A New Family Member

It’s been five months since we lost our beloved dog Elvis. He left a big hole in our hearts, and in our home. It’s taken time for us to be ready to begin another journey with a new dog. Last week, we rescued a Mastiff/Boxer mix from our local SPCA. We named him Bosco. He is a heart with feet. He loves everyone, and is settling in beautifully. Well, except for the housebreaking part. Evidently, he’s never lived in a house. He was brought into the shelter from a situation of neglect and abandonment, they said. He’s starting to get the hang of it.

We have a 4 year old toddler living with us, our granddaughter, Miss Vivian. We waited to introduce them, giving Bosco a chance to bond with us and get comfortable. He blew us away with his gentleness with her. He was so careful, he laid down at her feet, and gave her kisses. Seeing her giggling, and him wagging and so happy just made my heart melt.

We bought him a new bed and new toys. He’s in love with his purple stuffed dragon, and trots around with it in his mouth, or sleeps with it. Bosco has figured out where the refrigerator is, what the ding of the microwave means, and can be coaxed into doing pretty much anything with Nachos. What a sweetheart. We are in love with him already. Welcome home, Bosco.