I Love My Office

My office.

I love my office, and given the amount of time I spend in it, that’s a good thing. I love creating Sacred Space, whether it’s for myself or for someone else. Surrounding ourselves with beauty, and things that inspire and uplift us is so important. For me, that would be the Stone People, and mystical art. Paintings by Kinuko Y. Craft, Susan Siddons Boulet, Edith Montlack, bronze animal sculptures, drums, rattles, feathers, all combine to create an environment that supports me energetically, and supports my clients. I feel blessed to do the work I love, in an environment that reflects my innermost being.

I have the rosary beads from my time in the convent that are 54 years old, draped over an hourglass with magical symbols. Kwan Yin statues are placed next to a statue of Merlin. Dragons, Eagles, and Butterfly sculptures are placed around the room. A sculpture of a black goddess, called “ The Queen Of The Night”,  her cloak lined with sparkling beads, by the artist Thomas Blackshear, is next to Merlin. A blown glass sculpture of two lovebirds from Murano, in Venice, sits next to those.

I light my sage, start my music, ( Compassion by Coyote Oldman, and Migration by Peter Kater and Carlos Nakai) and I’m ready to go. It’s beautiful. It brings me joy, every single day. Create Sacred Space for yourself. You’ll be so glad you did. Blessings, Judith