Monthly Forecast For Leo

Cecil the lionThis is a very powerful month for anyone with a Leo Sun, Moon, or Ascendent. The New Moon on 8/2 will be at about 11 degrees of Leo, with the Sun and Moon making a beautiful Trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. The emphasis this month is on the Fire Element. In Chinese medicine, the Fire Element is comprised of the Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine, and Triple Heater meridians. It is about joy, inspiration, compassion, and love. The Fire Element asks us ” what inspires us”? This Trine to Saturn is an opportunity to reflect on what brings us joy, what we have passion for, or, what lights our fire.

Another powerful day is 8/13, where the Sun in Leo makes a Trine aspect to the Moon in Sagittarius. They will both form a Trine to Uranus in Aries, the planet of genius, originality, and freedom. This Grand Trine, 3 planets Trining each other, is in the Fire Element. This is a magical aspect, wonderful for new beginnings. Anyone with the Sun, Moon, or Ascendent in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius will be benefited by this. The Sun continues this trine through to the 17th.

The Full Moon on the 18th is also a Lunar Eclipse. The Sun at 25 degrees of Leo will oppose the Moon at 25 degrees of Aquarius. Uranus plays a role in this Eclipse, as the Sun is still Trining it, which is very uplifting and liberating, while the Moon in Aquarius makes a lovely Sextile aspect to it. A good affirmation might be: ” I am inspired to release anything that does not serve me. I am liberated. I am set free. I am filled with a renewed passion for life. Love flows into my life, and I am filled with a joyful purpose.”

Let this time strengthen the fire within you, restoring your sense of your Divine Purpose. Connect to the things that bring joy, fun, and laughter into your life. Fire illuminates. Fire warms. Most importantly, Fire spreads. Be the spark for someone during this time. Leo is the sign of the Lion. Embody that noble principle, step into your life with the courage of the lion, with the heart of the lion… And roar. Have a blessed month. Judith

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*** In loving memory of Cecil. Art by Aaron Blaise.***

Empaths: The Healers That Mother the World, Part 1


Art by Josephine Wall

Art by Josephine Wall

Empaths have a very unique type of magic. I have said before that all Empaths are psychics. In fact, in my opinion Empaths are the most powerful psychics that there are. Unlike Telepaths, Mediums, Clairvoyants, or Precognitives, who may need to access their gifts in a certain way, Empaths FEEL, constantly. There is no off switch on our psychic ability, nor would we want there to be. Empaths can feel every emotion of every living thing. Empaths are natural trackers, when it comes to feelings and emotions. The courage it takes to incarnate as an Empath is stunning, Empaths are fearless when it comes to processing emotions and trauma with others, there is no emotion too intense for an Empath to handle. Living from an empathic connection to the earth, to all life, is a natural thing for all of the Indiginous cultures of the world. Living disconnected from that is seen as unnatural, in fact. I believe this is why Empaths feel drawn to these cultures and traditions, as they are based on reverence and respect for all things, a way of living in harmony and love.

Empaths embody the Earth Element, in Chinese Medicine. The Earth Element is the stomach and spleen meridians. It is the Element of sympathy, empathy, mindfulness, boundaries, and nurturing. The Earth Element represents groundedness, the ego construct, our identity… How we perceive ourselves, family, and being in the world. It also represents a container, a vessel used to contain something. This becomes important in understanding what Empaths do, and how we do it.

It’s really interesting being born as an Empath. I wish, along with receiving a body, we were issued some kind of a users manual when we got here. That sure would have come in handy. Instead, most of us had to figure things out as we went along, learning by trial and error. Ouch. With other psychic gifts, it’s fairly obvious that you are a psychic. If you can see auras, or dead people, that makes it pretty clear. There’s a certain security in being able to define yourself TO YOURSELF, by knowing what you are. Even if you feel like a freak, seeing things or getting messages from guides, there are others out there like you. Books have been written about famous psychics and mediums, like Edgar Cayce. TV shows and movies, also. Many families have that one family member who ” knew things”. Being born an Empath is an entirely different thing. Let’s look at that.

