Pre-Tucson New Arrivals

The Tucson Gem and Minersl Show is right around the corner. The largest show of it’s kind, dealers flock into Tucson from all over the world, both to buy and to sell. One of the things I do, prior to the show, is to call my favorite dealers who sell there, as they are packing up to ship truckloads of their inventory out there. This way I get first pick of what will be arriving at the show, even before it gets there. I have a big order arriving tomorrow of some really spectacular things. Some Smokey Elestial Quartz pieces, all sizes, some with Record Keepers and Trigonics, from Brazil, the Minas Gerais region. This inventory is from 1988, and the prices will reflect that. Mineral specimen prices have skyrocketed over the past 10 years, so when I have the opportunity to grab the older inventory I do.

Also arriving in this shipment is Pyrite from Peru, both by itself, and with Quartz. Fabulous. Pyrite is a Master Healer and Guardian.

I received a shipment last week of huge, spectacular Rose Quartz Spheres, with 6-pointed Stars, from Madagascar, which has the best Rose Quartz in the world. This shipment includes a 4.75″ Sphere and a 4.30″ Sphere. I will be listing these over the next few days.

I will be hunting for Charoite Spheres and Eggs at the show, as the Russian dealers come in. Good Charoite has become increasingly difficult to find. It is only found in Siberia, and the production in the mines there has stopped, or nearly. It is fairly pricey now, but so amazing. It usually has inclusions of black Aegirine and golden Tinaksite. So, fingers crossed.

So keep checking the “New Arrivals” page on my website. I love this show, and always find incredible things. Last year, a wonderful dealer from India had gem quality Lepidolite polished into the Shiva Lingam shape, (an Egg on both sides), as well as Rainbow Moonstone Shiva Lingams, Black Tourmaline Shiva Lingams, Sonora Sunset Chrysocolla Shiva Lingams. I went crazy. I spent most of my Tucson budget with him. And it was all gone in a week. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has for me this year. Blessings to all, Judith Star-Medicine