There is really only one voice worth listening to, and that voice is the voice of the Divine within each of us. Our mind is like an annoying, persistent buzz, analyzing situations and presenting random solutions as fast as it can calculate them. None of those factor in the limitless possibilities of the universe. The moment we give our power away to mind, we’re screwed. Our miracle is delayed. The only thing worth trusting is our Soul, our divinity, our essence. Link to that. Breathe. Listen. Let Mind go, just for a few minutes. Feel. Surrender. Open your heart to the universe, and watch your miracles unfold. One of my favorite affirmations, ( It may be from Catherine Ponder) is “ In my life, miracles follow miracles, and God’s blessings never cease.” Today is a new day. On tomorrow’s New Moon, let’s all remind ourselves to discipline mind, and restore it to its rightful place as a trusted servant, not a relentless bully trying to run the show. What a relief that would be. Let your Soul drive. It knows the way. Blessings, Judith