Not Afraid

imageFear is such an interesting thing. We’ve all felt it, at one time or another. So much has been written about how to overcome it. I’ve certainly written about it, over the years. Here’s the important thing to remember about fear: It’s a choice. Really. It is. We can choose to be afraid, listening to all of the reasons the mind gives us to be afraid, or we can choose to not be afraid.

The culture bombards us with sound bites about everything, the elections, the economy, global disasters, screaming ” what if”, “what if”, over and over, a relentless assault on our serenity. Well, fuck that. We happen to live in a cosmic classroom, traveling through space and time with billions of other souls, who, fortunately or unfortunately, all have Free Will. Perfect. So, some of those souls will choose to be heroes and warriors, and some will choose to spiral into old soul patterns that are negative. That’s not a judgement, that’s just the truth, given the whole concept of reincarnation and Karma. And that’s fine. Our invitation is always to decide, in every moment, whether or not we want to be the hero and the warrior in our own movie, in our own life, or not.

When my mind tries to scare me with those “what ifs “, that tends to piss me off. And that’s a good thing. I can decide to grab it by the scruff of its neck, and tell it to knock it off. I’m the creator of my own reality, not my mind. I HAVE a mind, I am not my mind. Either I will use it, or it will use me. None of the what ifs exist in the moment, they are all projections of possible events or outcomes. That’s it. That’s all they are. Being afraid of a possible outcome is a waste of energy. Plus, it can paralyze us, preventing us from moving forward towards our dreams. Unacceptable.

It’s true that the Race Mind can make choices that confound us, given that whole classroom thing. All you have to do is watch the news, or look around you to know that. Racism, misogyny, narcissism, and  greed, all are evidence of unevolved souls. At the same time, heroism, philanthropy, kindness, compassion, and love are everywhere we look. They just don’t get the same air time. Fear sells. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a news channel that reported on the magical and miraculous things happening?

Disciplining the mind is the path of the spiritual warrior. Refusing to surrender to fear, choosing to be authentic in every moment, is the invitation. Becoming the hero in our own lives, refusing to abandon ourselves in the face of adversity is the only option that works, because fear diminishes our soul. It is a Judas, a betrayer, a liar, and a thief.

Music has always moved me, all kinds. I love the lyrics to “Not Afraid”, by Eminem. Some of them are: ” I’m not afraid ( I’m not afraid)  To take a stand ( To take a stand)  Everybody ( everybody)   Come take my hand ( come take my hand)  We’ll walk this road together through the storm. Whatever the weather, cold or warm. Just letting you know that you’re not alone.”

None of us are alone, even if it feels that way sometimes. We are all a part of a magical universe. Fear tries to hold onto us through an illusion of separateness. Being the warrior allows us to choose something else. We can choose to push back the what ifs, to stand strong, to stand in the now, to lift our spirits up, to see the love of All That Is surrounding us. No matter what may come, we are a part of something magical. So, what if? We are eternal. What earthly event can change that? None can. Come, take my hand. We’ll walk this road together, through the storm. I am not afraid. I am a warrior of light. I choose magic. I choose love. I choose joy. I choose truth. Illusions and fear can kiss my ass. Blessings, Judith


Yin and Yang: Divine Balance vs Misogyny

imageOne of the foundational concepts of Taoism is the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin represents the Divine Feminine, Yang represents the Divine Masculine. These aspects are at the core of Taoism, and at the heart of Classical Chinese medicine. The Yin state is the state of rest, receptivity. The Yang state is the state of doing, of action. One is positive and electric, pulsating out, the other is negative and magnetic, drawing in, the inhale and the exhale. Both are essential for all life, and for our well-being. To be healthy, we need both the Yin and Yang organs of the body to be strong. Neither is superior to the other, they are all manifestations of energy.