Since Empaths can feel, by directly experiencing it, emotional energies others are having, they are like cosmic radio receivers here on the earth plane. When we think about the soul, we are usually thinking about the Ethereal Soul, what the Taoists call the Hun, held in the Liver. The soul is like microfilm, recording every experience that the soul is having. This is the basis of the idea of Karma, and the basis for the “Life Review” the soul experiences after it transitions to the other side. This is what Edgar Cayce called the Akashic Records of the soul. Every soul is here to learn, evolve, and grow. Or not, depending on Free Will. All of the choices and decisions a soul makes are recorded. Empaths are the psychics that read the soul, the microfilm of that souls entire experience. Empaths are soul healers. We can track soul traumas, injuries, disruptions in the energy body itself. We can see the original blueprint, lying underneath the trauma. Our job is guiding the soul back to its original Divine blueprint, using our empathy to help us lock on to our destination, gently guiding the soul in the direction it needs to go. We flood the soul sitting with us with compassion. Empathy is the nurturing principle. Empaths are nurturers. We ” mother” the soul we are working with, teaching them how to mother themselves. Sometimes that’s a gentle nurturing, sometimes it’s a ” tough love” kind of nurturing. It can be a Kwan Yin kind of nurturing, or a more fierce kind of nurturing. But it’s still nurturing.

There are no books for us to read, nothing that explains to our left brain what it is that we’re doing, or how we are doing it. Figuring it out as you go can create a kind of self-doubt most other types of healers don’t have to deal with. Explaining how we know what we know is next to impossible if we are not talking to another Empath. What we do is so automatic, so reflexive, that it seems simple. It’s easy to take it for granted, because it’s how we are hard-wired. It can seem so effortless that we can begin to feel that other psychics are more proficient than we are, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Then, you also have the potential trap of seeing the soul’s potential, ( the blueprint ), versus the soul’s Free Will in the moment. (A type of codependency.) It is all too easy for an Empath to confuse those two VERY different states of consciousness. Many Empaths get stuck here. What people SAY they want to do to heal, as opposed to what they are actually WILLING to do, are two different things. The Empath can’t be the only one in the room investing Qi in the healing process. Empaths are so locked onto the soul they are working with, so present to the process, that we can fail to assess the degree of involvement the other being has, and end up doing all of the energetic work. Not healthy, and not empowering.

When I say Empaths are soul healers, here’s what I mean by that. Empaths are alchemists of the most powerful kind. We don’t just feel what others are feeling, we step into the energy of the emotion, and begin to assist in healing it. Here’s how. Traumatic experiences penetrate down, past the Ego level, ( the personality), and lodge themselves in that microfilm that the soul is, that I described earlier. Fear, shock, grief, sorrow, a sense of aloneness, all are stored in the Chakras. The earlier the trauma, and the more chronic, the more difficult it can be for the person to access it and to be aware of it. The subconscious mind protects us from memories we may not have the resources to handle. With most healers that are not Empaths, the pace of a person’s healing is determined by the client’s awareness of their issues. Clinicians try to help the person to get in touch with those issues, usually through the process of asking questions, listening, and evaluating. Those clinicians are operating from a left-brain, clinical training and perspective based on analysis. Healing the deepest levels of trauma is dependent upon the client remembering it, or the client having certain patterns that could be evidence of a certain type of trauma.  Empaths approach things differently.

