rich inner life that directly experiences the Universe and our place in it. Ideologies are all constructs of the analytical mind. That should tell you something. No, no, no.

Now, on to things that support grounding ourselves, and reclaiming our center. Number 1 for me, again, is people. Loving, empathetic, caring, compassionate people. My inner circle of people are all Empaths. If they are not Empaths, they are not people I process with or share my deepest feelings with. I feel blessed beyond measure by the heart, wisdom, and love these people have shared with me.

Next on my list of things that centers and grounds me is nature. Animals, plants, ( including flowers, herbs, essential oils ), Stones, and Earth Mother herself, including mountains, lakes, forests, all of it uplifts, replenishes, and restores me. Even if you live in a city, there are parks. Connect to the powerful magic of the earth.

Reading centers me. I love to read. It nourishes my soul, it delights me, it reminds me of what’s real.

Meditation grounds me. It turns off the distracting chatter of the analytical mind, bringing me home to my center.

Music grounds me. Almost any kind. The joy of it, the passion of it, or the peace it can bring.

These are a few of the things that work for me. My prayer for all of us is to be able to navigate the Earth Plane joyfully and safely, avoiding the pitfalls and detours. If we use the Heart as our navigator, choosing self-love and self-respect, we will remain grounded and centered. I wish you laughter, joy, and love on your journey. I hope there are flowers, beloved pets, good food, and great music. Dance. Love.  Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine