Living From Fierce Compassion: Activating the Sacred Fire

Green Tara, Ruby in Zoisite

Green Tara, Ruby in Zoisite

In Chinese Medicine, compassion is associated with the Fire Element: the Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, and Triple Heater meridians. The Fire Element is about joy, love, compassion, inspiration, and alchemy. I believe there is nothing more alchemical and healing than love and compassion. Some of my favorite models of the Divine Feminine embody these Fire Element principles. Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess, wielder of the Sacred Fire, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, who brought the Sacred ceremony, the Inipi, ( the purification ceremony that white people call the sweat lodge ) to the Lakota People, the Guan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion, the Green Tara, the Tibetan Guan Yin, the protector of nature, children, and all living things, the Morrigan, the Celtic goddess who protects warriors in battle, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and protector of women and children, are just a few of the powerful representations of fierce compassion.

The Yin and Yang of Taoism represent balance and duality, Yin being receiving and stillness, and Yang being giving and action. The Heart is seen as not only Yin, but ABSOLUTE Yin, the sovereign ruler. It represents Divine Love. Living from that is the goal of most spiritual traditions. Immersing oneself in that Sacred Fire, with the intention to become the light of the world out of compassion and love,  is the path of the spiritual warrior. This is the path of fierce compassion. Having the courage to become the Phoenix, to allow everything that is not love, not authentic, to burn away,  takes a depth of compassion that is the heroes  journey.

I have some affirmations I use to deepen my relationship with the Sacred Fire within me. Here are a few. ” I am bathed in the Fire of Divine Compassion, which now removes anything from my energy body which is not Love. I am one with spirit, renewed, restored, and purified. ”  ” Divine Love now releases all people, places, and things which are not for my highest good from me, and I go free. I am an emissary of Compassion. I encounter only compassion and beauty on my journey “. ” Any negative energy directed towards me is incinerated in the fires of Divine love and compassion. I am cocooned in  Divine Love.  I radiate light out into the world, a fearless warrior of the heart”.

Some stones that I use to strengthen the Sacred Fire are: Malachite: Malachite is a deep, vivid green. It is the only green Fire Element Stone. It activates the Fire in the heart. It is a fearless warrior. Realgar: Realgar is a powerful alchemist. It is an Arsenic sulfide. It burns away old patterns and constructs that hold us back. It clears, cleanses, and purifies. Powerful. Cinnabar: Cinnabar is another fierce Fire Element stone, a Mercury sulfide. Also an alchemist, it protects and banishes attachments, while raising the Sacred Fire. Pyrite: Pyrite is an Iron sulfide. It vibrates to Mars, the warrior planet. Pyrite warms and protects at the same time, another master alchemist. Ruby in Zoisite: Ruby is both noble and strong, strengthening the Heart and Root Chakras. The deep green of Zoisite, along with the black Chromium inclusions, bridges the Kidney and Heart meridians, bringing the wisdom of the Water Element to the fire of the heart.

Living from fierce compassion is freeing in so many ways. Becoming the alchemist, the compassionate mystic, allows us to be completely authentic, bringing love, laughter, and a fearlessness to everything we do. It also liberates us from the chains of mind and ego, two earthly aspects of self that do not know love or compassion. How can the mind know love? Love is not linear. It is infinite. How can the ego know compassion? These are expressions of the purest energies  of the Universe. They are a state of being, a state of grace. Only by becoming compassion can we know it. Only by becoming love can we know it, as well. During these challenging times, we, the light workers, are being called upon to embody fierce compassion, for ourselves, and for the world. Our Divine Fire is needed to light the way. We must shed, like the snake, anything that holds us back. We rise, like the Phoenix, out of the ashes of our own purification. Now is the time of the activation of the Sacred Fire. Remember, fire spreads. One small spark of compassion can turn into the torch of love that illuminates the world. We don’t have to fight the dark. We just have to burn so brightly that we dispel it. Blessings, Judith