Monthly Forecast For August

Cecil the lionLeo is the sign that epitomizes summertime: fiery, fun, and intense. We have a number of powerful planetary aspects this month. Let’s look at some of them.

The Moon will be in Sagittarius, another Fire sign, on 8/2, making a lovely Trine to the Sun in Leo, while it also trines Mars in Leo. Wow. If you’re looking for a day with the thrust and momentum to start a new project, or to bring an old one over the finish line, this is the day. The Moon also makes a fortunate aspect to Jupiter, bringing optimism and good will towards what you’re doing. On 8/3, the Moon conjunct to Saturn brings patience and stability, while trining Uranus, the freedom planet. New ideas and new beginnings are the order of the day.

8/7 brings us the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. This is a powerful Eclipse, with the potential to shake things up on a large scale. There may be revelations about racketeering, espionage, and corruption that precipitate major changes. Investigative work that has been being done behind the scenes may now be made public, creating shock waves that challenge the denial paralyzing some members of the Republican Party. On a personal level, it is a powerful day for breakthroughs, helping to access the subconscious and the truth. Obstacles to healing can be removed.

8/8 and 8/9 and 8/10 are soft and lovely, with the Moon in gentle, compassionate Pisces forming some wonderful aspects for meditation, reflection, communication, and balance.

8/12 is powerful, with the Moon in Aries forming a T-cross involving Jupiter and Pluto. Don’t engage in power plays with others. Be the observer wherever possible. Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th, for 3 weeks, bringing the usual communication and travel snafus. Fun.

8/14 is very positive, with the Moon in steady, stabilizing Taurus making a number of aspects that restore faith and optimism, as well as the energy to restructure. The 20th and 21st are very good, with another powerful Eclipse on the 21st, the New Moon and Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon at 28 degrees of Leo. This Eclipse is phenomenal, with the Sun and Moon trining Uranus in Aries, a powerful force for change and new beginnings. Charge forward into whatever you have been wanting to do. The sky is the limit.

The 27th is wonderful, with the Scorpio Moon making several good aspects. The 30th and 31st are also very good days, again, very high vibrational days.

August is going to be a powerhouse month. Take advantage of all of the fire, passion, courage, and opportunities it offers. Have fun. Do something different. Fall in love with someone or something. Dance. Sing. Grow. Be brave. Be playful. Have a blast. Blessings, Judith

** Art by Aaron Blaise, dedicated to Cecil the lion. **

Clearing Up Some Common Misperceptions About Empaths

This seems like a good time to clear up some things people believe about Empaths. It’s true that Empaths feel other people’s emotions. To be able to do that, you have to be psychic. In the hierarchy of psychics, Empaths are ranked as the most powerful. Far more powerful than telepaths, mediums, precognitives…. Empaths are off the charts when it comes to our ability to scan, assess, and read anything with a soul. Somehow, it’s been accepted that Empaths are shy, retiring little flowers, finding it difficult to function in the world due to our ” sensitivity “. I think that’s hysterical. Seriously? Let’s look at that.

First of all, you have to have balls the size of cantaloupes to incarnate as an Empath. Empaths are fearless. We come here from the Fifth Dimension to support the planet, and all living things. We have a mission, one we accepted before arriving here. We are warriors on the front lines of the battle between the darkness and the light. Many of us were attacked by the dark almost as soon as we got here. The intention behind that attack was to stop us, to neutralize us, or outright kill us. As warriors, we found ways to keep going, drawing from reserves within ourselves that are programmed into our DNA.

Empaths are drawn to professions where we can make a difference. We can be healers, teachers, lawyers, activists, writers, I have friends in the financial arena that are Empaths, muscians, actors, advocates, business owners… the list is endless. One of the most common misconceptions about Empaths is that we can’t handle being around large groups of people. Again, I find that laughable. We’re alphas, natural leaders. Put us in a group of people, and we’re going to end up running it. We can’t help it. I find it amusing that people think we feel overwhelmed. By anything. In my last blog, I shared that I was stepping away from social media, ( Facebook), due to getting clarity about the absence of the Sacred there. I am still on Twitter, which I enjoy. You know what I’ve never seen on Twitter? Selfies. People posting what they had for lunch. I left Facebook not because I was overwhelmed, but because I was underwhelmed, as  it became clear to me that it was the wrong medium for me, as a teacher, to attempt to make a difference.

