Spirit Walker

There are a number of different kinds of healing modalities. There is the Western psychotherapeutic model, ( talk therapy), somatic release models, energy healing, etc. They all are effective, up to a point. Where they stop short, is in dealing with trauma seated deeply within, that has attached itself to the soul. ( Not the Spirit, the divinity of an individual. Nothing touches that). The Western model is designed to address the Ego construct, the identity of an individual, and that is not what we are. The Ego construct is the most superficial, outermost layer of our consciousness, whose job is to create the illusion of separation from All That Is. This illusion is what we seek to dispel through meditation, and spiritual cultivation.

As a Mystic, as an Empath, as a “ Walker Between  the Worlds”, my approach to healing is entirely different than any of those modalities. From childhood, I’ve had the ability to move fluidly from one realm to another. It’s as effortless as breathing for me. This becomes important in my work as a clinician, where I don’t need a client to describe what they are feeling, as they are processing something. I can feel it. Not only can I feel it, I can step directly into their internal landscape, and join them in their experience. I am stepping into an alternate reality from my own. In that moment, I am offering them a kind of support that is real, because they can actually feel me inside of them, energetically speaking. It’s not intrusive, because they have invited me in. There is no boundary violation, nor is there an energy exchange of any kind. There are just two souls communicating on a profound level, one bearing witness to the other, from a place of shared experience. I am sharing the emotional experience of the moment, because I have stepped through Space and Time to reach the soul of the person sitting with me. “Believing “ what the person is sharing, remembering, or reliving is not relevant, because I’m DIRECTLY EXPERIENCING it with them. It’s beyond the concept of “ belief”. I’m living it with them. In that moment, they are not alone. They feel seen, they feel heard, on a soul level. All healing starts there.

In Classical Chinese Medicine, the Hun, the Ethereal Soul, is held in the Liver. It is Yang in nature, ascending, and is connected to the Astral Plane. It records our life experiences. Restoring the balance of the Ethereal Soul is a part of my path as a Walker. It isn’t my empathy for others that makes me a Walker. Rather, it’s the compassion that pulls me into someone’s inner world. Growing up with a mother with severe mental illness definitely strengthened my inherent abilities in this direction. I was always psychic, yes, but her fears during her psychotic episodes deeply moved me, calling to the compassionate part of my nature. Tracking her in the Void, calming her, and using my voice to comfort her, and bring her back, became second nature to me.

For someone to do this, they have to be anchored to something inside of the self that is bedrock. This is not the Ego, which is subject to change. There has to be an unshakable link to the core of oneself, the essence of oneself, that allows this kind of fluidity, a radical knowledge of oneself. It’s a kind of cosmic perception of the nature of reality that transcends the Ego construct, and connects directly to the Void, held in the Kidneys. This is a result of spiritual cultivation, and infinite compassion. It’s a living bridge within the self of the Kidney Qi and Liver Qi, the Essence and the Ethereal Soul, with the Heart as the guiding principle.

In my work, compassion, empathy, and my link to the supernatural inform everything I do, every choice I make. I love my work, and feel deeply honored to be invited into someone’s journey. Being a Spirit Walker is not a teachable thing, in my opinion. You are born this way or you are not. You won’t see me teaching “ workshops “ on being a Walker, anymore than you would see me teaching a workshop on being a Shaman. The idea is ludicrous.

Given the volume of accusations coming out now, by women who have been sexually harassed, assaulted, raped, I want to say to all those coming forward: I believe you. Bless you all for your courage, knowing you will be attacked, and coming forward anyway. Breaking the cycle of shame, secrets, and silence is essential now, more than ever. And to those who defend predators, we see you. We know who you are, and why it’s in your best interest to discredit those who come forward. News flash for you: it won’t work. Everything is being revealed now. I stand with women everywhere, and have spent my entire incarnation devoted to healing this population. I send my prayers and my love to all of you. I am so proud of you. #IBelieveYou. Blessings, Judith