The Third Chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, is the center of our sense of Self, confidence and personal power. Where the Moon in our chart signifies the Divine Feminine, the Sun represents the Divine Masculine, or Yang, energy within each of us. When this Chakra is strong and healthy, we feel comfortable letting our light shine in the world, expressing our individuality, having a healthy sense of self, free from Ego, with a quiet sense of certainty about who we are and what we stand for. Think of it as an inner compass, pointing to the Authentic Self.

When this Chakra is damaged or compromised, we can feel shy, uncertain of our capacity to lead, We can also leak personal power, or barter it for the approval of others. We may find it difficult to stand up for ourselves or our beliefs. We may have difficulty with authority figures, or constantly feel the need to prove or defend our value to others.

Stones that strengthen this chakra include:

Natural Citrine – Vibrates to the Sun. In my opinion, this is the premier stone of our time to strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra. Natural Citrine’s beautiful golden light warms the entire being, infusing us with energy, light, confidence and joy. Natural Citrine never needs to be cleansed, one of the few stones that doesn’t. It’s like having a solid piece of sunlight in your home, radiating its golden glow out to all who enter your space. Fabulous. Avoid being taken in by the Heat-Treated Amethyst on the market sold as Citrine. See my FAQs to determine the difference.

Golden Calcite – A beautiful, soft, golden stone. Vibrates to the Sun. This stone helps with mental focus and clarity, as well as groundedness. Honey Calcite would be interchangeable with it.

Tiger Eye – Vibrates to the Sun and Saturn. Tiger Eye has a wonderful balancing energy to it due to the combination in the stone of the golden flashing Tiger Eye and grey or black swirls of Hematite. It is both strengthening and grounding at the same time. A stabilizing and centering stone, it feels patient and kind to me, telling us we have what it takes to keep on going. Add Red Jasper and you have Marra Mamba Tiger Eye.

Pyrite – Vibrates to the Sun. Wow! Does it ever! A very Yang stone, it strengthens the Divine Masculine in each of us. Sometimes called Fool’s Gold because it can be mistaken for Gold, this stone is metallic and heavy, sparkling and powerful at the same time. It is an Iron Sulfide, very powerful for protection, and for manifesting abundance. When you need a boost, reach for Pyrite.

Spirit Quartz – Vibrates to the Sun and Jupiter. I love this stone. Sometimes called Cactus Quartz, it is a combination of Citrine (the Sun) and Amethyst (Jupiter) growing in a cactus formation. It comes from South Africa and is far more powerful than it looks. One of the best stones for psychic protection against entities, hooks, cords and attachments. Really. Even though it looks like a magical Faerie castle, this stone is like spiritual Lysol, banishing negative energy from your aura and environment. A “must have” stone. Grows in cluster formations and bridges the Third Chakra and Crown, a bringer of peace, freedom from fear and Divine Light. I have many sizes available. Sometimes clusters over one pound are hard to find, but I pounce on them whenever they are available.

Sunstone – Vibrating to the Sun, Sunstone is very warming in nature. It contributes to a sunny disposition, a feeling of confidence in life and in ourselves. It seems to be able to dispel the heaviness within that comes from periods of prolonged stress or fatigue. Useful for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for locations with long dark or dreary, rainy stretches of time. Sunstone shines its light through the darkness, both within and without. Sometimes found combined with flecks of Black Tourmaline, excellent for strength and protection, bridging the Root Chakra with the Solar Plexus. Or, containing Iolite, a Third Eye opening stone, linking the Solar Plexus to the Sixth Chakra, the place of visions and dreams. I have also found it with Moonstone, a perfect combination then of Yin (Moonstone) and Yang  (Sunstone) energies. A wonderful ally