Releasing The Day

I tend to do ceremony for everything. I find it helps me to focus, to center myself. I especially am drawn to writing out prayers or affirmations for myself and others, in the form of chants or invocations. Here is one I use for releasing the day, and all that it has offered.

“This day is done, gone now, the Sun.
It’s lessons learned, it’s page has turned.
With faith and trust I embrace rest, knowing that I’ve done my best.

This night is mine to journey far, traveling to distant Stars.
Stars of magic, Stars so bright, remind me that what I am is Light.

Here to learn and here to teach, no miracle is beyond my reach.
With grace, with love, I now release,
Within my Heart is only peace.

This opportunity is mine, gifted to me by the Divine.
I choose to learn, I choose to grow.
Anything else, I now let go.”

Releasing the day is a positive way to remind ourselves we are here to learn, and to be compassionate with ourselves in the process of learning. There is no judgement in Spirit, and there is no reason for it to exist within ourselves. May your journey to the Stars each night replenish you, as you experience the truth of who you are. Blessings, Judith