Another common misperception about Empaths is that we are just one thing, magically speaking. We aren’t. Each Empath has different supporting gifts. We all are unique, with different types of magical abilities we can call upon. I’m an Empath, yes, but at the same time one of my primary magical abilities is spiritual protection work. That ability has come in with me from previous incarnations. I have a powerful link to the Void, a vast, limitless sentience that I am always, in every moment, plugged into. Each of us holds a piece of the Void within us. According to Chinese medicine, it is held in the Kidneys. (The Kidneys are also the repository of the supernatural, and the mysterious.) In my work as a counselor, I’ve specialized for forty years in working with survivors of violence of all kinds, sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, and torture. In my work, I use my Void Magic as effortlessly as breathing. I use it to track the hidden pieces of the soul I’m working with. I’m primarily an alchemist, using my empathy as a tool to read the amount of energy I can move in a session safely, to pace the process to match the person’s capacity to handle old pain, without overwhelming them. Based on most people’s erroneous assumptions about Empaths, this type of intense work should be difficult for me. It isn’t. Not even a little.

Some Empaths are nurturers, some, like me, are protectors. Some are creative, some are extroverts, some are introverts. All Empaths, despite our different magical abilities, have one thing in common. We are fucking fearless when it comes to love. We know how to love, how to laugh, how to be open, and how to hold a space. We can do that standing on our heads.

This is a time when narcissism is a pandemic in the world. Narcissism is defined as an inability to feel empathy. Empaths are the natural antidote to narcissism. We are the antivenin the world needs so desperately right now. We have an inherent immunity to the poison of narcissism. Our inner fire, the Sacred Fire of Divine Love, is what shields and protects us. It burns away anything we absorb that is not coming from love. Narcissism is a soul sickness. It traps a person in the Ego construct, blocking their access to the heart, and to their higher selves. ( At a later time, I will do a teaching about what Native people call ” the Wetiko virus”. You can Google it.). Empaths are the last line of defense against this. We are not weak. We are not overwhelmed. We may be saddened by some of what’s happening in the world, but we know why we’re here. We never lose sight of that.

I am an Empath, yes. But I am also a Fifth Dimensional supernatural being, a hunter, a guardian, a healer, an alchemist. The culture may not understand what we are, but that means nothing to me. It’s enough that I understand. To all of the Empaths out there, this is for you. Know your true worth. Embrace your magic. We used to say, ” The storm is coming”. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. This is what we volunteered for. We are what was prophesied. We are the army of Light. The dark is nothing but an absence of light. It’s time to be the light of the world, Love. Love is always the answer. Radical love. Fearless love. Limitless love. Empaths, we’ve got this. Trust me.

The artwork  I’m using speaks to my heart. The horse reminds me of my horse, Nardo, a dragon in a horse’s body. ( I miss you, dude.) As a Mystic and demon hunter, the woman reminds me of the part of myself the culture is afraid of. Unless there’s a crisis. I have a deep love and acceptance for this part of myself. May each of you embrace your own gifts, and your own magic in the same way. Empaths rule. Blessings, Judith

The Absence Of The Sacred: The Myth Of Civilization

Indigenous people, along with certain spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism, experience the Earth and all living beings as sacred. Mystics and Empaths do, as well. We can feel the soul of an animal, a tree, a mountain… all life is sacred to us. Children have the capacity to experience life through their pure hearts, living in a state of trust, innocence, and joy, until life in Western culture begins to block that, and shut that down. Part of our healing journey is about restoring that inner purity, that inner awareness between ourselves and all living things. It’s about moving down out of our head, back into the realm of the sacred, our heart.

Western culture values intellect over empathy. I have no idea why that is. What we call ” civilization ” is the greatest lie ever perpetrated upon humanity. It’s an absolute myth. There is nothing civilized about racism, misogyny, greed, materialism, capitalism, the narcissism we see rampant in our culture everywhere we look. People working at jobs they hate just to survive, no health care, insurance companies profiting off of pain and suffering, wars, ghettos, poverty… civilization? I don’t think so.

This week, I made a decision to step away from social media. I had been giving it serious thought for some time, but I believed that I could do some good there. My page was private, not public, with only those people I had accepted as friends able to see my posts. People share all kinds of things on social media, some things are inspirational, some things are funny, some things are political, and some share events that interest them. It was one of the events that precipitated my decision to leave. It was an event being promoted by someone who was leasing a mountain in Vermont for a weekend, which he was touting as an ” Everest experience “, where, for a mere $4500 per person, you would climb the mountain 17 times, and be brought back down by gondola each time. This would be the equivalent of summiting Everest. Plus, there would be BANDS!! And FOOD TRUCKS!! And in his words, you should ” climb the god damned mountain!” All that was missing from this Everest-lite event was a flashing neon sign proclaiming ” LIVE NUDE GIRLS! ” I almost got physically ill reading it. I cried. It was my definition of the profane.

In Native culture, mountains are seen as teachers, as dragons, as ancient beings. If someone is doing a Vision Quest, they go up on the mountain to sit alone in prayer for 4 days. They meditate, fast, and reflect. They are supported by an elder at the bottom of the mountain, who also prays. It is one of the sacred ceremonies used to bring one closer to Spirit. We leave the world behind, so that we may gain clarity. We sit in stillness, quieting the chatter of the mind, away from the world and all of its distractions. We see ourselves as being upheld by the mountain, with its power, wisdom, and grace. When one is confused or conflicted about something, the saying in Native tradition is ” You need to go up on the mountain to get balanced”. This is why so many monasteries are built on top of a mountain. They are often chosen as the place of spiritual retreat. The Himalayas are known for Buddhist monasteries hidden away in remote mountains. In Tibet, the true name ( not the English name) for Everest translates to be ” The Holy Mother”. The Sherpas have a base camp surrounded by prayer flags. They do ceremony and offer prayers to the mountain before every climb. The mountain is sacred to them. Summiting is not seen as “conquering ” the mountain. That would be absurd.  There is no ego involved. Nor are there bands playing.

I cried because for me, this event epitomizes all that is wrong with western culture’s approach to life. It epitomizes the lack of respect for the Earth, the lack of reciprocity in life, of giving back. The entitlement. The hunger for stimulation, turning a potentially beautiful experience in nature into a three-ring circus. Making it be about athletic performance, rather than anything deeper or richer. It represents a complete disrespect for the sacred. ( Why not stay in a gym, on a treadmill)? It represents the ego. The arrogance in that statement ” climb the god damned mountain” is stunning. Right. The god damned mountain. I’m sure the Sherpas refer to the Holy Mother that way.  In that moment, I was finished with social media. Done. Seeing photos on social media of the Trump sons holding the cut-off tail of a dead elephant one had just shot, or the body of a dead leopard, grinning, so proud of themselves. Every photo like that is a body blow to me. Civilization? Count me out.

In reality, in every moment we are surrounded by the sacred. Breaking free of the trance we have been conditioned to live in is the invitation. Feeling the essence of the souls around us takes courage, because it means we are more open and vulnerable. This is the path of the warrior, the path of the heart. The path of the intellect is much safer, because mind does not feel. The mind is a computer, its job is to analyze data. That’s it. Without heart to balance and guide it, mind is a sterile thing. A lonely thing. Warmth, love, and joy come from living from heart. When we live from heart, we feel our connectedness to all things. We can be inspired by an eagle soaring overhead. The mist hanging over the water. The clouds passing over the Moon. The sky on fire at sunset in shades of magenta and orange. Everything has a message for us, if we are open and living in the heart.

I believe that the mountain featured in that post was a teacher for me. By seeing the disrespect shown to the mountain by unconscious people, it was a clear message to me. The message was for me to step away from social media and the Race Mind. This disrespect is the same disrespect shown to all of us, at one time or another. This was just one example of it. Yes, there are lovely people posting photos of family, and positive things. Yes, there are activists trying to make a difference. I like to believe I fit into that category. At the same time, the reality is that we live in a world where there is an absence of the sacred. My invitation is to find another way to inspire people who love the planet, nature, animals, and humanity, to teach people how to come out of the trance the culture induces, and come home to the sacred, which lies in the heart. It’s the simplest journey, really. It’s about trust. It’s about love. It’s about walking upon the earth with reverence and respect. It is about each of us refusing to participate in anything that profanes the spirit of anything or anybody, including ourselves. Anything that insults our spirit must not be tolerated. Anything that profanes the world we live in must be denounced and rejected. I believe that what we call civilization is a myth. We need to find a better way, starting within the self, by choosing love over fear, and truth over silence.

I send my love and gratitude to my teachers, some still with me, and those that have passed into the spirit realm. To Grandmother Twyla Nitsch, Seneca elder, and the head of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, thank you. To Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Holy man, thank you. To Grandfather Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota Holy man, thank you. To Grandfather Albert Ward, Micmac Holy man, thank you. To Taoist Master Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, you are a blessing in my life. I send you love and prayers daily. You have all taught me how to walk a path of heart, and to honor the sacredness in all living things. Your teachings live in my heart, always.

Jimmi Hendrix had a song called ” If Six Was Nine”. In it, he sings, ” I’m going to wave my freak flag high. Wave on, wave on”. I’ve always lived outside of the culture, knowing it had nothing to offer me. Someone once asked Mahatma Gandhi what he thought about civilization. His answer was ” I think it would be a good idea”. Today, I’m proud of being a Mystic. I’m proud to be a freak. I’m proud that I don’t fit in, and never did. I’m proud of my capacity to love. Most of all, I’m proud to be pretty unfuckingcivilized. I dedicate this post to mountains everywhere, to the wild places where civilization has never reached, and to the freaks like me that love them, and to all of the uncivilized people in my world. You rock. Blessings, Judith

** Rest in peace, Lakota activist and poet John Trudell. You are missed.

** Photo taken by a friend last year in Myanmar. Thanks, Jen.