The Second Chakra is ruled by Mars. It has to do with passion for life, creativity in all of its forms, whether creating life via sperm and egg or creating art. Think of it as the engine driving the vehicle, in this case, the physical body. It is the “Fire of Life’s Door” in Chinese Medicine, sometimes called “Ming Men Fire” in the ancient texts, an acupuncture point found on the spinal column right between the kidneys. It is also called the “Gate of Life”. The Second Chakra strengthens vital life force, as do the stones we find here. They are amazing allies physically, emotionally and spiritually, giving us renewed courage, passion and the strength to move forward in our chosen direction.

Second Chakra stones include:

Carnelian – Vibrates to Mars. One of my favorite stones, this varies in color from reddish-brown to orange-brown, like Autumn leaves. Bestows courage, zeal for life, vitality. It has been said that it aids in increasing fertility. Very versatile and warming in nature.

Red Jasper – Vibrates to Mars. More intense than Carnelian, hotter in frequency. Can move and increase circulation, gives drive and fearlessness. Found alone, or combined with other minerals such as the rare Marra Mamba Tiger Eye, which contains Red Jasper, Hematite and Tiger Eye swirled together. Marra Mamba Tiger Eye only comes from one place in the world, Western Australia, in the Hamersley Mountain area, about five hours north of Perth. It has become increasingly scarce, with very little production of this material now. It is considered a Sacred Stone by the Aborigines, one of the only stones to bridge the three lower chakras: Hematite for the Root Chakra, Red Jasper for the Second Chakra and Tiger Eyefor the Third Chakra. Quite amazing.

Bloodstone – Also called Heliotrope, vibrates to Mars and Jupiter. Since Bloodstone contains some Red Jasper, and deals with the blood (detox, purification and, in Chinese Medicine, clearing heat in the blood), I place it here, in the Second Chakra. It is a combination of Green Chalcedony (Jupiter), which protects, as well as Red Jasper (Mars), which invigorates, so it can be used for protection as well as being a wonderful stone for supporting a detoxification program. Jupiter rules the Liver in Chinese Medicine, so Bloodstone has both a wonderful calming and supporting effect in times of stress.

Lepidocrosite – Vibrates to Mars. Also seen in Chinese Medicine as a blood strengthener. Found growing alone, or on top of or included within Amethyst or with Clear Quartz. When found with Amethyst, it offers an amazing connection between the Fire and Water elements. It is a translucent, sparkly red that can glow as though lit from within. It brings joy, courage and the will to live to whatever stone it is found within.

Fire Agate – Vibrates to Mars. Very powerful. Talk about “Light my Fire”, this stone does exactly that, igniting our passion for life.

Hematoid Quartz – Vibrates to Mars and Pluto. Hematoid Quartz is Quartz with inclusions of Hematite or Iron, as splashes of either yellow or red. Since Quartz amplifies everything it touches, the magical protective properties of Iron are enhanced and empowered. Wow! Both beautiful and protective.