Mystify Me

I was sitting with my friend Laura last night, she had come up to visit, and look at the newest Crystal additions from the show last Friday. Anyway, as we were catching up on things, I had music on my iPad playing, and Mystify by INXS came on. We both love that song. It could be the perfect anthem for Mystics. Some of the lyrics are: “Eternally wild with the power to make every moment come alive, all those Stars that shine upon you, will kiss you every night. Mystify. Mystify me. Mystify. Mystify me.”

I love living from magic, from the mystical. The Universe is all energy, light, and power. Parallel dimensions exist alongside of this one, separated only by vibration and frequency. Miracles are possible in every moment, as soon as we suspend the left brain and shift to the right brain, the portal to the mystical. As I was listening to the song, dancing in my chair, I was celebrating. Celebrating the wonder of life, the sheer joy of it. The moment we open ourselves up to the mystical, we shed the bondage of the analytical mind. We are free. Free to be who and what we really are. So, yeah, mystify me, Universe. Mystify. Blessings, Judith