The seventh, or Crown Chakra, is situated at the top of the head. Many Native traditions see it as the opening or “soft spot” on an infant’s skull that the Soul enters at the moment of birth. Other traditions speak of the Soul leaving through the Crown Chakra at the moment of death. It vibrates to the Planet Uranus. In astrology, Uranus rules the stars, genius, originality and freedom.

Over twenty years ago, I had the great privilege to stay at the home of the highly respected Seneca (Iroquois) elder and teacher Grandmother Twyla Nitsch for three days for a workshop she was teaching on Power Animals. I had heard about her and was thrilled to be able to sit in her presence. As she was opening the workshop with prayer and ceremony, she spoke these words: “Remember always that we come from the stars and to the stars we will return.” The Stone People we find here in the seventh Chakra are all Star Teachers. They all amplify our Light Body and remind us of the Truth of not only who we are, but what we are — beings of Light on our eternal journey through the cosmos, ever evolving, ever transforming.

Other crystal teachers may place other stones in this Chakra, and that’s fine; I respect everyone’s perspective. Since I am first and foremost a practicing Shaman who uses both astrology and Chinese Medicine in my practice, my insight into the Stone People is very different, based on ancient teachings of astrological texts and the Taoist classics of Chinese Medicine as taught by Master Teacher and Taoist Priest Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, as well as direct personal experience with the Stone People over this entire lifetime (and many others, I am sure). In the end, as you read and study on your own, always follow the whispers of truth in your own heart about which Stone Person to work with for whatever areas of body, mind and spirit you wish to heal. They are alive, after all, and have their own voices and opinions to share with us.

Clear Quartz – Vibrates to Uranus. Clear Quartz crystals are probably the most widely distributed Stone People on the entire planet. Quartz crystals are found on virtually every continent. Again, one of my personal favorites to work with because it can do pretty much anything. Because Quartz contains the full spectrum of light frequencies, some people believe it represents all Chakras. That’s probably true, but it especially illuminates the Crown and Transpersonal Chakras above the Crown. Since Quartz crystals can take many forms, both natural, and cut and polished into specific shapes, I have available a significant number of Quartz specimens for different purposes which I will list individually.

Quartz Spheres, or Crystal Balls – For me, personally, this is a “must have” stone. While all Quartz amplifies energy, a Crystal Ball (Uranus), due to its spherical shape, radiates your intention out in 360° — all directions. Used for centuries for “gazing” or “scrying”, a Crystal Ball belongs in the workplace of any healer, psychic, meditation practitioner, you name it. They are invaluable tools for the inner journey. Most have wisps and veils, or inclusions. Some are a combination of milky and clear.

A word here about the representations of the Elementals (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) as Beings in Quartz to help you understand what you are seeing in a Quartz Crystal of any shape. The Air Elementals are called the Sylphs. They look like wisps or clouds inside a crystal. They sit in the West on the Medicine Wheel, which has to do with transformation, change and dreams. The Water Elementals are called the Undines, who sit in the North on the Medicine Wheel, the place of wisdom and gratitude. They look like shiny silver foils (or gum wrappers, to me). Some people call these inclusions Message Plates. The Earth Elementals are called the Gnomes. They look milky white and somewhat opaque. They sit in the South direction on the Medicine Wheel, the place of trust and innocence. Sometimes called Devas, they protect Earth Mother as well as all of us, her children. And finally, the Fire Elementals, the Djinn, also referred to as the Salamanders. When you find the Fire Elementals represented inside of a Quartz Crystal, you’ll see flecks of orange, yellow,  or red. They sit in the East on the Medicine Wheel, the place of inspiration and illumination, the dawn of a new day. While some people look for perfectly clear Quartz, I never do, for I am always open to whichever of the four Elementals are to be found as teachers and allies inside of my crystal. The more, the merrier, I say! So when people have asked me over the years if a crystal clear (also called optically clear) Crystal Ball is better, my answer is always a resounding NO. Why would we want less of the magic these Elementals bring us?

Generators – These Beings are perfect columns of Uranian white light energy. They are superconductors, amplifiers of the highest order of our affirmations and intention work. Since Uranus rules the Causal Plane, or Plane of Intentionality, crystals that act as bridges of light to the Causal Plane are invaluable. When we think of the Causal Plane, we find spiritual practices that deal with the “Law of Mind”, such as Science of Mind, Church of Religious Science and so forth. Some spiritual teachers that have wisdom about the effects of Mind on reality are Emmet Fox, Catherine Ponder, Florence Scoval Shinn and Louise Hay, just to name a few. There are many. So these Quartz Crystal powerhouses are like rocket ships that launch our consciousness directly into the Causal Plane, where we can manifest our miracles by tapping into Divine Intelligence, or Divine Mind. A Generator crystal has a six-sided configuration to it. All of them work. They have varying degrees of clarity, but are always filled with mystery.

Dow Crystals – Vibrate to Uranus. Dow Crystals are named after Jane Ann Dow, who is one of the earliest crystal pioneers, along with her good friend Katrina Raphael. A Dow Crystal embodies the sacred geometry of three seven-sided faces alternating with three triangular, or three-sided, faces. So if you go around the top of the crystal you see a 3-7-3-7-3-7 configuration. The Taoists also see this as sacred geometry due to their spiritual belief in the three Spirits, seven Souls inherent in all of us. (Don’t ask. Too long to go into here.) So a Dow Crystal is one of the major heavy hitters in the Crystal Realm. I have one in my office that is 50 lbs. and is over two feet tall, with a spotlight on it. It has helped me to manifest some major miracles. It’s an honor to be in guardianship of it. Dows come in all sizes, from little itty bitty to OMG you’re kidding sizes. (I don’t currently have one of those for sale.) Let your common sense about your budget be your guide and you’ll find just the right Stone Person for you.

