Monthly Forecast For November ( Sorry it’s late)

I’m sorry I’m so late getting this up, work has been insane. So, better late than never. The Sun is moving through Scorpio for most of the month, my favorite sign of the zodiac. The key words for Scorpio are “ I Create”. It is a Fixed Water sign, with the symbols of the Eagle, the Scorpion, and the Phoenix.

The Full Moon on 11/12 is a powerful one, with the Sun in Scorpio opposition to the Moon in Taurus. That Taurus Moon makes some beautiful aspects, trining Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which is empowering, grounding, and fearless, all at the same time. It also makes a lovely aspect to Neptune, adding the mystical component. 11/13 is very good, with the Sun sextile to Pluto, the alchemist, and Mercury trine to Neptune, the visionary. The truth shall be revealed.

I expect the 14th to be a little rocky for anyone trying to cover anything up. Both Venus and the Moon square Neptune. Spin doctoring does not work here. But, some people never learn. 11/15 and 11/16 are good, as the Moon moves into nurturing Cancer.

11/19 is a powerhouse day, Mars moves into Scorpio, and the Moon makes a number of good aspects, including a trine to Jupiter, the planet of optimism and protection. The 20th is also good, with Mercury finally going direct.  11/21is a mixed bag, some very good aspects, but the temptation to overextend. Try not to.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on 11/22. 11/24 brings some unexpected changes. Try to view change in a positive way. It’s always a little unsettling, I know. 11/25 is beautiful. Love, and feeling like things can last. The New Moon in Sagittarius is on 11/26. The Fire signs bring joy, zeal, enthusiasm, and a zest for life.

Thanksgiving, on 11/28 is fucking fabulous. Six beautiful aspects make this a day for blessings, intention work, exciting changes, and limitless possibilities. 11/29 is also very good.

Wishing you all a beautiful month. Sending love to all. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

Monthly Forecast For October

Photo by Jamie Mclaren

The Sun is in the sign Libra for most of October. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign. The key words are “I balance “. It is ruled by Venus, and is about justice, fairness, balance, and truth.

10/3 is powerful, with Pluto going direct in Capricorn, after having been retrograde for some time. Mercury enters Scorpio, a sign of intense focus. The Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct to Jupiter, the planet of optimism and faith. The Moon once again squares Neptune in Pisces, with denial and fabrications being exposed.

10/5 is intense, a day of new beginnings, as well as a day of consolidation, with the Moon trine to Uranus, and sextile Neptune, and conjunct to Saturn.

10/7 is complex, with several aspects, this is a day that shakes things up, this can be good, but feel unsettling. Remember that quote “ Change is inevitable, struggle is an option”. 10/8 and 10/9 and 10/10 are harmonious. We celebrate Yom Kippur on 10/9.

The Full Moon on 10/13 has the Sun at 20 degrees of Libra opposing the Moon at 20 degrees of Aries. The Sun sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius, while the Moon trines it. This is excellent for expansion, growth, and trusting your core wisdom. It’s an aspect of protection. The Moon squares to both Saturn and Pluto. I have a coffee mug with a Zen quote “ Let go, or be dragged”. Let go. Trust.

The Sun enters Scorpio on 10/23. Wheee! Here we go! Scorpio is the most intense sign of the zodiac, bar none. Look for world events to gain momentum now. 10/25 is a good day, with a number of harmonious aspects.

The New Moon on 10/27 is a powerhouse. Wow. Both the Sun and the Moon are conjunct in Scorpio, emotions will be high. Try not to engage with people around you that are triggering. Find your center and stay on it no matter what. September’s New Moon was rough for a lot of people. This one may be, in different ways.

The month closes with Halloween on 10/31, when Mercury goes retrograde for the final time this year. It goes direct on 11/21.

Fall is a time of harvesting. The trees go from brilliant foliage to dropping their leaves. I try to follow their example, of shedding, of gracefully releasing. Harvest the fruits of your spiritual work. Let go of what no longer grows your soul. October is a time of nature making some spectacular displays, the colors, the Orionids meteor showers on 10/24, the golden sunlight, it’s all breathtaking. Take a moment to connect to all that is. Try to find time for a walk in the woods. May you walk in beauty. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine



Monthly Forecast For September

September represents a lot of things, the end of summer, back to school for kids and teachers, and Virgo, the sign of detail, ruled by Mercury. The key words for Virgo are “ I Analyze “. 9/3 is a very good day, with the Moon in Scorpio making several positive aspects. It’s a great day for creativity, for faith, for optimism.

9/6 is interesting. With Mercury square to Jupiter, be careful not to overextend, or make promises that you can’t keep. At the same time, the Moon square to both Mercury and Neptune insures that lies get exposed. If people in your life have been lying to you or about you, this is a good day for you to be shown the truth. In the news, more lies will be revealed, although we’re all pretty tired of that by now.

Sunday, 9/8 is extremely intense, with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto, with other planets joining the party, forming a total of eight aspects. This is a powerful day for intention work, focusing on releasing all things that no longer serve you, with the courage to move forward. It’s a Phoenix day, where you rise out of the ashes of your life, and dream new dreams for yourself. Begin again.

9/14 is the Full Moon, called The Harvest Moon. The Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces, while the Moon also opposes Venus and Mercury. Oppositions between planets offer an either/or choice. What is worth keeping, versus what should I be releasing? Harvest what has value for you, and know when a planting season has ended.

9/18 is excellent, with the Moon in Taurus forming all positive aspects. A good day for self care. 9/23 the Sun moves into Libra, and is the Autumnal Equinox. This is where we move into the Metal Element in Chinese medicine, justice, fairness, the truth.

The New Moon in Libra on 9/28 is lovely. Affirm Divine Justice being restored in your life. This is a wonderful day for Sacred Law manifesting wherever needed. Call upon the Divine law of restoration. “ All that is mine now comes to me, under grace, in perfect ways “.

I’m sending prayers to all in the path of hurricane Dorian. I’m also praying that humanity wakes up to the threat of climate change.

May September be a Harvest month for you, and may all of your dreams manifest. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

** Artist Karol Bak