Ready To Roll

Okay, all of the new inventory has been weighed and priced, including the biggest ones. Ow. I thought I had them all done. Nope. Whew! I am ready to start listing them, this week’s workload was heavier than I expected, sorry for the delay. There are 53 specimens, all glorious. Sparkling Quartz, mysterious Smokeys, Smokeys with Citrine inside, Citrines, wow. I’m ready to roll. I will be chained to the computer for the next several days. Oh, boy.

Spectacular New Arrivals

They’re here! On Sunday, a dealer delivered 3 large barrels and 2 big boxes of some of the finest mineral specimens I’ve seen. Some are huge, the Quartz Point in the center of the photo is 84 lbs, making the others look small. They aren’t. There are clear Quartz points, Smokey Quartz points, that amazing black Morion Smokey Quartz with golden Citrine inside, all sizes, something for everyone. I have spent the last two days unpacking and pricing everything, now to begin listing it all. I have my work cut out for me. These come from Brazil. Wow. It feels like Christmas. Watch my website for these amazing beings. Judith

Supernatural Solutions For Dealing With The Entity-In-Chief

Since the election in November, I’ve been deluged with calls from clients who are legitimately frightened. Frightened for the planet, frightened for humanity, frightened for future generations. This fear is rooted in a disturbing reality: for the first time in the history of our nation, we have an administration overrun with white supremacists, racists, fascists, misogynists, traitors, and a malignant narcissist at the head of all of it. In a word, entities. In Chinese Medicine, the word for an entity, ghost, or demon is P’o. A P’o is an energy form that attacks or attempts to invade a human. There are degrees of invasion, from the superficial, to moderate, to full blown possession. Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Chinese medicine have treatment strategies and protocols for dealing with P’os that go back thousands of years. All indigenous cultures have methods for dealing with them, as well. These methods are powerful, and very effective.

Having this conversation now is important. My intention is to dispel the feelings of powerlessness and fear engendered when encountering someone hosting an entity. When we encounter a personality disordered individual, or an active addict or alcoholic, or a person with untreated mental illness, our subconscious mind immediately identifies that person as dangerous. We can feel uncomfortable, without understanding why. For those of us who have been impacted by someone hosting an entity, (for example, survivors of sexual abuse, physical or emotional abuse, or torture),  our radar is more acute than someone who has never experienced an attack directly. This makes it harder for us to understand how it is that people can be so oblivious to the evil that is standing right in front of them. Throughout history, people have asked how it was possible for Hitler to have influenced so many people, and how it was possible that millions of innocent people were murdered while an entire country did nothing to stop it. From a karmic point of view, clearly the Race Mind is being given an opportunity to revisit this question.  Clearly humanity is struggling with it again, globally. We are seeing the same types of souls, creating the same dynamics of greed, manipulation, oppression, lying, treason, murder, and all to accumulate money and power.

The Earth Plane is a classroom for souls of all kinds, a place that souls from all dimensions can incarnate into to work through karmic lessons. Or not. Keep in mind that all souls have free will. This free will allows the soul to take as many incarnations as it wants to learn, evolve, and grow…. or, to keep on repeating the same karmic patterns, over and over. Some souls are very evolved. Some souls are very unconscious. Some souls are very dark and predatory. How can you tell them apart? Easy. Look at their actions. Evolved souls live from heart, compassion, and kindness. They choose to become healers, teachers, protectors, walking a path of love and service to the planet. They are the defenders of animals, nature, humanity, the air, the water, standing strong against racism, misogyny, discrimination, bigotry, and religious intolerance. Unconscious souls tend to be fear-based, rigid, and self-involved, lacking compassion for those whose beliefs don’t match their own. Religious fundamentalism comes out of unconsciousness. Narcissism comes out of unconsciousness. Extremism of all kinds comes out of unconsciousness. This brings us to the last group, the dark and predatory group.

This vibrational level of souls, the P’os, (demons and dark alien entities, ) are opportunistic predators that are always looking for food. They are inherently parasitic. They feed off of the energies of fear, pain, and suffering. These souls are drawn to the lowest vibrational frequencies, drug trafficking, human trafficking, pedophilia, slavery, violence, racketeering, corruption, money laundering, extortion, and the abuse of power. Understand that an entity has no conscience, with no link to the heart or higher self for guidance. They are what lies at the heart of horror movies. Some might call them evil. I don’t, anymore than I would call a Great White shark evil. A shark does two things: it swims and eats. A shark attacking a human swimmer is not evil, to the shark, a swimmer is food. An entity attacking a human is no different. Just as deadly as a shark, just as predatory.

My purpose in talking about this is to give people tools to empower themselves, and to teach people how to avoid encountering humans hosting an entity whenever possible. Here are some basic rules or guidelines regarding that.

1. Keep your vibration very high. Entities cannot move up, vibrationally speaking. They exist at a low bandwidth. Staying anchored in the light is it’s own protection. Radiate out love and compassion. Avoid feelings of fear whenever possible. I understand that we all succumb to fear at times. Be mindful of the circumstances and people you are around when you’re afraid. Try to avoid bars, cocktail lounges, hospitals, or areas where entities tend to gather when you’re afraid or fatigued. Do not use substances of any kind, they will drop your vibration faster than anything else. Dropping your vibration turns you into a happy meal. Don’t do it. It’s like diving into a pool of sharks with an open cut.