Isis Face Crystals – Vibrate to Uranus. Love these. An Isis Face Crystal has one five-sided face instead of three (a triangle), six, or the unusual seven-sided face. It is said to represent the Divine Feminine in each of us. There is something majestic about Isis Face Crystals. I pounce on them whenever I find them.

Window Crystals – Vibrate to Uranus. Some people have a hard time finding the “window” on a Window Crystal. A window is a perfect diamond face alongside one of the six faces at the top of the crystal. If it’s not part of the faces forming the termination of the crystal, it is not a Window Crystal. Windows provide us with a doorway into the heart of the crystal. They are special, and rare. Sometimes I have them for sale, sometimes I don’t.

Laser Wands – Vibrate to Uranus. Laser Wands are a spectacular formation with a specific purpose: psychic surgery. They have a distinctive appearance, wider at the base and tapering naturally down to a point. They can be fairly rough or rugged in shape. It the crystal is smooth as glass on all sides, it’s been cut and polished to that form and is not a true laser wand (IMHO). They are the exception to the rule about cutting and polishing as described in my FAQs. Physically altering these crystals actually diminishes their power. The natural formation is essential. These go back to the time of Atlantis according to Merlin and were used by healers to gently remove energetic blockages and psychic debris. They do not amplify or hold intention or programming as well as any of their counterparts. They are vey function-specific.

Quartz Clusters – Vibrate to Uranus. Clusters are a family of Quartz points growing out of a common base, with points going in all directions. They teach community, harmony and peaceful co-existence. Unlike other Clear Quartz formations,Clusters never need to be cleansed, as they are self-cleansing. All of the other forms do need to be energetically cleared periodically due to their high level of programmability. A word here about sharing crystals with people. Since most crystals pick up vibrations from those handling them, I strongly suggest you bond with your Stone Person yourself. Everyone has their own baggage, issues, trauma and fears. We certainly don’t want our stones or our pets doing the heavy lifting for others and becoming drained or depleted because of that. See my FAQs about how to cleanse a crystal that needs it.

Tibetan Quartz – Vibrates to Uranus and Pluto. Tibetan Quartz, as its name suggests, comes from Tibet. High up in the Himalayas, Tibet has been considered sacred from time immemorial. These crystals are Master Teachers, truly enlightened while at the same time enormously powerful. Very often they contain black carbon inclusions, which gives the Plutonian vibration. They offer psychic protection as well as incredible acceleration of consciousness. Again, one of my personal favorites. The larger Tibetans are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain since the Chinese Communist occupation of Tibet. All of these stones, it is said, come down the mountain after being mined “in a sack on the back of a yak”. Powerful beyond words, inspirational and transformational, no one needs consciousness-expanding drugs, ever, with stones like these available. Want to get “stoned”? Hold one of these babies.

Lemurian Seed Crystals – Vibrate to Uranus and Neptune. Lemurian Seed Crystals come from a specific region in Brazil. While they are, in fact, Clear Quartz crystals, they have a very unique appearance. They appear to be slightly frosted, with ladder-like striations running up all sides of the crystal. They are also, like the Tibetans, becoming more difficult to obtain as mines become played out or are flooded. These stones are soft and dreamy, with a definite Neptunian astral vibe. I call them the “ET phone home” crystals, because they not only connect us to the stars (Uranus) but they connect Souls “not from here” to other dimensions and solar systems as well. So for Souls who feel somewhat lonely here, different, the square peg in the round hole, these crystals are perfect, alleviating that feeling of alienation. They are comforting friends and allies. Great for people who have violet or indigo in their aura. Soothing and safe, Lemurians have one of the gentlest vibes of all of the Stone People. Sometimes they are tinged with a hint of blush pink, very subtle, or just frosted Clear Quartz. The ladder-like lines on the sides can be used as a real-world “Stairway to Heaven”.

Apophyllite Clusters – Vibrate to Uranus and Neptune. The Crown Chakra would not be complete without Apophyllite. This stone just seems to sit there and sparkle at you! It invites us to join it in joyfulness, cosmic bliss (Neptune), to believe once again in faeries, unicorns, magic and miracles. It comes both green and clear. The Green Apophyllite seems to feel more connected to the Plant Devas, faeries, gnomes and elves, all plant magic and healing. The Clear Apophyllite seems to be more connected to the Angelic realms – angels and archangels, the power of prayer and affirmations to transform us, uplift us, take us home. It is incredibly uplifting. I don’t know if words or pictures do it justice. A truly amazing ally.

In closing this section, I would like to say that there are many stones not represented here in my description of the seven Chakras. The stones that I have listed here are some of my personal favorites. There is a page for rare and unusual stones for which I only have a very limited supply for sale. I just don’t have the room in the Chakra description pages to list my complete inventory. If a Stone Person does not appear here it doesn’t mean I don’t value it; it would take a book to truly do justice to all of these amazing Beings.  So feel free to contact me if there is something you’re looking for and don’t see listed here. My inventory is quite large (and getting larger all the time, trust me) so check with me, please. I am always happy to talk about stones.