The First Chakra is ruled by both Pluto and Saturn. It is where we connect to Earth Mother and, through her, the Earth Plane. It has to do with survival, groundedness, connection to the body. Like the foundation of a house, for all of the other chakras to function properly, the Root Chakra must be strong and healthy. In Chinese Medicine we see the Root Chakra as the home of the “essence”, or Jing Chi, housed in the kidneys. The Kidney Meridian is about trust and safety issues and our resources, our talents, gifts and abilities and how we are in guardianship of them, and the Void. Also, what makes us feel safe, what we have faith in. Damage to this chakra results in feeling spacey, ungrounded, anxious or fearful, especially of the unknown or, in metaphysical terms, “the Void”. Our capacity to nurture ourselves is here, as well as healthy boundaries with others, feeling comfortable saying “no”. Since the adrenal glands sit right on top of the kidneys, this chakra relates to adrenal fatigue, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Stones that support and strengthen this chakra would include:

Obsidian – Vibrates to Pluto, offers psychic protection, inner journeying, alchemy. Strengthens the kidneys in Chinese Medicine (Water element ) especially Rainbow Obsidian.

Garnets – All of them vibrate to Saturn, which in Chinese Medicine rules the Spleen/ Pancreas (Earth element) which has to do with nurturing the self, mindfulness, healing Mother issues and receiving from the Universe. Garnets are very dense and are one of the heaviest of the stones. Almandine Garnet is one of the few stones to bridge both the Root and Heart chakras, teaching self-love, and that Earth Mother is a safe and friendly environment. These stones are also very good for balancing the mind, for overthinking, worry, scarcity and lack consciousness.

Black Tourmaline – A true workhorse. Vibrates to Pluto. Offers psychic protection, absorbs negative energy into itself and converts it to light. A large piece can cleanse an entire room.

Smokey Quartz – One of the most grounding of all the stones, yet very gentle. Vibrates to Pluto. Not as transformational as Obsidian, but for those souls who can feel “trapped” at times by the Earth Plane experience Smokey Quartz is ideal, especially the Elestial Smokey Quartz formations. Elestials bridge the Root Chakra and Crown Chakra, grounding the Angelic Realms into the Earth Walk. Lovely.

Hematite – Vibrates to Mars and Pluto. Hematite is Iron, which, as a Metal, is one of the most powerful tools for blocking and disrupting negative spells and intentions. Hematite is a beautiful pewter grey color, sometimes growing in rosette form, it also can be reddish brown. A powerful ally which bridges the Root and Second Chakras. Also very grounding.

Magnetite – Pluto again, almost as grounding as Hematite, but a little gentler. When combined with Pyrite, as is found in Healer’s Gold, you have the perfect combination of Yin (Magnetite) and Yang (Pyrite) energies.

Cinnabar – Vibrates to Pluto. Cinnabar is a Mercury Sulfide. This is a Master Alchemist’s stone — great for manifesting wealth. CAUTION: Never make an elixir from this stone to drink, as it is highly toxic when ingested.

Nuummite – Vibrates to Pluto and is one of the most ancient stones on the planet, some over 3 billion years old! Helps to integrate the Shadow side of the Self, reclaim personal power, release judgments about the Self. Fabulous stone.

Aegerine – Vibrates to Pluto. Probably the best stone on the planet for psychic protection against attachments and entities. This is the stone I use for Shamanic extraction work with clients. In a culture filled with addiction, alcoholism and narcissism, stones that offer purification and protection of the Aura and Light Body are worth their weight in gold. You don’t need a big piece; just carry it with you when you need it, or check the Jewelry page to see if I have any wrapped in Sterling Silver to wear.

Labradorite – Pluto vibration. A stone of Personal Magic. Very Shamanic. Journey to the stars with this stone.

Moonstone – People who understand the seven chakras by color frequency only, disregarding the planets and Chinese Medicine, will be surprised to find Moonstone here. Vibrates to the Moon. As the Sun rules the “Solar Plexus” (third chakra), the Moon rules the “Lunar Plexus” (first and second chakras). Since the Moon co-rules the Spleen in Chinese Medicine with Saturn, and also the subconscious mind and emotions, we put it here, in the Root Chakra, the place of the Subconscious. It is the gentlest of Root Chakra stones, holding a space for us to go deeply into the oldest patterns from childhood and reclaim the Divine Feminine in each of us (yin). Since many astrologers view Pluto as the higher octave of the Moon, we place Moonstone here.

StibniteStibnite is one of the most Plutonian stones we have. It is an Antimony Sulfide, one of the alchemical stones used by ancient Taoists. Astrologically, it vibrates to both Pluto and the Moon. It is one of my personal favorites in my Shamanic tool box. It acts as a Sword of Light to cut Luminous Fiber attachments between two people who are dissolving a relationship. It offers psychic protection and freedom. It looks metallic, a pewter or dark silver color. Powerful. Wonderful for ceremony.

Petrified Wood – Vibrates to Saturn and Jupiter. Petrified Wood is really fossilized wood, or, Agatized wood. It is millions of years old, a true historian of the Earth, where minerals have slowly replaced the wood from fallen trees. In Chinese Medicine 5 element theory the Wood element is the Liver and Gall Bladder. Emotionally The Wood element is seen as the guardian and keeper of Time: Past, Present, and Future. Just as the rings within trees measure Time, Petrified Wood helps us to move forward, to help us get “unstuck”, while remaining in the here and now, not dwelling on the past or the future. Petrified Wood is a wonderful ally. It is a mineral representation of the tree itself, forever preserved in Stone.

Sardonyx – Vibrates to Pluto and Mars. Sardonyx is an ancient stone, written about for hundreds of years. It is a combination of Onyx, both black and white, and Carnelian, which used to be called “Sard.” The Onyx vibrates to Pluto, the planet of both alchemy and protection. Carnelian vibrates to Mars, the planet of courage and vitality. I personally love this stone, the color combinations often include lavender, making it look like a spectacular sunset. Very affordable, also.

Galena– Galena is a Lead Sulfide, another alchemical Stone. Lead has been used as a powerful shield against radiation. Galena offers powerful psychic protection from negative energies. It is a living Shield.

Sphalerite– A Zinc Sulfide that vibrates to Uranus, the planet of liberation and awakening, Sphalerite helps us to move forward, and to embrace change.

Realgar– Realgar is the ultimate alchemist. It’s deep crimson red color vibrates to the Root Chakra, and the planet Pluto. Realgar burns away anything that is not serving us. It represents the Sacred Fire of the Phoenix and the Dragon. It is an Arsenic Sulfide, and cannot be used for making an elixir. It is photosensitive, and will deteriorate if exposed to direct sunlight.