The Monthly Forecast for February

IMG_2267The Sun is currently in Aquarius, the hippie sign of the zodiac. February looks to be an interesting month, and it starts out with a bang. On 2/2, Groundhog Day, the Moon ( which rules feelings, emotions, the subconscious mind, and the masses) makes a number of powerful aspects. On a personal level, it may trigger a desire to break free of something, as it moves through fiery Aries, and squares Pluto in Capricorn, while forming a conjunction to Uranus, also in Aries. Pluto is the alchemical planet, it is similar to the Death card in the Tarot, symbolizing one door closing, while another door opens. Endings and beginnings, death and rebirth. With this square aspect between the Moon and Pluto, we may feel manipulated or controlled by someone. Or, there may be a life circumstance that triggers an old issue, giving us the opportunity to heal it. Combined with Uranus, the planet of liberation and freedom, the desire to break free, and forge a new path is strong. The Moon also opposes Jupiter on 2/2. Jupiter is the planet of faith, optimism, and Sacred Law. Justice, fairness, and the truth. With this combination of planets forming a T-cross aspect, the desire to revolt against something is strong. Try to stay on your center. Jupiter never affects us through not enough of something. It affects us through overdoing, stretching ourselves too thin. Or, through others making promises they have no intention of delivering on.

The aspects on 2/4, 2/5, and 2/6 are much softer. The Moon in Gemini makes several lovely aspects boosting harmony and creativity. The 6th is especially nice.

2/10 is the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This is actually a very good day for doing intention work, and harvesting the rewards of work you’ve already done. The Moon in Leo, a Fire sign, trines Uranus in Aries, also Fire. Fire is zeal, enthusiasm, and joy. In Chinese medicine, it rules the heart, the pericardium, the small intestine, and triple heater meridians. The Fire Element represents compassion, inspiration, creativity, laughter, love, and joy. This Full Moon can be very restorative. Be love, be kind, be compassionate with yourself .

The 11th and 12th are also good days, with the Moon in Leo making a trine to Saturn, the planet of wisdom and patience, on the 11th, then moving into Virgo, and  trining Pluto on the 12th, strengthening the will.

The 15th is another intense day. The Moon in Libra makes a number of powerful aspects, again involving Pluto and Uranus, but offset by a lovely trine to the Sun, and a conjunction to Jupiter. The overall feeling is expansive and positive.

The 20th is another good day, any way you slice it, with the Moon in Sagittarius making several positive aspects, including a trine to Mars in Aries. This boosts energy, giving momentum and thrust to anything you want to do.

That brings us to the 22nd. Oh, boy. This may be one of the most intense days of the month. Let’s look at it. The Moon will be in Capricorn, where it form a powerful T-cross again ( a T-cross is two planets 180 degrees opposite each other, with a third planet right in the middle of the opposition, 90 degrees from the two opposing ones.) Now, this particular group of planets brings together the heavy hitters. Remember Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn from before? Well, just to make things more interesting, let’s add Mars to the party. While the Moon in Capricorn sits on top of powerful Pluto, it once again squares Uranus, as it did on the 2nd, but now Mars will square them both. Let’s see if we get this. The Moon will square ( an frictional aspect) Mars, Uranus, AND Jupiter, all while sitting on Pluto. So, what does this mean? It means lay low. Do not engage with people who are held together by static cling. People will be spoiling for a fight. Don’t give them one. Try to avoid engaging on social media. This is a day where emotions run hot. People are very polarized by politics right now. The country feels very chaotic. Again, Pluto, in Chinese medicine rules the Kidneys, which represent the Void, trust, fear, faith, and chaos. I believe you’re going to see a lot of people reacting from fear and anger. Pluto and Mars. These two planets are forceful. People may try to control, manipulate, or push past your boundaries. Stand up for yourself, while not getting sucked into anyone else’s drama.

The 25th and the 26th are spectacular, with the 26th being the New Moon in Pisces, and a Solar Eclipse. A wonderful day for new beginnings.

So, February has it all, intensity, letting go, new beginnings, dreams, and visions. If I were to choose a stone to work with for February, it would be Amethyst, because Amethyst vibrates to the Violet Ray, the Crown Chakra and Third Eye. Amethyst is a stone of peace, and helps to alleviate fear. Visualize your life the way you want it to be. Visualize the planet surrounded by that violet light of Divine Love. The world needs it now, more than ever. Blessings, Judith

Some New Stones

SHA-AJO-2-CL-UP-AAAAASHA-AJO-1AABBCC I’ve spent the past two days listing some beautiful and unusual new stones on my website. I recently remembered that I had three flats of Shattuckite with Ajoite, some with Cuprite, Quartz,  and Malachite tucked away. These are all Copper based minerals, and the Ajoite and Shattuckite are rare. There are only a few places in the world they are found. Both Shattuckite and Ajoite have an extremely high vibration, connecting the Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. I will keep listing them over the next few days, my husband has taken some incredible photos, as usual. I believe these beings are meant to come out into the world now.

Enjoy the photos. Judith

Monthly Forecast For January

img_2267January will be interesting, with some very powerful aspects. The Sun in Capricorn will be Conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn, from 1/4 to 1/7. This is a very alchemical aspect, which supports new beginnings, and letting go of what has been outgrown. Pluto rules the Void, as well as death and rebirth. Starting off the new year with this type of energy is very positive. Affirmations about release, or ceremonies about release, would be perfect now.

1/3 has the Moon in Pisces, forming some lovely aspects, including a sextile to the Sun and Pluto, beginning that releasing energy that I just talked about. The Moon Conjuncts Mars, adding thrust and motivation to the day. A wonderful time to start something new. Use caution and mindfulness on 1/5, where the Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus, the planet of rebellion, liberation, and change, while at the same time squaring Pluto, the planet that represents control, secrets, and coercion, when it is aspected like this.  Oh, boy. This aspect takes no prisoners, so observe, don’t engage. Let others react to this, not you.

1/7 is fabulous, a powerhouse of a day, loaded with opportunities. The Sun Conjuncts Pluto, very empowering, with the Moon in Taurus trining them both. Wow. At the same time, the Moon sextiles both Neptune and Mars. Trust your intuition, if you can dream it, you can create it. Everything supports your creativity now.

Mercury finally goes direct again on the 8th. Whew. The 10th and 11th find the Moon in Cancer, making a lot of aspects, some of them very good, and a few emotional ones. Cancer is a feeling sign, a sensitive sign, so expect emotions to be at the forefront, just in time for the Full Moon on the 12th. Again, an intense day. Nurture yourself, and take things easy, with a hefty grain of salt that day. The 26th is another day to refuse to engage, with the Moon in Capricorn tap dancing on top of Pluto in Capricorn, while challenging Uranus, just for shits and giggles. It also squares Jupiter, so don’t over-extend yourself, or make promises you can’t deliver on. Old issues may be triggered now.

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th is a good day to start something. The 28th continues that energy. The 30th is lovely, as well, with the Moon returning to visionary Pisces.

This is a good month to not only plan, but to set your intentions for what you want to achieve. Capricorn is a sign of patience, practicality, and ambition. Set your sights on what you want, and go for it. Everything is in line to help you accomplish your dreams.