The Fifth Chakra (Throat) vibrates to Mercury. While all of the chakras are essential and powerful in their own way, this chakra has an added significance and distinction. Ancient texts tell us that here, in chakra #5, we find what is known as “The Dweller on the Threshold”. Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? It isn’t, really, although it is sort of like a way station on our evolutionary journey. The Dweller on the Threshold determines our readiness to move beyond the physical reality, our ego construct and all that entails. All of the healing and clearing work we have done in the chakras below this one have brought us to this point. Mercury as a planet has many aspects: the Mage, the Wizard, the Teacher, the Shaman; Merlin, Anubis, all teachings of “The Power of the Word” are contained here.

Harnessing and utilizing the power of the Throat Chakra is imperative before we can move up to the Third Eye, or Sixth Chakra. When this chakra is healthy, we speak freely the feelings that are in our Heart. We state our intentions clearly to the Universe. We commit to use our words in a loving, life-affirming way for all, including ourselves. Here we can most easily determine our level of spiritual cultivation by assessing the impact of our words in our world.

When the Throat Chakra is damaged, we can be afraid to speak our Truth. Were we inhibited as children, told to be quiet, punished for sharing our feelings and experiences? We can also use words to harm, by being shaming or judgmental or using truth as a weapon against others, saying things in a sarcastic or cutting way, or being unkind out of a sense of entitlement, telling ourselves we “had the right” to tell someone the truth, even though they had not invited us to do so. Many spiritual texts refer to the creation of reality through “Speaking the Word”. I cannot emphasize the power of this chakra enough, and the power of words to create or to destroy. This is a chakra of “Instant Karma”, as the John Lennon song says. There is no room for an “oopsie” moment here.

The stones that support and uphold this chakra are both very beautiful and very powerful:

Chrysocolla – Vibrates to Mercury and Venus. Chrysocolla very often comes from Peru, where it is hand cut and polished into spheres, egg shapes, hearts or free-forms. It can often have the added bonus of Malachite running through it, connecting the Heart Chakra with the Throat Chakra, making it feel safer to speak the true feelings of the Heart. Sometimes it has splashes of red Cuprite, which vibrates to Mars, lending courage and strength of will, or resolve, to speak freely and honestly. It is, in my opinion, one of the premiere Throat Chakra stones, loving, safe and strong in its purpose.

Aquamarine – Vibrates to Mercury and the Moon. Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family, which includes Emerald (Green Beryl), Heliodor (Golden Beryl), Bixbite (Red Beryl) and Goshenite (Clear Beryl). Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-green, with a soft, soothing, calming energy. Since the Moon in astrology rules the subconscious mind, feelings and emotions, as well as the oceans and tides, Aquamarine helps us to understand (Mercury – the mind) what we feel (the Moon) so that we can clearly express our inner world. Besides putting us more in touch with what we feel, Aquamarineacts as a regulator of the tides of our emotions, gently harmonizing them so that they can be expressed clearly and calmly. A truly powerful ally, yet always soft and gentle. The more gem-like Aquamarine is, the more expensive it is. Fortunately for all of us, it matters not at all in terms of healing vibration and power if the stone is opaque rather than completely translucent. It is what it is, a gift from Earth Mother to all of us for empowering the Throat Chakra.

Turquoise – Vibrates to Mercury and Pluto. Yes, I said Pluto, the Master Alchemist. Turquoise has been considered to be a stone of alchemy and healing by Native people for centuries. This is why we see so many representations of it in Native jewelry. It is worn for healing as well as for psychic protection. It is a Master Healing Stone, in my opinion, virtually limitless as far as its healing abilities. Many people associate Turquoise with the Throat Chakra specifically, and while it is true that it can open and transform this chakra, I believe its range of healing encompasses all of the chakras. There are only a few stones that can do that. Turquoise is one of them, in my experience. This is a stone that loves to accompany us on our journey out into the world, so look for it primarily on my Jewelry page. It also “plays well with others”, so I often will ask my jewelry genius sister to custom-make Turquoise bracelets for me combined with Amethyst, a drop dead gorgeous duo if ever there was one! Look for custom designed jewelry by Terralumina on my Jewelry page, as well as custom pieces by my gifted daughter. Both of these talented women are available to custom design the exact right piece for you.

Blue Chalcedony – Vibrates to Mercury and Venus. This is one of the gentlest stones out there for anyone looking for support for the Throat Chakra. Since Venus is the planet of love and beauty, charm and grace, Blue Chalcedony enables us to speak with both the clarity of mind that Mercury brings us, as well as the grace of expression that Venus denotes. A great stone for performers who speak or sing as a profession, or those who aspire to do so. Again, great worn as a pendant, or to hold in meditation.

Botswana Agate – Vibrates to Mercury and Pluto. Now this is a fascinating stone person! As its name indicates, Botswana Agate is only found in Botswana. It can be primarily blue, banded with chocolate, or a combination of bands, or rings, of black, blue and cream. According to Merlin, this stone bridges time and space, one of the few stones to do this. In my Crystal Workshops, I teach utilizing this stone with intention work, to bring situations to a close or speed them up so they come more quickly to fruition. Quite an amazing stone, really. It supports affirmations or prayers that open us to the limitless possibilities of the Void, as well as personal.