Breaking the Chains That Bind Us

My new Teaching of the Month is up on my website. It’s called “Breaking the Chains That Bind Us.” I based it on a teaching from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, renowned Taoist Priest and Master. I wanted to share this amazing teaching because it was life-altering for me. I hope it blesses all who read it, as it did me. Judith.

Aegirine: The Light Bringer

Aegirine is an amazing stone. It is found in a few places in the world, but primarily in Malawi, S.Africa, where it is hand mined on Mt. Malosa. Aegirine is the stone I use for psychic protection. It vibrates to the planet Pluto, the most shamanic of all the planets. Aegirine has been called The Bringer of Light. It shoots white light into everything around us. Enormously powerful, it is a Guardian. In a culture full of narcissists, addictions, and energy vampires, Aegirine is a “must have” stone in anyone’s collection. There are few stones that can do what it can do. It is the best at what it does… Guards. Protects. And generates a field of the white Light of Spirit. A gift.