A Merlin Teaching: The Path Of The Sword

There are different types of paths healers can walk, according to Merlin. One of them is called The Path of the Sword. This has been my own personal path for many lifetimes. The Path of the Sword is the path of the Warrior. It is the path of the fierce and fearless Heart. Healers who walk this path tend to be champions for the children of the world, the animals, the environment, and the voiceless. We stand for survivors of abuse of all kinds, sexual abuse, domestic violence, racism, bullying, and discrimination. The Sword Merlin speaks of is the Sword of Truth. This Sword cuts through the lies and illusions offenders hide behind. It is a Sword of Light, which illuminates the darkness of pain and suffering.

Walking the Path of the Sword necessitates having extremely strong psychic shields and personal boundaries. There is no anger or rage involved at all. There needs to be a bedrock foundation within the self, not of the Ego construct, but rather, of the Soul itself, which is eternal. This path has been walked for eons by Mystics, Wizards, Shamans, and Mages in cultures all over the world. It includes protocols for protection work, extractions, and exorcisms. It is a path that confronts the Dark. For example, Archangel Rafael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel and others are often depicted holding either a flaming Sword, or a Sword of Light. Merlin has said that they lead an army of Lightworkers trained to protect mankind against the encroachment of the Dark. The commitment to the Light within, and the commitment to protect and serve all must be a choice, made freely in some time and some place on the Soul’s journey. Extensive training is given, but the only real requirement to walk this path is a fearless Heart.

As we look at the news, at events happening across the globe, we see some very distressing things. Without focusing on the negative, which I believe feeds it, it is enough to know that humanity has come to a spiritual crossroads. Souls are choosing to be heroic, or giving in to woundedness. Those that walk the Path of the Sword expose corruption, the abuse of power, and the betrayal of the innocent. They can be journalists, teachers, social workers, police officers, or soldiers. They can be environmentalists, Rangers protecting animals from poachers, or involved with animal welfare organizations. They are all proactive. The Path of the Sword is a path of honor and integrity. There is no bullying on this path, because bullying has it’s roots in fear. True Warriors are fearless. Only a coward would abuse the Sacred Trust of this path. That would create terrible Karma.

It is an honor to walk the Path of the Sword. It is an honor to stand with others who do. For women who walk this path, and are labeled by western culture as bitches, unfeminine, aggressive, whatever… I say to all of you, thank you. All of you have contributed to changing the world. One of my heroes is Mother Jones, 1830-1930, whose quote “Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living” sits to my left in my office where I can see it. After losing her children to illness, she put together a movement to protect children from horrific child labor practices. Her legacy lives on today. For the women who shattered every cultural restriction, who fought so that the rest of us could have the right to vote, thank you. Warriors all.

I will always walk the Path of the Sword. It is a path of the courageous Heart. I send prayers of thanks and gratitude for all who walk it with me. I send you my love. Blessings, Judithimage