The Sixth Chakra, or Third Eye Chakra, vibrates to both Jupiter and Neptune astrologically. It is about opening our Vision to all possibilities, all realms, all dimensions. Here we transcend our physical form, seeing not just with our human eyes but with the eyes of our Higher Self. We meet our Angels, Guides and Teachers. We go on shamanic journeys, vision quests, meditate, visualize, all part of our imaginative gifts and our right brain ability to experience the magic of life directly.

Jupiter and Neptune correspond to the Liver in Chinese Medicine, which governs the eyes. The color associated with the Wood Element, the Liver and Gall Bladder, is either blue or green. It is interesting to note that many Third Eye stones are blue. Jupiter is a planet that denotes optimism, benevolence and expansiveness. Neptune rules the Astral Plane, Cosmic Love. It is the higher octave of Venus, the planet of human love, personal love. In New Age we find many spiritual practices that encourage stimulating or opening the Third Eye Chakra through meditation or, even on occasion, by forcing the Third Eye open through the use of psychotropic drugs such as LSD, ayahuasca, peyote mushrooms and marijuana, with the belief that any tool is okay if it gets you to have a vision or altered state. The danger here is that a state of grace comes from spiritual cultivation and a gentle purification of the ego construct, and an open heart, not chemicals.  Or, put another way, you can’t rape your way into heaven.

Neptune rules the Astral Plane (the next plane over from the Earth Plane). Astral projection is something we want to be able to experience safely, where we have control over where we go and how long we stay there, with the ability to return home to our bodies with no harmful side effects or damage to our bodies. Since Neptune rules the Liver in Chinese Medicine, it is no wonder that the Liver is the processing center for all chemicals taken into the body. The Liver is also seen as the seat of the Hun, the Ethereal Soul, in Chinese Medicine. The Ethereal Soul is the repository of our Akashic records.  The stones we find here are absolutely safe companions for our journeys into the Astral Plane, to stimulate the Third Eye gently and safely, and of course they have absolutely no side effects. Since addiction is the pandemic of the 21st century, it just makes sense to find safe alternatives to finding our bliss. Stones represent that safe alternative both to me and to Native cultures all over the world. When the sixth Chakra is blocked or wounded we can feel “stuck”, up in our heads, weighed down by facts, details, the mundane day to day aspects of life that can become a prison. We wish to soar, to be free, to have peace and serenity for just a few moments.

Stones that support vision and imagination include:

Azurite – Vibrates to Jupiter. Azurite is a deep sparkling Indigo blue stone that grows in clusters of tiny crystals. It is both uplifting and expansive in nature, one of the more powerful Third Eye stones. A great ally for stimulating imagination and psychic awareness, it is what I call an Awakener. It teaches that there are many wonderful possibilities to experience. It has a subtle psychic pulse, or hum, to it that gently stimulates the Third Eye, encouraging it to blossom like a flower. Azurite also offers a benevolent psychic protection for travels through the Astral Plane, a shield of indigo blue light surrounding the traveling part of the self, protecting one from the psychic debris one can encounter in the Astral Plane It is often found with Malachite, which then bridges the Third Eye to the Heart, a wonderful combination of visions, dreams and the Love that is God within each of us.

Amethyst – Vibrates to both Jupiter and Neptune. One of my personal favorites, you can never have too much Amethyst! It grows in cave or cathedral formations, clusters and large points. It can be polished into spheres, pyramids, massage wands and merkabas. Also, it can grow in Elestial formations, as does Smokey Quartz. Amethyst Elestials are amazing, vibrating to the Angelic realms, conducting the pure Violet Flame of Saint Germaine through the Crown Chakra to the Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst offers a bridge of violet light to our Higher Self. If we allow ourselves to bathe in its violet essence we can be transported to the highest aspects of the Astral Plane. It stimulates the pineal gland, bringing serenity and peace as well as Divine guidance with its gentle healing vibration.

Amethyst comes in all shades of the violet spectrum , from the grape jelly purple from Uruguay to the blue-violet amethyst from Bolivia to the stunning red-purple Amethyst from Brazil. It’s all gorgeous and consciousness-altering. Sometimes it has Lepidocrosite inclusions, giving a Fire/Water combination. Sometimes it has Citrine or Cacoxenite growing with it, granting a Solar Plexus/Third Eye partnership. I sometimes have amazing Amethyst Elestials with Smokey Quartz from a new mine in Kenya that are drool-worthy. This combination bridges the Crown, Third Eye and Root Chakras. Stunning! Love it! Another must-have, Amethyst is a broad-spectrum healer that restores faith (Jupiter), removes fear and reminds us of the Truth of our being – that we are eternal souls on a journey, always supported, protected and loved by the Divine. It doesn’t get any better than that. Another wonderful stone for jewelry.

Selenite– Vibrates to Neptune. Different people have a number of opinions about what Selenite does and where to place it in the chakra system. Let me share a Merlin reading about this stone. He said it helps us to manifest our dreams and visions for our life by allowing us to “see the Spiritual Truth” about our situation, to see what we want or need as already ours on another plane of existence. He also said it contained more light within it than almost any other stone, so it could act as a living lighthouse, shining a beam of light through the seeming darkness of our Earth Plane reality or belief system. That’s why I place it here, at the Third Eye Chakra, rather than the Crown Chakra, although I do believe it bridges both, or links both together with light. Some types of Selenite called Satin Spar look a little like fiber optics, milky white and glassy, while other types of Selenite are icy and clear, like Fish Tail Selenite. All of it accelerates the opening of the Third Eye, and is also capable of balancing the hemispheres of the brain. The great news for all of us is that Selenite is readily available and fairly inexpensive. National Geographic has had a documentary about caves in Mexico with some of the largest crystals ever seen, an entire lattice of white light that men could walk across. These huge formations are of Selenite. Incredible — a grid of light within the earth!

