More Spectacular New Things

I’ve just started listing some of the new finds from last Fridays Gem and Mineral show. It was incredible, with some of my favorite dealers there, and one new resource, with extraordinary pieces from Brazil. I went with a ” wish list” for a few large and magical specimens, which I found. Those were breathtaking, probably the best I have ever come across in my 25 years of buying stones. ( My spiritual sister was here yesterday to pick up her 72 lb Bolivian Amethyst cluster. She saw them, and cried. )  Then there were the black Morion Smokey Points, with golden Citrine inside. These are crazy, like a chocolate candy with a creamy center. They look like gorgeous dark Smokey Quartz, with rainbows, water-clear. Until the light hits them. Then the Citrine literally glows like the sun, inside of them. Evidently, they come from one particular mine in Brazil. Holy mother of God. I bought every one of them.

The natural Citrine Points are stunning, some with Angel Phantom Quartz inclusions. Labradorite with crazy flash, beautiful clear Quartz Points, Pyrite, a tall Smokey/clear Quartz point, and more. Wow. I have my work cut out for me. I will keep listing them this week. These are mind blowing. Stay tuned.