A World Of Dreams

As a Shaman, I have always had unusual dreams. We all travel astrally in the Dreamtime, it is essential for us to do so. When we sleep, our left brain is suspended, and our right brain rules. The right brain is the seat of our intuition. Our psychic ability. A Shaman walks through life with a foot in both realms. Switching back and forth as needed from one hemisphere of the brain to the other. This skill is developed through years of meditation, journeying, and spiritual cultivation, all for one purpose: to assist with compassion the Souls we are working with.

I sometimes take for granted aspects of a Shamanic practice that defy the understanding of the mind. The left brain. But then something happens that reminds me that those things that all Shamans do as a matter of course are seen as unusual by most people. A week ago I got a phone call from a client. She wanted to share with me what had just happened with her 3 year old granddaughter. My client had been listening to a tape of a reading with me, her granddaughter playing on the floor nearby. After a few minutes, her granddaughter said, “Oh. That’s Judith.” My client was surprised. She said, “What did you say?” Again, the child replied “That’s Judith.” Intrigued now, she asked her granddaughter “How do you know Judith?” She replied, “When I have the scary dreams, and the bad monsters come, Judith comes and chases them away, so I am safe”. My client was dumbfounded. This child has never met me. Has never heard my voice IN THE PHYSICAL REALM. However, when her mother was pregnant with her, early in the pregnancy tests showed some possible problems, and there were concerns. The parents decided to have a medical intuitive reading with me. During the reading I connected directly with the Soul of the child, who was very strong in Spirit. We talked at length, and she was very clear about who she is, and what she wanted. And she said she was fine. Healthy. And there would be no difficulties with the pregnancy. I related all that she said. And everything unfolded beautifully. I had forgotten all about our conversation. But she hadn’t. So, as soon as she heard my voice on the tape, she recognized me immediately. I was deeply moved, as was her family.

It is an incredible honor to work with Souls the way I do. The Souls of humans, animals, stones, all living things. We are all connected in a magical Universe that the mind can’t even remotely begin to grasp. There have been more experiences like this one, over the course of my lifetime than I could possibly even count. I am sharing it to remind everyone that each of us is far more than we realize we are. It is truly a world of dreams, where anything is possible. Don’t let the limited perceptions of the mind stop you. You are more than your mind. You are a being of magic, capable of any dream you can dream. Dream bigger. Dream in beauty. Blessings, Judith

Pre-Tucson New Arrivals

The Tucson Gem and Minersl Show is right around the corner. The largest show of it’s kind, dealers flock into Tucson from all over the world, both to buy and to sell. One of the things I do, prior to the show, is to call my favorite dealers who sell there, as they are packing up to ship truckloads of their inventory out there. This way I get first pick of what will be arriving at the show, even before it gets there. I have a big order arriving tomorrow of some really spectacular things. Some Smokey Elestial Quartz pieces, all sizes, some with Record Keepers and Trigonics, from Brazil, the Minas Gerais region. This inventory is from 1988, and the prices will reflect that. Mineral specimen prices have skyrocketed over the past 10 years, so when I have the opportunity to grab the older inventory I do.

Also arriving in this shipment is Pyrite from Peru, both by itself, and with Quartz. Fabulous. Pyrite is a Master Healer and Guardian.

I received a shipment last week of huge, spectacular Rose Quartz Spheres, with 6-pointed Stars, from Madagascar, which has the best Rose Quartz in the world. This shipment includes a 4.75″ Sphere and a 4.30″ Sphere. I will be listing these over the next few days.

I will be hunting for Charoite Spheres and Eggs at the show, as the Russian dealers come in. Good Charoite has become increasingly difficult to find. It is only found in Siberia, and the production in the mines there has stopped, or nearly. It is fairly pricey now, but so amazing. It usually has inclusions of black Aegirine and golden Tinaksite. So, fingers crossed.

So keep checking the “New Arrivals” page on my website. I love this show, and always find incredible things. Last year, a wonderful dealer from India had gem quality Lepidolite polished into the Shiva Lingam shape, (an Egg on both sides), as well as Rainbow Moonstone Shiva Lingams, Black Tourmaline Shiva Lingams, Sonora Sunset Chrysocolla Shiva Lingams. I went crazy. I spent most of my Tucson budget with him. And it was all gone in a week. I’m looking forward to seeing what he has for me this year. Blessings to all, Judith Star-Medicine

The Five Questions

5B54A7D8-70AA-4D39-B90A-2CBC5F56614AI have been privileged to have studied Chinese Medicine for over 20 years with the renowned Taoist Master Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. Dr. Yuen teaches from the Classical tradition, pre-communist China. (From a lineage of Taoist Priests that spans 88 generations. ) His bio can be viewed at www.jadepurityfoundation.org. Over the years, he has taught 1 or 2 year-long programs on a number of things: Chinese Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, the Stones and Chinese Medicine, the Psyche and Chinese Medicine, Advanced Acupuncture, and much more. What makes all of these courses so unique is the thread of Taoism running through all of them. From a Taoist perspective, all illness is an invitation to change. That all illness is a sign of a spiritual imbalance in some way,  that to truly heal, we need to look at what that invitation to change is. And to achieve that, we need to know ourselves.

One tool Dr. Yuen shared in a class, and I don’t really remember which program it was, was that to know ourselves we should be able to answer 5 questions,  one for each of the 5 Elements. In Chinese Medicine we have 5 Elements: Air/Metal, Fire, Water, Earth, and Wood. Each represents organs in the body, and each has emotional/spiritual characteristics. I can go into them more fully at a later time if anyone is interested. He teaches that to be self-aware, we could meditate on the 5 questions. I found this practice to be enormously helpful, and revisit the 5 questions every year or so, because as I evolve, the answers evolve also. The questions are listed below.

For the EARTH ELEMENT: What nourishes me, or nurtures me?

For the WATER ELEMENT: What do I have faith in, what do I trust?

For the WOOD ELEMENT: What motivates me? What moves me forward?

For the METAL/AIR ELEMENT: What is precious to me? What do I value?

For the FIRE ELEMENT: What inspires me and brings me joy?

As I have changed and grown over the years, the answers have changed with me. Once you know what is precious to you, you can take steps to protect that. Once you know what nurtures you, you can be mindful about doing that for yourself. For instance, I know that reading nourishes me, so I make time to do that. I know that my serenity is precious to me, so I make sure that I don’t give my power away to people or situations that thrive on drama or negativity. I am clear about what inspires me, so I commit to including those things in my life.

I love to share Dr. Yuen’s teachings, to make them available to others, so that we can all be blessed, even if we have not had the desire or opportunity to devote years to the study or practice of Classical Chinese Medicine. May these teachings bring you further insights into yourself, and with those insights, healing. Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine