The Monthly Forecast For August

It’s hard to believe it’s August already. The Sun is in Leo for most of the month. Leo is a Fixed sign of the zodiac, Fixed Fire. The Fixed signs grant fixity of purpose and tenacity. Some might say stubbornness, but I like tenacity, myself. It is ruled by the Sun. The key words for Leo are “ I will”. The symbol is the lion, representing nobility and courage. The stone is Ruby, the colors are scarlet and gold. Let’s take a look at some of the important planetary aspects this month.

The Moon in Aries on 8/2 makes a Trine to the Sun, Fire sign to Fire sign. This brings zeal and enthusiasm, and a desire to have fun. At the same time, the Moon squares Pluto, the alchemist. This can bring up old issues that need to be released. The Moon moves into Taurus on 8/3, where it conjuncts to Uranus and Trines Saturn. This is powerful. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes, freedom, and new beginnings. Saturn is the planet of wisdom and patience. This combination encourages movement forward along with the patience required to sustain growth in the new direction. Excellent.

August 11th brings the New Moon, which is a Solar Eclipse. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Leo, at about 6 AM Eastern time. This is a good time for intention work.

Mercury finally goes direct on 8/19. Whee! We have a repeat of that wonderful combination of the Moon aspecting Uranus and Saturn on 8/21, this time it Trines Uranus and conjuncts Saturn. Lovely.

The Sun moves into Virgo on 8/23, an Earth sign. 8/25 is very good, with a Grand Trine in the Earth signs, the Sun in Virgo forming a Trine to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. This is fabulous. It’s a combination of ambition, motivation, liberation, and wisdom. Reach for the stars today.

The Full Moon on 8/26 is actually a good one. It carries over some of the beautiful energy of the previous day, except that the Moon has moved into visionary Pisces. Dream big. The 27th is also good. The month ends on 8/31 with more wonderful aspects. We have another Grand Trine in Earth, with the Sun in Virgo, the Moon in Taurus again, conjuncting Uranus and Trining Saturn, as we had earlier. What a beautiful way to say goodbye to August.

Let this month light your fire. Give yourself permission to laugh, love, play, and grow. In Chinese medicine, the Fire Element inspires us. Fire spreads. This month invites us to be the light the world so desperately needs right now. Let your light shine. Have a beautiful month. Blessings, Judith

Warrior Priestess

I took the word “Shaman “ out of my bio a long time ago, primarily due to the New Age movement’s appropriation of it. Everywhere you look, there’s someone calling themselves that, without having the slightest idea of what it really means.

A Shaman is a priest, trained to be a warrior of Light, trained to navigate the Void, trained in dealing with other realms and the supernatural, including dealing with ghosts and demonic entities, trained to be a tracker. A true Shaman is able to perform exorcisms, extractions, is able to work on the level of the Ethereal soul. ( The Hun in Chinese medicine.) This includes what is called “ Soul retrieval “, bringing back split off pieces of the soul, split off from trauma. The ability to do this includes bringing someone back from a coma, ( with that souls permission) since a coma is a state of massive soul loss. One should be able to speak with animals, trees, the stones, the elements, the dead, anything with a soul. The ability to do these things is a part of the job description. An inability to do any of them denies one the right to the title, but that’s never stopped anyone from using it. In most cases, it’s laughable.

No one forced me to choose this path. No one is ever forced. Being a Priestess or a Priest is a 24/7 job. It is not part-time. There are no vacations from this path of service. This path is not for everyone, clearly. One must be fearless, fierce, compassionate and kind, all at the same time. The training is intense, usually beginning in early childhood. Severe traumas or health issues are not uncommon, including near-death experiences.

I much prefer referring to myself as a warrior Priestess, walking the spiritual path Merlin calls “ The Path Of The Sword”. The sword is used to break the chains that bind us; chains of fear, chains of ego, chains of judgement. It is the sword of radical truth and radical love. It cuts through denial, it cuts through illusions, most importantly, it cuts through darkness, by illuminating it.

The spiritual commitment to this path is absolute. There are many types of Healers in the world, all have their gifts. Some are Awakeners, some, like myself, are Alchemists. Some are doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, acupuncturists, and herbalists. None of those are necessarily priests. A priest is a willing intermediary between the earthly and the other realms.

There has never been a time in my life that I regretted my choice to incarnate once again as a warrior Priestess, especially now. I have always been honored that people trust me, and choose to share their deepest and most painful experiences with me. I am humbled that they feel safe processing abuse of all kinds with me, embarking on a journey of the restoration of their divine blueprint. This moment in time, where the world is under assault, in a way many of us have never seen before, accentuates the need for the warrior Priests and Priestesses. We stand on the front lines of the battle. The darkness will not prevail. We have Master Teachers guiding us. Each of us have our own guides. We know who they are.

We have chosen this path out of our love for humanity, the planet, and all living things. As intense as it is, it is a beautiful path. I have never, and will never regret choosing it. It is my honor as a warrior Priestess to serve. Blessings, Judith



Nihil Desperandum: Never Fear

Sometimes studying three years of Latin in the Convent and then high school sneaks into my thought process. That should tell you something about me, right there. I’ve never thought of Latin as a “ dead language “, as it’s called. It’s a base for so many other languages. Certain phrases seem to have more gravitas when thought of or spoken in Latin. Like the title of this blog. Nihil Desperandum. Never fear.

Fear paralyzes, fear inhibits. All fear is based on things that haven’t unfolded yet. Therefore, they exist only in our minds as possibilities. When you stop and think about it, being afraid of a possibility is pretty silly. It’s like being afraid of a bad dream. It isn’t real. But that’s what we do, we scare the shit out of ourselves over a non-reality. Interesting choice.

Whenever we are afraid, we are accessing an old wound, an old negative belief that needs to be healed. Good. Root it out, and rip it out of your consciousness like a weed. Fear thoughts are like weeds. Left to grow in the sacred garden of your soul, they multiply, taking over the holy ground within us, choking the new growth of positive experiences. Tend the garden of your soul, planting only those thoughts that will bear fruit, and replenish you.

Fear is a liar. It attempts to weaken us. We must not feed it, or give in to it. Flood yourself with truth, with certainty, with love. Feel the love of Spirit surrounding you, filling you. Step into the light, out of the shadows that fear creates. Nihil Desperandum. Never fear. Choose faith, choose trust; in both yourself and the Universe. It’s a magical universe, filled with limitless possibilities. Live from that. Blessings, Judith