Upcoming Gem and Mineral Show

Natural Citrine

Natural Citrine

I am heading to one more Gem and Mineral Show on Saturday, probably my last one before the holidays. I’m looking for a few special things, I have a request for a large Malachite Sphere, Malachite of any substantial size has become increasingly difficult to get, since much of it comes from either the Congo or Zaire. Being in the mineral business means understanding what’s happening around the world, as it directly impacts availability and prices. I’m also picking up some large Pyrite Clusters from Peru, plus cantaloupe sized Ruby in Zoisite Spheres. I’m very excited about those, the largest I have is a 3″ Sphere, about the size of a peach. Zoisite is a Master healer, said to increase vitality and heal long-standing physical conditions. Add in Ruby and you have an amazing combination.

I’m also picking up Smokey Quartz Obelisks, and some black Tourmaline. Bloodstone spheres, as well. I’m looking forward to whatever magical beings offer themselves. It will probably be a long day, so I will start listing my new finds next week. Keep checking the New Arrivals section under Shop Crystals on my website. And have a wonderful Full Moon on the 16th. Blessings, Judith

The Monthly Forecast for Virgo

Artist Josephine Wall

Artist Josephine Wall

This is a powerful month for anyone with a Virgo Sun, Moon, or Ascendant. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet that has to do with communication, travel, and the mind. For most of this month, Mercury is retrograde, going direct again on 9/22, just before the Sun moves into Libra. This contributes to a somewhat frustrating time for most of us, regarding communication.

There are some very positive aspects this month. The 12th is a good day, with the Moon making a trine aspect to Mercury, while the Sun conjuncts it. This is wonderful for intention work, and raising consciousness. The 15th, the day before the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, is also powerful. The Moon will be in Pisces, making a conjunction to spiritual, visionary Neptune while sextiling Pluto, the alchemist. This prepares us to work with the Full Moon the next day.

September 16th is the Harvest Moon, with the Full Moon between the Sun at 24 degrees of Virgo, and the Moon at 24 degrees of Pisces. Right at the midpoint of this is Mars, at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Wow, that’s emotionally intense. Use all of your patience on the 16th, avoid confrontations or engaging, wherever possible that day. Tempers flare, people speak without thinking. Remember that you can’t erase things you’ve said. Catch your breath first, if possible. At the same time, if boundary work is needed, it’s needed.

The 20th is magical. There will be a Grand Trine of the Earth signs that day, with the Moon in nurturing Taurus Trining the Sun in analytical Virgo, both Trining Pluto, the Master alchemist in Capricorn. This is fabulous. Use that day to nurture yourself, analyze what you want, what you need, and connect with your inner alchemist to create it.

We end the month with a second New Moon, on the 30th, this time in Libra. The Sun and Moon will conjunct Jupiter, the planet of faith, hope, and optimism. Reach for the sky, on this New Moon. Anything you can dream, you can create.

This month is a smorgasbord of energies, both positive and challenging. It’s up to us how we use the mind, especially now. Choose wisely. Let the discerning qualities of Virgo guide you. Blessings, Judith