We have 12 meridians in the body, 6 are Yin, 6 are Yang. They are partners with each other. We have the stomach and the spleen, the Earth Element, with the spleen being Yin Earth, and the stomach being Yang Earth. The Heart is Yin, it’s partner is the Small Intestine, which is Yang. Each is partnered, each is essential. Qi, our vital life force, comes out of Yang, while blood, which is the medium which holds on to the rest state, comes out of Yin.

When we think of Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, the sunlight and the darkness, activity and rest, giving and receiving, we are looking at the cycles of life, represented in the world as well as within our own bodies. Somehow, over the course of centuries, some cultures have considered the Divine Feminine to be inferior to the Divine Masculine. Western culture is one of those. Indiginous cultures are not a part of this belief system, honoring and respecting the Divine Femine and Divine Masculine as Sacred. The Earth is seen as our Mother, the nurturer and giver of life, to be respected and protected.

I belive that the attacks on the Earth and on women are rooted in the same source: Misogyny, a disrespect and contempt for the Divine Feminine, which I find to be incredibly ironic. Ironic because we all contain the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within ourselves. The idea that one is superior to the other is ludicrous. We see this insane belief playing out on every level. Doing ( Yang ) is valued over resting ( Yin ) to the point that people work themselves into exhaustion, feeling guilty if they take time to rest. The culture tells us we are lazy if we need to stop and care for ourselves, that we have value only if we are giving. Working. Doing.

The denial of climate change and the impact of pollution on the planet is rooted in this same misogynistic contempt and cultural entitlement. It is an entitlement to be nurtured ( Yin ) by the Earth, while giving nothing back. ( Yang ). This issue is far greater than the discrimination against women. It is an all-encompassing contempt for Yin itself, which is a part of all living things. I believe this is why we have the pandemics that we do: Depression, addictions, obesity, racism, narcissism, violence,  and misogyny. The cultural beliefs around the superiority of Yang over Yin are destroying the fabric of life as we know it.

Understanding this from the Taoist perspective is important, because men are equally impacted by the cultural disrespect for the Yin state. Men are made to feel guilty if they nurture themselves. ( Yin ). Men are looked up to if they are strong, if they are warriors, if they are hard workers, if they are willing to fight, ( Yang ), but if they go too far, ( not balanced by their Yin ), they become bullies and aggressors.

Our country’s propensity towards violence of all kinds, the statistics on domestic violence, child abuse, and rape, are another indication of this. Recently in the news was a report of an unconscious woman who had been raped behind a dumpster on a college campus. Two students on bicycles witnessed the attack, stopped it, and held the perpetrator until the police arrived. The judge on the bench for this case gave the rapist the lightest sentence possible, citing the effects on his swimming career. The letter the victim of the crime read to her attacker in open court has gone viral, read by millions of people, including being read on the floor of Congress. A petition to remove the judge has circulated, with over one million people signing it.

This constant onslaught on women, on the planet, on the Sacred Yin aspect of life, must be looked at from a much larger perspective. Religions that are patriarchal, that see women as inferior to men in the eyes of God, need to be seen as the danger that they are. They are inimical to life, a direct threat to our survival as a species. These are the religions that condoned and supported the genocide of Native people in this country, and around the world. We need to come back to a state of grace, ( Yin ), a state of empathy ( Yin ) with All That Is. Only by restoring and strengthening the Yin state within each of us, can we be healed, and as a group, save the planet. Walking in balance is the goal, embracing the Yin and Yang aspects of ourselves, refusing the cultural ideologies that are rooted in ignorance and fear. As each of us returns to wholeness, we can take the Race Mind and the country with us. It’s time. The future of the planet is depending on us. Both women and men need to work together to get us there. Yin and Yang, as it has always been meant to be. If we lead from the Heart, which in Chinese medicine is seen as not only Yin, but Absolute Yin, we will prevail. May this teaching bless all who read it. Judith


