Monthly Forecast For April

April starts out with some lovely aspects, beginning 4/2, with the Moon in Scorpio making a Trine to Neptune in Pisces. This is a trine in the Water Element, promoting faith, trust, and a connection to one’s Higher Self. It is also forming two sextiles, to Mars and Saturn, giving both momentum and patience. This is underscored by Mars conjunct to Saturn that day. The Moon conjunct to Jupiter on 4/3 brings abundance and increased optimism.

Thursday, 4/5, is a mixed bag, with the Sun in Aries trine to the Moon in Sagittarius, Fire sign to Fire sign. This brings enthusiasm and zeal, and a desire for new beginnings. Mercury square to Saturn can bring up some subconscious fears about expressing yourself. Don’t let it. 4/12 is wonderful. The Moon makes four lovely aspects, while Venus, the planet of love and creativity, sextiles both Neptune and the Moon. This is a very high vibrational aspect.

The New Moon in Aries on 4/15 May bring some shake-ups in the world, as the Moon in Aries squares both Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a karmic aspect. People who think they are above the law may find out differently this month. Mercury goes direct, also. Finally. This leads into the 16th and 17th. Wow. Powerful. A number of aspects involve Pluto. Pluto is the planet of alchemy. These are good days to set your magical intentions for what you want to create. The Moon in Taurus lends fixity of purpose, so that what is manifested is permanent.

We have a Grand Trine in Earth signs on 4/25. The Moon in Virgo trines the Sun in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Nurture yourself, and add compassion and patience. Anything is possible. 4/26 is also fabulous.

The Full Moon on the 29th is powerful, with the Sun in Taurus opposing the Moon in Scorpio. The Sun trines Saturn and the Moon sextiles it, adding stability and wisdom to a willingness to let something go. 4/30 is wonderful, with a number of very powerful and spiritual aspects.

April starts out with the Sun in fiery Aries, the ram, which is about inspiration and passion, and the dawn of a new day. It then closes with the Sun in Taurus, the bull. An Earth sign. That’s why I chose this photo, taken by a friend while she was in Myanmar. It represents nurturing the fire of the spirit residing within us, combined with the tenacity to stay our chosen course.

April looks to be an eventful month, full of opportunities for growth and change. Learn to embrace every opportunity to evolve, to move forward. May this month bring the fulfillment of all of your hopes and dreams. Blessings, Judith