Monthly Forecast For March

March looks to be a powerful and eventful month. The Sun is still in Pisces until the 19th, when we have the Equinox, where it moves into Aries, but more about that later. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the higher octave of Venus. Where Venus is the planet of human love, Neptune is the planet of Divine love. This may help to explain the reputation Pisces has for being “ dreamy, scattered, airy, ungrounded “, none of which are true. Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, representing completion, compassion, kindness, empathy, and service. This month gives humanity an opportunity to access some of these qualities.

The Moon in Gemini on 3/2 forms a brief but challenging square to both the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. This is an aspect of denial, avoidance, illusion, or confusion. Trust your instincts, and look at the past behaviors that people have shown you. I’m expecting the spin doctor in chief to continue to lie to the country about the Corona virus, along with everything else.

3/5 is powerful, with the Moon in Cancer making 5 different aspects. It’s an interesting day, with the Moon ( feelings, emotions, the subconscious mind ), in opposition to 3 planets in Capricorn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. We had this last month, and, again, we’re being given an opportunity to release people, places, and things that are no longer life affirming. It’s an opportunity to grow through transformation, to release old fears ( Saturn), to break the chains of old trauma ( Pluto), and to stop over-giving ( Jupiter) at the expense of ourselves. What supports this is the trines the Moon makes to both the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. This teaches us that love is always the answer: Love for self, love for the Earth, and respect and compassion for all living things. This could be a pivotal time for the Race Mind ( humanity), where a new direction is chosen. Humanity may choose to move away from fear based ideologies and the narcissistic abuse so prevalent now, into something kinder and more inclusive.

3/7 has the Moon in Leo making FIVE inconjunct aspects, ( also called a Quincunx), something I don’t recall seeing in a while. An inconjunct aspect is an aspect of a 150 degree angle between two planets. An opposition is 180, a trine is 120 degrees. A Quincunx is an aspect of adjustment, of an invitation to shift perspective. Having 5 of these on one day, with no other mitigating aspects, indicates that this continues the shift we began seeing on 3/5. People who have been stuck in their old wounds and fears may struggle with the new possibilities being offered, as this group of aspects gently shakes things loose. It’s best to let them decide what they want to do. Don’t engage, this is a time of Soul choice, and a Karmic opportunity, both individually, and for humanity.

3/8 is a serious wow factor day. The Sun and Neptune are exactly conjunct in Pisces, an incredibly beautiful aspect. Reach for your highest version of yourself, connect to Spirit. The Moon enters Virgo, and trines both Venus and Uranus in Taurus, which are Conjunct. Uranus represents change, the unexpected, surprises, a new direction. Adding Venus to that brings love, affection, creativity, and joy to the mix. Set your intention for yourself, for something magical.


3/9 is the Full Moon, with the Moon in Virgo opposition to both the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. At the same time, the Virgo Moon trines Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto in practical Capricorn. This is actually a very positive, energizing day. Plus, that annoying retrograde Mercury is finally over. Thank goodness.

3/13 is excellent, with the Moon in Scorpio making 5 positive aspects. Scorpio is fearless, so this is a good day to swing for the fences. Manifest your dreams. 3/14 is also good.

The Spring Equinox ( Ostara ) where the Sun moves into Aries is on 3/19. 3/22 and 3/23 are both days to take seriously, with Mars forming a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. Let’s take a moment here. Mars is extremely assertive on its own. Combine that with the ruthlessness of Pluto, the planet that rules the subconscious mind, the underworld, manipulation, bullying, and the unknown, gives this aspect the potential to either break free from anyone or anything, or can make unstable or volatile people even more so. Try not to engage with people you don’t know well. Absolutely avoid confrontations wherever possible. This is the only time this year these two planets are conjunct. I expect world events to reflect this.

The New Moon in Aries is on 3/24. Great for new beginnings, with lovely fire energy.

Saturday, 3/28, has more of that wow factor energy happening. Eight fabulous aspects today, bringing optimism, faith, blessings, expansion, tenacity, and courage. Seriously wonderful.

May this month be all that you dream of, bringing you peace, love, and laughter. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

Monthly Forecast For February

February starts off with the Sun in Aquarius for the first three weeks, before it enters Pisces on the 18th. Aquarius is an Air sign, an intellectual sign with great focus and tenacity. On 2/1, the Moon in Taurus Conjuncts brilliant Uranus, bringing the opportunity to shift direction, and come up with new solutions. At the same time, the Moon sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn, a great strategic combination. Pay attention to your instincts.
2/2 is awesome. Five positive aspects line up, an incredible day to release and remove old patterns and blockages. It’s powerful. Step into the day with an open heart. Create from love the things you need.

2/7 is intense, with the Moon at the tail end of Cancer early morning opposing both Pluto and Saturn again, accessing old fears. Push through that. The Moon moves into Leo later, where it trines Venus in Aries and Chiron in Aries. Passion and determination to heal. The Full Moon on 2/9 from Aquarius to Leo, is powerful, seize the moment to stand strong as an advocate for the innocent, especially children.

