Monthly Forecast For August

The Sun is in Leo, a Fire sign. Leo rules the heart and spine in the body. The key words are “ I will”. The stone is Ruby. The Lion is the symbol for Leo.

August starts out with faith and optimism on 8/1, with the Moon in Leo conjunct to Mars and Trine to Jupiter. This is very good for movement forward, using your inner guidance. It strengthens that Leo quality of “ I will”.

8/5 is powerful, with the Moon making six aspects, it sextiles the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars. Initiative, Faith, charm, abundance, and confidence. At the same time, it squares Pluto and Saturn, the two Root Chakra planets. That gives us another opportunity to clear old fears and pain.

8/7 is good, with the Moon in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces. This is lovely for meditation, self-reflection, and compassion. At the same time, the Sun trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. The opportunities are limitless with these two aspects. 8/9 is also very good, with the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct to Jupiter, and Trine to Venus. Protection, grace, expansion, and hope.

8/12 offers the potential for a deep look into the subconscious, with the the Moon in Capricorn conjunct to both Pluto and Saturn. This could facilitate a spiritual breakthrough.

8/15 is a powerful Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon in Aquarius, which also opposes both Venus and Mars in Leo. This could create the illusion that you have to fight for what you need, which is never true. Deny any appearances that suggest that. Affirm that all that is yours now comes to you, under grace, in perfect ways.

8/21 is excellent, with several positive aspects. The Moon trines both Venus and Mars, energy, vitality, blessings, and courage, while also moving to conjunct Uranus, freedom, liberation, and new beginnings. Mercury, which is the planet of communication and ideas, trines Jupiter. Abundant ideas and wonderful opportunities. The 22nd is also very good.

8/26 is excellent, with the Moon in Cancer forming a number of lovely aspects. Take some time to nurture yourself.

We end the month with a powerful New Moon in Virgo on 8/30. Take a chance on life, on something new and different. Break free from old patterns. Choose to look at the things that keep you stuck. Change. Grow. Love with everything in you.

August is the final part of summer. Enjoy the Fire Element, as we bring this season to a close. May it bring all of you the best of the Fire Element, laughter, joy, spontaneity, fun, and love. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine

The Paradox Of Truth

It’s always fascinated me that for some people, the truth is a beacon, and for others, earthly appearances are feared and avoided at all costs, instead of being dealt with spiritually. I’m continually surprised by that. One of my favorite quotes from the Christ is “ And the truth shall set you free”. Freedom and liberation from any negative circumstance absolutely depends upon rising up in consciousness, and seeing the spiritual truth about the situation. Refusing to do that keeps one stuck in the earthly manifestation of the problem.

The spiritual truth of everything is that we are all a living part of Divine Love and Divine Intelligence, expressing itself through us in every moment. Only by recognizing the Divine Spark held in the heart, and using that as a compass, can one transcend one’s difficulty, and be delivered from the bondage of fear. To give in to fear is to believe a lie, that the situation is too difficult for God. We must face the things that we are afraid of head on, and renounce them as having any spiritual reality or power. Choosing denial or choosing illusion is not an option, if you want to manifest your miracle.

The mind is logical and linear, it knows nothing about miracles, and how to create them. The mind grasps onto earth plane facts, and feeds them, worsening the problem. The Divine Intelligence within us understands that the universe is energy, and will respond immediately to our elevated consciousness.

When confronted with a difficulty, stand. Breathe. Quiet the chatter of the mind. “ Be still, and know that I am one with Spirit. The Divine Intelligence within me is now released into this situation, and all is resolved, under grace, in perfect ways.” Saturate yourself with the presence of Divine Love. Feel it moving through yourself and your difficulty. See yourself experiencing the perfect outcome, which is assured.

To embrace illusion or denial is to stop your Higher Self in its tracks. Do not. Move forward, unaffected by the earthly appearances. You are a spiritual being with limitless resources, through your connection to the Divine, which cannot be stopped. Your demonstration is always at hand. See the spiritual truth, and the truth shall set you free. Always. Blessings, Reverend Judith Star-Medicine