The Fourth Chakra, or Heart Chakra, is ruled by the planet Venus. The Heart Chakra is much more powerful than many realize. In Chinese Medicine it is seen as the home of the Shen, or Spirit, within each of us. It is called “The Emperor” or Sovereign Ruler in the classics of Chinese Medicine. Merlin teaches that it is the portal or gateway between worlds. Most shamanic traditions teach journeying to the Heart as the Keeper of Wisdom or Inner Truth. It is seen as not only Yin (the Divine Feminine) but Absolute Yin.

When this chakra is strong and healthy, we feel a sense of self-love, joy, laughter. It is our capacity to inspire both ourselves and others. Artistic creativity can come from here, whether it is expressed through the arts as music, painting, dance, writing … all come from a healthy Heart Chakra. True humility and the capacity to be compassionate with self and others is found here as well. There is no judgement in the Heart; it is only Divine Love. There is a reason most Ascended Masters teach that a true enlightened state is a state of Living from the Heart. Many of our most revered teachers have embodied that.

When the Heart Chakra has been wounded it can express through a lack of joy, or depression, chronic sadness or not feeling loved. One might experience difficulty in letting love in, or self-doubt on an emotional level. Perhaps there might be a fear around trusting love, not expecting people to love us or, conversely, not being able to truly love and have compassion for the self.

There are many stones that support the Heart Chakra in different ways. Some of the major Heart healers include:

Rose Quartz – Vibrates to Venus. A very powerful ally, while being one of the safest guides on our journey to the Heart. Soft rose pink, sometimes translucent and gemmy, Rose Quartz emits a stream of gentle compassion and love. Children are often drawn to this stone, seeing the inner sweetness and beauty. One of the first stones people just beginning in the Crystal Realm are drawn to.

Rhodonite – Vibrates to Venus and Pluto. Rhodonite is a darker pink stone, often marbled through with black veins that come from the inclusion of the mineral Manganese. It helps us heal old, deep wounds in the Heart that have been around for years, sometimes decades. Just having Rhodonite in your space can also support relationships. Think of it as Rose Quartz on steroids.

Malachite – Vibrates to Venus and Mars. While not the first stone beginners reach for to heal this chakra, Malachite is the true Warrior of the Heart. It is a Fire Element stone, hence the vibration to Mars, and in Chinese Medicine the Heart and Pericardium (Heart Protector) are part of the Fire Element. This is a fearless warrior stone, bringing fire back to the Heart, re-igniting our passion for life and connecting us to the Divine. Its deep green color comes from copper in the soil. When found marbled through Chrysocolla, a beautiful deep turquoise blue stone from Peru, it links the Heart and Throat chakras, encouraging us to speak the feelings in our Heart. Malachite has also been said to help dissolve old grief. A truly noble stone.

Ruby – Vibrates to Venus and the Sun. Ruby is a regal stone and an extremely powerful healer. The ancient astrologers saw it as associated with Leo, the Lion Fire sign that rules both the heart and the spine in the physical body, so while some believe Ruby is a Root Chakra stone, we place it here as a Heart healer and protector. Translucent gemquality Ruby can be very expensive; fortunately for all of us it can be found included in other, less-expensive, stones in its more opaque but equally beautiful state.

Ruby in Kyanite – Venus – Kyanite is a soft, dreamy blue and a Master Healer in its own right. Seen as sacred in Tibet and prized by the monks there, Kyanite is a balancer and healer of all chakras. When found with Ruby marbled through it, it can be used to balance and strengthen the Heart as well as bridge the Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra, our connection to the Divine and the Angelic Realms. Lovely!

Ruby in Fuchsite – Vibrates to Venus – Fuchsite is a soft mint green stone which is said to bring joy and laughter. When found with Ruby, it strengthens the Heart and our capacity to find joy and fun in life. Very uplifting and gentle.

Ruby in Zoisite is a darker green which often sparkles. Zoisite has been said to have some amazing healing properties, including cell regeneration. The dark magenta pink of Ruby combined with the green of Zoisite makes this a perfect Heart Chakra combination.

The Tourmalines – Vibrate to Venus, an ancient healing classification. Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline and Red Tourmaline all heal the Heart with their soft, gentle, loving vibration. They are sometimes found growing together as Watermelon Tourmaline. I don’t always have this in stock due to its popularity — it flies out the door! Look for it predominantly on my Jewelry page.

Another stone that is an unusual pink and green combo is Vesuvianite. Similar in structure to Tourmaline, sparkling and gemmy, it also vibrates to Venus. It grows in cluster formations. I find it to bring a renewed sense of hope as well as joy.

Lithium in Quartz – Vibrates to Venus. A favorite for many due to its soothing, gentle vibration, Lithium can vary from a deep mauve pink to a soft Bailey’s Irish Cream color. Since Clear Quartz amplifies anything it touches, Lithium in Quartz is enhanced in its ability to soothe and calm us in times of trouble and stress. A natural antidepressant, it is one of the major de-stressifying (I know, not a real word, but I like it for this stone person) stones around. A “must have”, in my opinion. Drains stress like pulling a cork out of a bottle. Very cool!

Chlorite Phantom Crystals – Vibrate to Venus. I can’t get enough of these. Usually from Brazil, Chlorite growing in Quartz is said to be a major cell regenerator, helping the body heal and balance itself. Sometimes includes Lithium, in which case it is called Lodelite or Shaman’s Dream Stone. Excellent for shamanic journeys to the Heart.

LepidoliteLepidolite is one of the softest and gentlest stones available. A major Heart healer, it sends waves of love throughout the Heart Chakra. It is a very high Lithium content stone. Usually a soft lavender or lilac color, it is occasionally (rarely) found in golden yellow, usually in Brazil. Wonderful to release stress and fear, great for children, and a terrific sleep aid. Sometimes found growing on Tourmaline or Citrine. Wow! I grab that whenever I find one. Lepidoliteis a blessing from Earth Mother.