Monthly Forecast For September

September represents a lot of things, the end of summer, back to school for kids and teachers, and Virgo, the sign of detail, ruled by Mercury. The key words for Virgo are “ I Analyze “. 9/3 is a very good day, with the Moon in Scorpio making several positive aspects. It’s a great day for creativity, for faith, for optimism.

9/6 is interesting. With Mercury square to Jupiter, be careful not to overextend, or make promises that you can’t keep. At the same time, the Moon square to both Mercury and Neptune insures that lies get exposed. If people in your life have been lying to you or about you, this is a good day for you to be shown the truth. In the news, more lies will be revealed, although we’re all pretty tired of that by now.

Sunday, 9/8 is extremely intense, with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto, with other planets joining the party, forming a total of eight aspects. This is a powerful day for intention work, focusing on releasing all things that no longer serve you, with the courage to move forward. It’s a Phoenix day, where you rise out of the ashes of your life, and dream new dreams for yourself. Begin again.

9/14 is the Full Moon, called The Harvest Moon. The Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces, while the Moon also opposes Venus and Mercury. Oppositions between planets offer an either/or choice. What is worth keeping, versus what should I be releasing? Harvest what has value for you, and know when a planting season has ended.

9/18 is excellent, with the Moon in Taurus forming all positive aspects. A good day for self care. 9/23 the Sun moves into Libra, and is the Autumnal Equinox. This is where we move into the Metal Element in Chinese medicine, justice, fairness, the truth.

The New Moon in Libra on 9/28 is lovely. Affirm Divine Justice being restored in your life. This is a wonderful day for Sacred Law manifesting wherever needed. Call upon the Divine law of restoration. “ All that is mine now comes to me, under grace, in perfect ways “.

I’m sending prayers to all in the path of hurricane Dorian. I’m also praying that humanity wakes up to the threat of climate change.

May September be a Harvest month for you, and may all of your dreams manifest. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

** Artist Karol Bak

Monthly Forecast For August

The Sun is in Leo, a Fire sign. Leo rules the heart and spine in the body. The key words are “ I will”. The stone is Ruby. The Lion is the symbol for Leo.

August starts out with faith and optimism on 8/1, with the Moon in Leo conjunct to Mars and Trine to Jupiter. This is very good for movement forward, using your inner guidance. It strengthens that Leo quality of “ I will”.

8/5 is powerful, with the Moon making six aspects, it sextiles the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. Initiative, Faith, charm, abundance, and confidence. At the same time, it squares Pluto and Saturn, the two Root Chakra planets. That gives us another opportunity to clear old fears and pain.

8/7 is good, with the Moon in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces. This is lovely for meditation, self-reflection, and compassion. At the same time, the Sun trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. The opportunities are limitless with these two aspects. 8/9 is also very good, with the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct to Jupiter, and Trine to Venus. Protection, grace, expansion, and hope.

8/12 offers the potential for a deep look into the subconscious, with the the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Pluto and Saturn. This could facilitate a spiritual breakthrough.

8/15 is a powerful Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius, which also opposes both Venus and Mars in Leo. This could create the illusion that you have to fight for what you need, which is never true. Deny any appearances that suggest that. Affirm that all that is yours now comes to you, under grace, in perfect ways.

8/21 is excellent, with several positive aspects. The Moon trines both Venus and Mars, energy, vitality, blessings, and courage, while also moving to conjunct Uranus, freedom, liberation, and new beginnings. Mercury, which is the planet of communication and ideas, trines Jupiter. Abundant ideas and wonderful opportunities. The 22nd is also very good.

8/26 is excellent, with the Moon in Cancer forming a number of lovely aspects. Take some time to nurture yourself.

We end the month with a powerful New Moon in Virgo on 8/30. Take a chance on life, on something new and different. Break free from old patterns. Choose to look at the things that keep you stuck. Change. Grow. Love with everything in you.

August is the final part of summer. Enjoy the Fire Element, as we bring this season to a close. May it bring all of you the best of the Fire Element, laughter, joy, spontaneity, fun, and love. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

July Monthly Forecast

The first three weeks of July the Sun is in Cancer, a Water sign. The key words for Cancer are “ I Feel”. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so aspects to the Moon will be even more important than usual. July starts off with a New Moon, a Solar Eclipse, on 7/2, at 10 degrees of Cancer. The Moon also makes a sextile to Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberation at the same time. These aspects set the stage for 7/4, Independence Day. Declare yourself free of all old habits, patterns, and circumstances that have held you back, and come fully into the moment. Every moment affords us the opportunity for a new beginning.

On 7/5, the Moon trines Jupiter, the planet of optimism, faith, and blessings. Trust in yourself and in Spirit. On 7/7, Mercury goes Retrograde again, until 7/31. So annoying. 7/11 is very good, with a Grand Trine involving the Sun, Moon, and Neptune in the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. This is exquisite. Dream big, set your intentions, push through obstacles.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on 7/16 is powerful, the second Eclipse of the month. It’s an opportunity to release deep old fears and trauma, with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto. This is very alchemical, with Pluto ruling the Kidneys in Chinese medicine, the home of the Void. Saturn rules the Spleen and family of origin issues. Both are Root Chakra planets. This can be a reset of the Divine Blueprint. A return to our original destiny. A time of shedding, purging, releasing. Let go. Move in radical faith and wisdom. Align with the Higher Self. Release attachments to outcome.

7/21 and 7/22 are also very good. The Sun enters Leo on 7/22, shifting the energy from emotions to passion. 7/24 is a little difficult, inviting us to push beyond those limiting fear thoughts. 7/25 and 7/26 are much better.

We have a second New Moon on 7/31, when Mercury turns direct. This time, the Sun and Moon are conjunct in Leo. Celebrate the Fire Element, which is passion for life, love, creativity, spontaneity, laughter, joy. Embrace the fire. Choose to be the light of the world.

May this month fulfill all of your dreams. Blessings to all, Judith