Be Kind to Yourself

The Holidays can be a wonderful time. They can also be enormously stressful. Trying to get everything done, lists on top of lists… People rushing around.. For some reason, the Holidays can bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. If you are in any kind of retail business you can testify to this.

During this time, any unhealed family of origin issues may be triggered. Being around family during the Holidays can be either lovely, or feel like torture, depending. Try to avoid hot-button topics like politics or religion if at all possible. If we have expectations of a Norman Rockwell painting kind of Christmas, we may be disappointed. I try to create my own magic, transforming my home into a sparkly sanctuary, with twinkle lights and candles, and decorations that express my Spiritual path. For instance, I always have an artificial Tree, because in Shamanism we respect all living things, and it would never occur to me to drag the dead body of one of the Standing People into my home and hang ornaments on the corpse. Macabre, to say the least. But I do enjoy the representation of the Standing People, and I use Totem Animal ornaments. Butterfly is one of mine, so my tree is covered with glittering, sparkling Butterflies. I also love feathers, so I use real and artificial Peacock Feathers. And finally, Stars. I use Star Garland, both purple and gold, clouds of sparkling Stars, both on the Tree, and all around the house, wrapped around the Crystals, bookcases, bakers racks, everywhere, with twinkle lights flashing. This way, no matter where I look, I see magic. No matter how people choose to behave in the world outside my doors, inside, I am reminded that it’s a magical Universe of my own creation, and none of anyone else’s drama can touch me if I don’t allow it to. And I don’t.

So make your own magic, it doesn’t take much money, candles and ribbons and glitter, but most of all, LOVE. Be kind to yourself. Play music you love, light some candles, some Sage or Frankincense, have some tea, and celebrate all that you are, a child of the Stars, enjoying this temporary human experience. I send you all Love, Light, and Laughter.

Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine


What would you like to be free of? Old patterns, old ways of thinking, people, places, or things, as they say in 12-step recovery? This month marks the return of that enormously powerful Cardinal Grand Cross, astrologically. A Grand Cross is 4 Planets in a Square aspect to each other, a very dynamic aspect. Some astrologers see a square aspect ( 90 degrees apart ) as a negative thing. I don’t. It can be frictional, certainly. But sometimes a little nudge is what it takes to get things moving. Well, this is that nudge. On steroids. We have Uranus, the Great Awakener, or Great Liberator, in Aries, once again going head to head with Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the Planet of death and rebirth, transmutation and alchemy. This month, in a week or so, Mars enters into the mix, as it enters Libra. So the Cosmic fireball that is Mars adds its intensity to the other two. So we add passionate intensity to the desire to be free, and to let go, no matter what. Now we add in Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter is the Planet of optimism, faith, and hope. Justice. Sacred Law. Wow. What a Planetary formula for change. The belief that we can do it is there. ( Jupiter). The desire to do it is there.( Mars.) The power to initiate change is there. ( Uranus.) And, finally, the radical commitment to see it through to the end, no matter what is there. ( Pluto.)

Whatever needs to be healed or changed, we can ride this aspect, not like a Horse, but more like a fire-breathing Dragon, across the scope of our consciousness. It is transformative. Liberating. Exhilarating, if we can trust our own capacity to fly. This is the aspect of the Dragon, in my opinion. Dragons are considered to be very Yang in nature in Taoist belief. Yang energy is action, while Yin energy is rest. Make the most of this aspect, and ride the Dragon into a new day, a new beginning, a new way of being, into a life of freedom and joy. Blessings, Judith Star-Medicine

A Magical Day

It’s been snowing on and off all day up here in the mountains. It’s 4 PM, and the sky looks like the inside of a pearl. The trees are covered in glistening snow. Everything is white. It feels like an enchanted fairyland. The house is warm and cozy, I have the day off. It’s the kind of day that fills me with peace and gratitude. One of my cats, Miss Cleo, is sleeping at my feet, gently snoring. Something about an animal snoring is soothing to me. But then, I’m a little strange. I hope everyone is tucked in, safe and sound, with beings they love, both 4 legged and 2 legged. And I hope there are snacks. And good books. I send you all the peace and serenity, laughter and love, a day like this is filled with. Blessings, Judith