Hey, Soul Sister

I have been more than blessed in this lifetime by amazing women friends, real Soul Sisters. When I first heard that song, Hey, Soul Sister, by Train, I smiled. The women who have journeyed with me over decades are women of great honor and integrity, honesty, and heart. We have mirrored for each other in a Sacred way, held a space for each other to change and grow. We have laughed and cried together, born witness to the changes in life circumstances. I will be forever grateful to one of my sisters that supported me through the experience of chemo for one of my daughters, which lasted for 5 months. Having her there with me numerous times, extending her love, was so powerful. Today my heart is full, as I send gratitude and love to the women in my life who have loved me, been there for me unconditionally, and let me lean on them when I needed to. No matter how strong and fierce we are, there are times we need to lean on each other, draw strength from each other.

To the Soul Sister that needed to move away, to return to her home in another country, know that I will never forget you, I will love you always, for your great heart, your sense of humor, and for you being the incredible healer that you are. I hope you have found peace. And thanks for sending me the Train song to begin with.

To the Soul Sisters in my life, old ones and new ones, I love you all. Thank you doesn’t even come close. You guys rock.

Blessings, Jude