2. Trust your intuition. If someone feels ” off”, or scary, even though your mind is telling you they should be fine, LISTEN to the feelings inside of you. The body has wisdom. In the presence of something dangerous, a rattlesnake, a scorpion, a shark, the body immediately senses danger, and tries to flee. Even if someone is smiling at you, if your body is reacting in any way, listen to it.

3. Be willing to override your empathy. Empaths can get into trouble through our capacity to feel empathy for any soul. Even dark ones. Trust me, entities know this about us. Many of us have gotten our asses handed to us because of our capacity for compassion. We can feel sorry for Jack the Ripper. Pay attention to your internal warning system. Notice feelings of resentment popping up from feeling used or sucked dry by someone. Trust that.

4. Have strong, healthy boundaries. Boundaries are our friends. They are natural psychic shields we all have, that deflect other people’s energies away from us. Everyone has baggage. Having psychic boundaries protects us from that. The only energy we want to absorb is love. Everything else should remain outside of our energy field.

5. Connect to people who uplift and inspire you. Avoid people who thrive on chaos and drama.

6. Connect to nature. Earth Mother is pure. Her vibration is extremely high. This is why I surround myself with stones, plants, and animals. If you can, get outdoors every day, and connect to the spiritual essence of the planet. Breathe it in. It will balance and re- energize you. For achieving that indoors, the Crystals that I would use to raise your vibration would be Amethyst, ( the Violet Ray is so high vibe, it connects to the Violet Flame of St. Germaine, as well as Angels and Archangels), Smokey Quartz, ( soothing, protecting, calming), Obsidian, ( yes, Obsidian. It dismantles negative constructs or attachments and sends them into the Void, while strengthening our Kidney Qi, the home of our Will and our own personal magic), and natural Citrine. ( Citrine is one of the few stones that never needs to be cleared, and balances all 7 Chakras. Using essential oils is wonderful. The three sacred ones, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Myrrh, are very uplifting. Rose is uplifting. Pine is wonderful for letting go. Add in Atlas Cedar for purification and cleansing. For an all around energy clearing, I diffuse a combination of evergreen essential oils, Pine, Juniper, Douglas Fir, it smells like Christmas trees. Very refreshing. Using herbs like Sage and Sweetgrass to smudge your environment is great.

Now, most of these things are Third Dimensional solutions, ( Earth Plane solutions) for clearing and balancing our energies after encountering someone hosting something, which brings me to my title, Supernatural Solutions for dealing with the Entity-in-Chief. Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism are both spiritual paths that offer tools for this. Those that resonate with those paths have access to those tools. Not everyone will have access to the full spectrum of supernatural dimensional solutions available. That’s fine. But these two paths do offer very clear solutions for us.

I love the quote I used from Einstein, about the world not being destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing. Over the last 3 months, we have been horrified to witness  the assault on human decency undertaken by this president and his administration. His attempts to ban Muslims is a direct attack on our Constitution, not to mention incredibly cruel to those fleeing persecution. His firing of those in the Justice department who could hold him accountable hasn’t been seen since the Nixon administration.  The signing of executive orders reversing environmental protections, allowing coal ash to be dumped into rivers and streams, attempting to open National Parks to oil and gas drilling, removing protections from endangered species, allowing hibernating bears and cubs to be shot in their dens, alienating our allies around the world, insulting them while admiring and praising despotic regimes, while being investigated by a number of intelligence communities AROUND THE WORLD for corruption and collusion with Russia… Evil. A number of spiritual leaders have spoken out, including the Pope and the Dali Lama. Many of you are watching this threat to our democracy, and have taken to the streets to march, to protest, to try and make a difference. Many are asking, what else can we do?

Working with light and compassion is a good start. Flooding the Race Mind with peace helps. Refusing to give in to fear is essential, because, remember, entities feed on fear and suffering. Embracing your personal magic is imperative. Finding the fierceness within yourself, and bringing that out into the world, sharing it, forming communities of likeminded people, is powerful. ( And not engaging in arguments or debates with unconscious souls, that is useless, a waste of Qi, and just feeds the fire ). Meditate. Connect to Source. Visualize a protective bubble of white light around Earth Mother and all living things. Flood them with love and reassurance, they know they are under attack.

There are many, many souls here from the Fifth Dimension. These are the Empaths. Empaths are all very powerful psychics with their own gifts. Empaths are warriors of the heart, and are on the front lines of this battle against the dark. They are being guided and led by Ascended Masters whose names I will not share here. Some, myself included, have specific trainings in dealing with entities. These trainings are rooted in arcane magics that span centuries. These are Fifth Dimensional magics.  They are not taught here on the Earth Plane. ( The Third Dimension.) The Fifth Dimension has dominion over the Third Dimension. Know that those of us with those trainings and abilities are active in ways not seen in decades.

I am very comfortable with my job description. In fact, I love my work. Dealing with entities and the fallout that they engender has been a huge part of my life. I have specialized in working with survivors of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, torture, and domestic violence, for this reason. I have never encountered a situation that could not be healed. I have every confidence that all will be well. This infestation will be contained and dealt with. I have been shown the outcome. Good vanquishes evil. We shall prevail. We are loved. All of us are children of God. Evil is nothing but an absence of light. It has no power if we refuse to give it any. My heart is glowing with the fire of a thousand Suns. I am connected to All That Is. I am a part of something so vast, it cannot be imagined. So are we all. Raise your eyes to the light. Let that be your only reality. All the rest is just noise. Join me in the light. Blessings, Judith