The Virgo New Moon 9/1/2016

imageThe New Moon in Virgo on 9/1 is an intense and complex one. A New Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon. It is a time of new beginnings, a good time for intention work. Virgo is an Earth sign, Mutable Earth, in fact. The Mutable signs are the most flexible, and the team players of the zodiac. Given the number of aspects this New Moon makes on the 1st, that’s a good thing.

Virgo is a sign of analysis, with its ruling planet, Mercury, ruling the mind and communication. Mercury turns retrograde on 8/30, causing us to need to review communications, plans, and contracts carefully. The Sun and Moon will be conjunct at 9 degrees of Virgo. They will be in opposition to Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams, and illusion, which is at 10 degrees of Pisces. This aspect inclines us to see what we want to see, or to want to mood alter in some way. At the same time, Saturn, the planet of patience, caution, wisdom, and sometimes fear, is at 10 degrees of Sagittarius, forming a square aspect to both the New Moon and Neptune. The usual way this plays out is that our imagination ( Neptune ) conjures up things to be worried about, or afraid of.( Saturn). Don’t give in to that energy. It only lasts for a day or so. Rather than engaging the mind in the negative energy of worry, go up in consciousness to the higher vibration of these planets. Dream what you want to create for yourself, rather than what you don’t. Use the discipline of Saturn to focus on what you want.

The New Moon will trine Pluto in Capricorn in the afternoon. This is amazing. Pluto rules the Void, the Will, and Alchemy. This aspect strengthens our connection to our personal magic. It opens the door to limitless opportunities. It invites us to go within, and to not be distracted by the mind, and all of its nonsense.

There is a lot of momentum to this New Moon. A lot of power, and a lot of options about how we want to use it. We can escape into fantasy, be blocked by fear, distracted by mind, OR, most importantly, gain dominion over mind, and embrace magic. I know which one I choose. Have a blessed New Moon. Judith

The August 18th Full Moon

imageThe Full Moon on the 18th of this month is special. The Sun at 25 degrees of Leo will be opposing the Moon at 25 degrees of Aquarius, Fixed Fire ( Leo) opposite Fixed Air ( Aquarius ). Both signs are notoriously stubborn, but another way of looking at stubbornness is as tenacity. This Full Moon has a lot of energy to it. Uranus in Aries will be positively aspecting both planets, making a beautiful trine to the Sun, and making a Sextile to the Moon. Wow. Let’s look at that.

Uranus is the planet of liberation, originality, and change. It can bring change swiftly and effortlessly. Here, we have the Fire Element coming into the mix. The Fire Element in Chinese medicine rules the Heart, the Pericardium, the Small Intestine, and Triple Heater meridians. It represents love, compassion, joy, laughter, and creativity. Uranus in Aries ( Fire) Trining the Sun in Leo ( Fire), brings opportunities for new ways to see yourself, and opportunities to free yourself from old patterns, anything that has been outgrown. Uranus sextiling the Moon in Air, (Aquarius) lightens our perspective, bringing joy and laughter to the feelings and the subconscious mind, along with a desire for freedom.

At the same time, we have Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter all conjunct each other in practical Virgo. This brings optimism and faith ( Jupiter) to our thoughts and inner dialogue, ( Mercury), with Venus adding warmth, affection, and ease of expression.

This is a wonderful time to do intention work, to play, to pray, to FEEL the last rays of the intense summer Sun. Shortly after this Full Moon, the Sun will move into Virgo, the Earth Element, and Indian summer begins. Make the most of the gift of Fire, the joy and enthusiasm of it. Play some music. Dance. Sing. Be love. Be the Fire the world needs right now. Blessings, Judith

Home from the Springfield Gem and Mineral Show

imageWow. I am officially exhausted after a 2 day buying spree at the Eastern States Gem and Mineral Show in Springfield, MA. We found some of the most spectacular Crystals ever, some of them museum quality specimens. I have unpacked everything, and will start listing things over the next few days.

One of those amazing finds is a 71 lb Bolivian Amethyst Cluster, from the Anahai Mine in Bolivia. Bolivian Amethyst is my favorite, although I love all Amethyst, whether it’s from Brazil, Uruguay, or Bolivia. The Bolivians have huge points, much larger than any other. They are a deep blue-violet. This mine is no longer producing, so finding something like this is miraculous. I bought several Obsidian Spheres, plus polished Obsidian free forms. I found some beautiful Smokey Quartz, a 6″ Rose Quartz Sphere, a really cool Quartz Point with Chalcedony inclusions, wow. So much. Give me a few days to recover, and I will start listing.