Empaths do something with soul healing work that is remarkable. The Empath locks on to the feeling of grief, fear, sadness, or pain that the person is experiencing, and steps directly into it. A link is formed between the other person and the Empath. Through this energetic cable link,  the Empath begins to flood the person with empathy, safety, and warmth. It is a very nurturing type of energy, maternal and grounding. That energy begins to temporarily stabilize the person’s energy body, reducing the anxiety levels. Then, the Empath begins to absorb some of the emotion into themselves. Here’s where the magic happens. The Empath grounds the energy they have absorbed, using their own energy body as a container, ( remember the Earth Element description), beginning an alchemical process with it. They reframe the feeling or emotion, then offer it back to the other person A LITTLE PIECE AT A TIME, gauging how much of the energy the person can handle, in that moment. It is done with great care, monitoring on a psychic level how much energy can be processed and cleared at that moment. It is a completely natural and automatic process for an Empath, happening spontaneously and effortlessly. That is not meant to imply that it isn’t draining. Depending on the degree of soul trauma the Empath is working with, and how long of a session is required, maintaining that intense type of a psychic link with someone can be very draining. It is a level of absolute psychic awareness that no other type of healer is capable of achieving, never mind sustaining. Throughout the process, the Empath is completely immersed in the persons inner reality. No one else exists for the Empath, other than the soul in front of them. Living in balance within the self, and avoiding psychic burnout becomes the invitation for us.

Empaths walk a path of heart and a path of service to humanity, and to the planet. We are deeply connected to Earth Mother, animals, stones, trees, we feel the sentience of all living things. We breathe it, dream it, are nurtured by it. We are directly experiencing it. It is not an intellectual construct for us. We can’t imagine living any other way. Remembering to nurture and replenish the self, surrounding ourselves with other nurturers, finding ways to rest, on a psychic level, all are important for an Empath to remain healthy.

Walking through life with this level of psychic awareness, which is constant, takes a type of strength and discipline that most people can’t fathom. Each Empath has tools and techniques that they have evolved that support them. In part 2 of this teaching, I will go into more detail about some of the tools I use, and other Empaths use, to remain balanced. Part 1 is to give a more in depth understanding of what an Empath is, and how our magic works. It is a rare and beautiful magic, the magic of nurturing. The magic of the maternal principle. The magic of love. Whether the Empath is male or female, the essence of the magic is the same: restoring the Divine blueprint through the nurturing principle of the Universe. A good affirmation for that might be: ” I am always, in every moment, being seen, upheld, and nurtured by Divine Love. My soul is constantly being replenished and restored by All That Is. We are one heart.” May this teaching bless all who read it. May it help Empaths everywhere to truly value their gifts, their honor, and their courage. I send Love and Light to you all.   Judith

Close Encounters With The Earth Plane: Operating A Juicer

imageWe all know I am not domestic, in any way, shape, or form. I don’t cook. I hate housework. I have no sense of direction, and can get lost a block from my house. I am proud of the few Earth Plane things I HAVE mastered. Changing a light bulb, for instance. Which brings me to my morning experience. Operating a juicer.

A friend of mine bought me a juicer as a gift. She is determined to rehabilitate my diet. I’m open to that, within reason. She is teaching me about the benefits of celery juice. Celery juice seems to have some miraculous healing properties, so I figured I’d try it. The juicer arrived. It needed to be assembled, naturally. My husband did that, as it was obviously more complicated than my light bulb skills were capable of. I bought organic celery. I made juice. It was actually pretty easy. I took the juicer apart and cleaned it, then carefully reassembled it for the next morning. It looked fine. Then, this morning, feeling confident, I made juice again. It turns out my confidence was unwarranted. As I was juicing the celery, I felt a slight breeze against my skin. A moist breeze. After finishing the juicing, I glanced down. The front of my body, including my waist-length hair, was covered in pale green celery snow. That’s what it looked like, anyway. The cover for the juicer hadn’t been on tight enough, evidently. Who knew?

Now, I’m really good at a lot of things. The supernatural, other realms, other dimensions. Spiritual protection work, that sort of thing. It occurred to me as I stood looking down at my celery-encrusted body, that I would have had better luck juicing a demon. The final humiliation came when my husband walked in. Paused. Looked at me. And said ” What’s that in your hair?” Here’s to being healthy. I’m trying smoothies next. With kale. Oh, God.