2/12 has the Moon in Libra, the sign of justice, where it makes four challenging aspects. With the sham of a trial coming to a close in the Senate, it’s easy to become discouraged about the state of the country. Don’t. Mercury enters its Storm period on 2/13, which is just before it turns retrograde on 2/16. This means that nothing decided now is permanent. New bombshell revelations are coming that turn this whole thing into a meaningless exercise. What has been exposed throughout this process is nothing compared to what is coming. Because of these lies and coverups, the next revelations will reverberate through even the most resistant minds. Watch for it, it’s coming.

Mercury goes retrograde on 2/16 until 3/9. Check and double check plans, appointments, and all communications. 2/18 is good, the Sun enters Pisces, the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Mars, and trines Uranus. This combination gives momentum and fearlessness. 2/19 is also very good.

The New Moon in Pisces on 2/23 is excellent. New Moons are wonderful for new beginnings, this one is lovely, with several beautiful aspects. It’s perfect for intention work. 2/24 and 2/25 are gorgeous, with a rainbow of positive energy on both days. Go for it.

Try not to overextend on 2/27. 2/28 and 2/29 ( leap year! ) are both good.

May this month activate the dreamer in you, the creative principle. Bring your consciousness up to where you want it to be. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

The Monthly Forecast For January 2020

2020 is a very powerful year, from an astrological perspective. January starts us off with a bang, with some planetary alignments that are important. Some highlights include the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 1/12, that only occurs every 34 years. Then we have the Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Friday, January 10th, pretty much right on top of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Wow. I’m going to take them all individually.

From 1/1 to 1/5, we have some lovely, expansive aspects, setting the tone of optimism and faith. The fifth is beautiful, with the Moon in Taurus forming five positive aspects, including trines to Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun. Jupiter is the planet of blessings and abundance. Set your intention to receive, and to be in flow.

The second week of the month, from 1/6-1/12, is super intense. It’s a very shamanic and alchemical time, if we approach it with the right attitude. If we don’t, it’s setting up to be an FGO, a Fucking Growth Opportunity. Oh, good. The Full Moon and Eclipse on the 10th is a game changer. The Sun in Capricorn opposes the Moon in Cancer, which also then opposes Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. ( Remember, 1/12 is that conjunction of those two, which only happens once every 34 years). This Eclipse may very well be the most powerful day of the month. How we handle change, and letting go, is what matters. A good affirmation might be:” I fully and freely release all situations and relationships that no longer grow my soul. I walk in peace and harmony. I am only open to love in all of its forms. All else now fades out of my life. “  Saturn has to do with wisdom, discipline, patience, and fear. Pluto has to do with death and rebirth, one door closing, and another door opening. It reminds me of that Zen saying, Let go, or be dragged. Since the Eclipse has the Moon in nurturing Cancer, we are being invited to ask ourselves, what nurtures us? Are we respecting ourselves? What is our sacred commitment to ourselves? Are we honoring that? Are we cultivating wisdom? Discipline? Since Pluto rules the Void and the Kidneys in Chinese medicine, are we trusting our magic, our intuition? Another good affirmation would be: “ I step into the arms of the sustaining Infinite”.

January 12th, with that Saturn/Pluto conjunction, also has Uranus, the planet of radical change, coming out of hibernation and going direct. This is a time of major transformation, for ourselves, and for humanity. Pluto rules the subconscious mind, what’s hidden in the darkness. It also rules the underworld, corruption, bullying and manipulation. Watch for these things to become highlighted in the world, and in your personal life. This can be a time of deep healing. Anyone with planets in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra, will be feeling this even more deeply.

1/13-1/19 Venus, the planet of love and compassion, moves out of intellectual Aquarius into heart centered Pisces, it makes it somewhat easier to be gentle with yourself and others. 1/14 and 1/15 are very good. 1/17 is somewhat rough, early in the morning, where the Moon at the tail end of Libra hits Pluto and Saturn, before it leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio in the afternoon. Try not to engage until that happens. 1/19 is very good.

The New Moon on 1/24 in Aquarius is a wonderful day for new beginnings. The 27th is also very good.

I spent quite a bit of time on the most important aspects of this month, because they are game changers. This year has been talked about for a long time. What it brings us depends on us, and our willingness to change, and our willingness to be who we came here to be. It’s a black and white time… a 34 year cycle. I can remember where I was, 34 years ago. I was coming to the powerful and painful awareness about my life. I was 34. I left my marriage three years later, but the clarity that came that if I stayed, I would die, came to me then. Gathering the courage to leap into the Void, to walk away from the known, into the unknown, took some time. But I knew. During this time, what do you know? What are you being shown? Trust yourself. Trust Spirit. It’s a time to free oneself from negative self talk, doubts, and fears. Take the leap into the unknown. Step into the arms of the sustaining Infinite. I can promise you that you’ll be so glad that you did. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine