Keep Going

img_2187This has been an incredibly challenging time for many of us. I haven’t posted much, because my work as a healer and counselor has taken up so much of my time. My phone has been ringing constantly, I haven’t had a day off in weeks.  By the end of the day, I’m exhausted. We all are. People are shaken to the core by the election. I’ve said all that I wanted to about that, now I want to focus on healing, and where we go from here.

Our only option as I see it, is to keep going. I chose the quote from Harriet Tubman for a reason. She has been one of my heroes for much of my life. Nothing stopped her. She freed over 1,000 slaves. She once said, ” I’ve freed over a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more, if only they knew they were slaves.” Fear is the ultimate tyrant. It can keep us in bondage if we let it. We must never give our power away to fear, no matter what face it wears. Our freedom is ours to claim. No oppressors can keep us down. No politicians, no religious extremists.  Only our own choices and beliefs can do that. Fear is the real enemy. If they can make us afraid, they can control us.

I choose to keep going. I choose the path of love, hope, freedom,  and fierceness. That’s all I know. I know that we must fight like never before, for Earth Mother, for humanity, and for the Light. If we stand together, we can push back the Dark. Over centuries, there have been those that have stood against evil. We are at a crossroads. That time has come again. We cannot succumb to fatigue or hopelessness.  Let us set our intention to keep going. We are strong. We are many. We shall prevail. Blessings, Judith