Throughout time, in all cultures around the world, metals have been believed to have powerful healing and magical properties. I am including metals on my site, not only because all stones contain metals, but because our own bodies do, as does Earth Mother. Many people do not know the origins of the metals found here on Earth. If you research the periodic tables of the elements, you will find that they are divided into separate categories: Gasses and Metals. Scientists believe that gasses, like Oxygen, Helium and Hydrogen were created by the Big Bang, while all metals were created by stars going nova. So all of the metals on our planet come, originally, from the stars. Each metal has its own astrological significance, as well as vibrational frequency for healing and magic. Since this site seeks to make available all of the wisdom and power of the Stone People, we must include the origin of the Stone People, the metals. Some will be too pricey for me to have available here, such as Gold or Platinum, other than jewelry items wrapped in Gold. Some are too reactive to the body, like Uranium or Plutonium. But others that are thought of as “common”, or “base metals” like Iron, have been used throughout history for protection and healing. I will list their properties on the appropriate Chakra pages, as well as a more complete teaching here, with the corresponding astrological information.

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Gold has been valued by all cultures around the world. Archeologists have found it in Egypt, China, South America…Gold vibrates to the Sun in astrology, which is Yang in nature. It boosts confidence, vitality and strength. It is indicated wherever the Fire element needs strengthening. In Chinese Medicine the Fire element is comprised of the Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, and Triple Heater. It is about joy, passion for life, inspiration, laughter. Gold would be seen as strengthening all three of the “burners” or “heaters” of the Triple Heater meridian. So it is an excellent regulator of all of the energy systems and Chakras, infusing all of them with Solar Fire. Its flower would be Helianthus and Gaillardia. Its number is 21. Its tone is D.

Silver vibrates to the Moon in astrology, which rules the sign Cancer. It is Yin, energetically. The Yin state is the state of rest, its polarity is negative-receptive. Yin is cooling, where Yang is warming. Silver cools, calms, and soothes. It vibrates to the Divine Feminine within each of us. It enhances the intuition, our psychic abilities, our right brain function. In the Tarot, Silver would be represented by the High Priestess. Its flower is Lily, its number is 20, its tone is F. It will help cool conditions of long term internal heat in the body. Contraindications – none. It can be taken internally as colloidal Silver, to combat infections, or applied topically in that form as well.

Copper vibrates to Venus astrologically. Venus is the planet of love, charm and beauty. Venus is said to rule the veins in the body. Homeopathy uses tiny traces of Copper to treat a number of physical ailments. We find Copper in stones that have a beautiful blue-green color, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Azurite, Malachite, and Ajoite, to name just a few. Over centuries people have fashioned Copper bracelets for healing. European kitchens have long used Copper pans for cooking, and they make a warm, glowing, welcoming display. Copper is an excellent conductor of energy, so very often we find healing wands made of it, combining crystals with it. Copper is the oldest known metal after Gold and Silver. Its discovery is said to have preceded Iron. It has numerous healing properties. It is wonderful to work with, whether within stones, or in its pure metal form. I would like to mention Bronze here, since it is an alloy of Copper and Tin. Tin vibrates to Jupiter, the planet of protection, and generosity of spirit. It is called the “Greater Benefic” by ancient astrologers, bringing abundance and opportunity, while Venus was called the “Lesser Benefic” bringing smaller opportunities. You can see then, that Bronze, as a combination of Copper and Tin, Venus and Jupiter, would be incredibly beneficial to have in your home. Even a small piece would be magical. The Bronzes available on my site are not 100% pure metal, many are mixed with resin to make them affordable, but they do contain a good amount of Bronze, both beautiful and affordable.

Now, I have quite a bit to say about this metal, and its use in protection work. Iron vibrates to the planet Mars. Mars is a Fire element planet. Mars was the God of War. Mars also vibrates to Vulcan. When we say that all of the metal on earth comes from stars going nova, we mean it. Iron comes from Meteorites that have fallen to Earth. The Earths molten core is liquid Iron, magnetized, creating our magnetic North and South poles. Think of this molten metal as the blood of Earth Mother. Our own blood is rich in Iron, or should be. When it isn’t, we are fatigued, exhausted, said to be anemic. Mars, hence Iron, gives us vitality and energy, the Will to live. Steel is Iron with a small percentage of Carbon added for strength. For magical purposes Iron and Steel are interchangeable. Many cultures around the world would not allow Iron of any kind inside their churches, temples, cathedrals, citing its anti -magical properties. This is precisely why I have always used it for my most powerful protection work for my clients and family. There have always been unscrupulous people in all walks of life, new age and religion are not exempt from these people who choose to bend or break Universal Laws for their own purposes. Black magic, voodoo, dark spells or intentions directed towards others unfortunately exist. As a spell breaker, or neutralizer creating a perimeter of protection against demonic entities, ghosts, any and all dark energies, Iron is the ultimate Warrior of Light. We can use it in its pure metal state, placing it in the four directions in our home, or on our property. Or we can use it in its Mineral form. Iron rich stones would include Hematite, Magnetite, (I love Healers Gold, a great combination of Magnetite and Pyrite), Pyrite, Hematoid Quartz which contains inclusions of Iron that are either yellow or red, some Iron-nickel meteorites also. I have Hematite jewelry available, as well as pure Iron wrapped in Copper to enhance it for those who need protection. I also make myself available (in a limited way) to do magical protection work in peoples homes, awakening and activating the Iron present in the space to guard and protect. All Shamans have their own unique gifts and abilities, their own magical tools in their tool box. Metal Magic is one of mine, with my strong psychic connection to all metals as conscious living beings. I experience them all with great affection and respect, as I do all living things, animals, plants, trees, stones. Iron is my rottweiler or mastiff, magically speaking, incredibly loyal and fierce, fearless and strong. A truly amazing ally. It has never failed me over the course of this life, and others. These are the metals I have available. There are so many others, some rare, beyond the scope of this site. Perhaps in the future I will think about a book of Magical Metals, but for now, at least, I can share these amazing beings and their gifts with you all. May you be as blessed by their strength and wisdom as I have been, incorporating them into the fabric of your life as the amazing Healers that they are.

Lead vibrates to the planet Saturn, the planet of consolidation, discipline, and patience. These qualities may not be as exciting as some of the other Metals, but are essential for our souls’ development. The ancient alchemists pursued techniques to convert Lead into Gold, symbolizing the souls’ journey of evolution from the Material to the Transcendent state. One of my favorite stones representing Lead is Galena, a metallic silvery grey or lavender stone which is quite powerful to work with. Lead blocks psychic energies, as well as being used on a physical level to contain and block harmful x-rays and radiation. A fabulous ally.