The Hunters Moon

The November Full Moon between the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus is also called The Hunters Moon. It is full today, 11/17. It is a powerful and intense Full Moon. Be kind to yourself. It’s a soft, dreamy day up here in the Catskills. Raining. You can feel winter coming. A good day for ceremony. Candles, Sage, or Incense. Set a positive intention for yourself and the world, which sorely needs it. Be the Rainbow somebody needs to see right now. May this Full Moon bring you Blessings. Rev Judith Star-Medicine

A powerful time

As the Planet Mercury is once again Direct, no longer Retrograde, it is, along with the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio, making some very positive and powerful aspects. Mercury is the Planet that rules communication. The mental process. As it Trines Neptune in Pisces, both of them in Water signs, signs of emotions and feelings, we are offered a new opportunity to see more clearly what we need. Also, to have a clearer vision about reality. Truth. Mercury is also coming to Conjunct ( connect with) Saturn, the Planet of discipline, patience, and wisdom. This is a wonderful time. We want to make the most of it.

Maya Angelou once said ” The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” I love that quote. It applies now, because this is a time of clear vision, insight, and stepping into the reality of people’s choices. Accepting what is. And moving on from there, rather than staying stuck in a fantasy of what we wish others might become.

This is a time of mindfulness. Reflection. Radical honesty about who and what grows our Soul, and who and what doesn’t. A time of renewed commitment to our Spiritual practice. We cannot be lazy now, this Cosmic alignment is rich with opportunities and blessings, but we must stay awake and aware. There is no room for excuses, because this train is leaving the station, with or without us. Pay attention. Notice. Observe. Every action tells you something. Signposts are everywhere. It’s going to be a great ride. All aboard the train to our dreams, our destiny.

Blessings, Rev Judith Star-Medicine

Home from the Show

imageWhile each Gem and Mineral Show has it’s own magic, yesterday’s show will stand out in my mind for years to come. All of the Stone People are unique and special, yes. And I was so happy to find more stunning Labradorite Freeforms, we were almost wiped out by an early Christmas shopper 2 weeks ago. Everyone loves Labradorite. I was also excited to pick up larger pieces of Shattuckite from S.Africa, even though I still haven’t found the time to list what we bought at the last show. ( I did manage to get some of that gorgeous Ametrine up, along with one of the Uruguayan Amethyst Geode Hearts.) What blew me away completely are the huge specimen pieces that were brought for us.

I have been blessed in my life to have been chosen by the Stone People as a Guardian, and entrusted by them to be a conduit to their True Place, their Destiny, their Souls mission. The super-huge ones, the Citrine Sentinels of 60,80, or more than 100 lbs have passed through the Portal that is my Sacred Space here in the Crystal Cave, built into the side of a hill, into the Earth, with 35 tons of Calcite in the ceiling. Here, they awaken, and make their own choices as to where they want to go. That is their right. The beings that arrived here yesterday have no equal, in any dimension or plane of existence. The largest is a 2 foot tall 130 lb Smokey Quartz Transmitter Crystal. Massive. I don’t know that I will list it, only because due to it’s size it would be beyond our shipping capabilities. It is a museum quality specimen. It took 2 strong men to lift it out of it’s box and place it on my display table. It will take 2 men to deliver it. Very clear Smokey Quartz, with a seam of golden Rutile needles running through it. Incredible rainbows. Magical. Next, a 110 lb Smokey Quartz Elestial, that has chosen to remain here, and join my team of Master Healers. I have welcomed it home with ceremony and prayers. Another incredible being is a 55 lb Smokey Elestial, very dark, a Black Morion Smokey Quartz also from this 30 year old inventory from Brazil. Perfect Elestial terminations. Next, a 45 lb Smokey Quartz Sphere the size of a basketball. Seriously gorgeous, clear, rainbows.

I am humbled beyond words by the wisdom, strength and power beyond human understanding that these beings represent. It is an honor to be in their presence, as they make their way out into the world, which desperately needs them now.

There is so much more, but I at least wanted to share what I found, on this beautiful New Moon and Solar Eclipse. A new beginning, certainly. For all of us.

Blessings from the Crystal Cave in the Catskills. Judith