They’re Here!





Wow! They’re finally here! These huge Bolivian Amethyst Clusters were so worth the wait. From the Anahai Mine in Bolivia, these are from old stock. This type of Amethyst is very difficult to get, especially this size. The color is grape jelly purple. I’m so blown away by these, I’m basically speechless. They have the Ametrine Points that Bolivian Amethyst is known for. Just incredible. Feeling blessed.

Monthly Forecast For September

September represents a lot of things, the end of summer, back to school for kids and teachers, and Virgo, the sign of detail, ruled by Mercury. The key words for Virgo are “ I Analyze “. 9/3 is a very good day, with the Moon in Scorpio making several positive aspects. It’s a great day for creativity, for faith, for optimism.

9/6 is interesting. With Mercury square to Jupiter, be careful not to overextend, or make promises that you can’t keep. At the same time, the Moon square to both Mercury and Neptune insures that lies get exposed. If people in your life have been lying to you or about you, this is a good day for you to be shown the truth. In the news, more lies will be revealed, although we’re all pretty tired of that by now.

Sunday, 9/8 is extremely intense, with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Saturn and Pluto, with other planets joining the party, forming a total of eight aspects. This is a powerful day for intention work, focusing on releasing all things that no longer serve you, with the courage to move forward. It’s a Phoenix day, where you rise out of the ashes of your life, and dream new dreams for yourself. Begin again.

9/14 is the Full Moon, called The Harvest Moon. The Sun in Virgo opposes the Moon in Pisces, while the Moon also opposes Venus and Mercury. Oppositions between planets offer an either/or choice. What is worth keeping, versus what should I be releasing? Harvest what has value for you, and know when a planting season has ended.

9/18 is excellent, with the Moon in Taurus forming all positive aspects. A good day for self care. 9/23 the Sun moves into Libra, and is the Autumnal Equinox. This is where we move into the Metal Element in Chinese medicine, justice, fairness, the truth.

The New Moon in Libra on 9/28 is lovely. Affirm Divine Justice being restored in your life. This is a wonderful day for Sacred Law manifesting wherever needed. Call upon the Divine law of restoration. “ All that is mine now comes to me, under grace, in perfect ways “.

I’m sending prayers to all in the path of hurricane Dorian. I’m also praying that humanity wakes up to the threat of climate change.

May September be a Harvest month for you, and may all of your dreams manifest. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

** Artist Karol Bak