Merlin teaches to take an affirmation or prayer that you’ve written out, place it underneath a piece of Selenite on your altar, and let the Selenite do the rest. We’ve tried it — it works. So where Azurite is the Awakener, Selenite could be considered the Amplifier — of light. Powerful, powerful, powerful. One final word about Selenite: when I look at it psychically, it seems to have the ability to bend light. Its luminous fibers seem to bend light, time and space. It has more sheer movement to it than any stone I’ve worked with, which I believe gives it the ability to amplify and activate our Light Bodies. Awesome.

Charoite – Vibrates to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. Here’s an interesting stone! It combines the alchemical magic of Pluto, the Shaman’s favorite planet, which rules the Void and its limitless possibilities, Root Chakra protection and purification, as well as Jupiter’s expansiveness and visionary qualities, and finally, Neptune’s capacity to psychically “see” and astrally project. Yowza! Charoite only comes from Russia, with varying quality. Some of the more expensive Charoite is quite a dark purple with black veins of Aegerine, which offers insane amounts of psychic protection. The lighter purple Charoite is less expensive, but very effective for opening the Third Eye. Any form of Charoite is powerful. It has a very unique appearance; you wouldn’t mistake it for anything else.

Because of its transformative properties and its heavy duty magic, beginners in the crystal realm are not often drawn to this stone as they are to Amethyst or Rose Quartz. Only after some inner preparation and healing work are people drawn to Charoite. You know the old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. Well, here’s the teacher. Are you ready? (Due to its protective qualities I sometimes have Charoite available on the jewelry page wrapped in sterling silver to be worn as a pendant.)

Lapis Lazuli – Vibrates to Jupiter. Lapis is an ancient stone, mentioned in sacred texts from Egypt, China and the Middle East. The best Lapis Lazuli comes from Afghanistan. It can be fairly expensive due to the terrain there, the state of the country itself, difficulty in finding people to mine it and then transport it. So, let’s see — the primary area it comes from is remote, forbidding, politically unstable — could we make it any harder to obtain? There are other sources for Lapis. Even when it is a lighter blue and marbled with white Calcite, it’s still powerful, and much more affordable.

This is a great stone. Its connection to Jupiter makes it a wonderful stone for healing the eyes, due to Jupiter’s connection to the Liver in Chinese Medicine. It is benevolent, regal, optimistic, generous, kind and really high vibe. What’s not to love? Sometimes it is found with veins of Pyrite running through it. A word of caution: this is one of those stones that some unscrupulous people dye to give it that darker, more desirable blue color. Not so much with chunks of rock, more with rings and expensive jewelry pieces. Just FYI.

Fluorite – Vibrates to Jupiter and Neptune. Love this stone! Fluorite is amazing. It balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain with ease, kind of like a circus juggler, switching you back and forth to whichever part of the brain you need with a speed and fluidity most stones can’t match. Imagination and vision? No problem. Focus and concentration? Got it. Dreamy meditation? On it. Seriously. It comes in many beautiful colors and forms – purple, blue, green, yellow, a combination of purple and green, or purple and blue — the possibilities are infinite. Just pick whatever draws you. It’s polished into spheres, candle holders, palm sized stones — anything and everything. Very affordable. The more gemmy specimens with rainbows can be a little more expensive, but so beautiful they’re worth it. A real workhorse.

Celestite – Vibrates to Venus and Neptune. This is an incredibly sweet stone with a very high vibration. It gently activates the Third Eye, Crown Chakra and the Transpersonal Chakras above the head, due to the Neptunean affinity it has. A sparkling ice blue, it has a very distinctive appearance. Lovely to meditate with.

Blue Tiger Eye– Vibrates to Venus and the Sun. I have two different types of Blue Tiger Eye. Both open the Third Eye. One is the more commonly found Hawk’s Eye, a combination of very chatoyant blue and gold; the other is the more rare Blue Marra Mamba Tiger Eye from Australia, with blue Tiger Eye, gold Tiger Eye, and grey or black Hematite. The addition of the Hematite (Saturn), which links to the Root Chakra, creates a wonderful bridge between the Third Eye, Solar Plexus Chakra and Root Chakra. This stone can give you the focus, will and practicality to see your dream or vision through to completion. The Hawk’s Eye version is more readily available and less expensive, but very nice.

Iolite – Vibrates to Neptune and Pluto. Iolite is a more intense stone than some other Third Eye stones, such as Amethyst. It is a visionary stone, to be sure, but it is also about transformation of self through the Ultimate Truth of what has been revealed through the visioning experience or journey. It is one of the few stones to connect both the Third Eye (Neptune) and the Void (Pluto) The Void is the farthest out of the three Planes — the Astral Plane, ruled by Neptune, the Causal Plane, ruled by Uranus, and the Void, ruled by Pluto. All Shamans are trained to move or “journey” through all these planes at will. The Void, due to its very nature, takes the most extensive training to navigate safely, so stones that can assist us there are highly prized. Obsidian, Labradorite and Nuummite are some of those stones. Iolite has the distinction of linking the Third Eye to the Void, a very specific type of Shamanic stone. A wonderful ally to have and work with for personal transformation and realization. Sometimes found with Sunstone (the Sun) which would bridge to the Solar Plexus Chakra

Dumortierite– Dumortierite is blue Quartz, with an incredibly high vibration. It activates and strengthens the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It enhances psychic abilities, and opens one for further downloads of information from higher realms.