Dreams, Healing, and Reincarnation

imageDreams can be very powerful healing experiences. We are not restricted by the left brain, the mind, in the Dreamtime. We move through space and time, as well as processing feelings and emotions. Dreams can be prophetic, or they can give us glimpses of our past, including past lives. Over the course of my life, dreams have shown me things I needed to know about any number of things. One saved my life, when I was spending the night at my parents house. I dreamed of the Garden State Parkway, the route I would be taking home that morning. In the dream, I came around a turn, and a car was sideways in the road, across two lanes. It was raining, and it had skidded. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t, I didn’t have enough time. I hit it, and woke up. I forgot about it, had breakfast, and left to head home, about a two hour drive. It was raining. I drove under an overpass, and began to feel uneasy. It looked familiar. The road curved. The dream flashed into my mind, and I stepped on the brakes. As I came through the turn, there was the car, across the two lanes. I was able to avoid it.

Sometimes I’m given metaphysical teachings in the Dreamtime. Symbols, or esoteric material from Guides and Teachers. Complete downloads into my brain. Other times, I have flashbacks from previous incarnations. One recurring dream was of myself as a black woman, a slave, in the South. I see myself clearly. I know my name. I was being abused by the man who owned me. I live in a large plantation house. I climb out a window of the second floor onto a porch. I make it to the ground. Ahead of me are fields planted with crops. I know if I can make it to the fields, I have a chance to escape. I just barely reach them when I hear the dogs. I wake up gasping, shaking, and bathed in sweat. During that time in my life, I was married to a very powerful business man. He treated all of his employees as if he owned them. He did the same with me. He was occasionally violent. I was afraid for my life. I felt he had killed me, in a previous incarnation. I believe he was the man in that “dream”.  As soon as I divorced him, the dream stopped. I have never been able to watch any movie or read any material about that period in our nations history, without feeling a combination of terror and grief so visceral that my body is flooded with adrenaline. It becomes the here and now, instead of the there and then.

In other dreams, I am a Medicine Woman, on my knees, praying in Lakota over the dead bodies of my people. It is the massacre at Wounded Knee. I am weeping. I do not speak that language when I am awake. I wake up, grieving, my face wet with tears, my prayers lingering in my consciousness.

In some dreams, animals that I don’t know appear, talking to me, giving me specific information that I need. Dogs, horses, snakes, a tiger. A moose. A hawk flew into my bedroom and landed at the foot of my bed, in one dream. He showed me the man I was living with, in a motel room with a woman, having sex. He left no details out. I woke up next to the man, and had to refrain from putting a pillow over his face. I moved to the sofa. The next morning, he asked me why I had slept on the sofa. I told him that I knew he had been cheating on me, how, and with whom. He was stunned. He admitted it. He wanted to know how I had found out. I told him that a hawk told me. Then I threw him out.

There are different kinds of dreams. Some are processing dreams, where we process our experiences. Jung called dreams ” unopened letters from the subconscious mind”. Then there are visions. Visions differ from dreams in that we may be observing what is happening from outside of it. Visions lack the drama that processing dreams have, but are equally intense. Some visions may include rituals or ceremonies. We can also have healing dreams, where we move energy that has been frozen, trapped, or stuck in our energy body. We may be shown what we need to do to heal something.

We are not this body. We have a body. We are energy, light, and vibration. The Dreamtime is where we can access our true nature. I love music, it always inspires me. The song that corresponds to this teaching is “These Dreams” by Heart. Some of the lyrics are: ” These dreams go on when I close my eyes. Every second of the night, I live another life. ”

Allow dreams to be a bridge to your own personal magic, your authentic self. We can access all that we are, and all that we have ever been, in the Dreamtime. Trust what you are shown, even if it makes no sense. Dreams speak a different language, a mystical language of the soul. Rather than trying to analyze them using the mind, allow the impressions to percolate, revealing themselves at the right time. Dreams are a gift of healing, they are the wisdom of the soul, speaking. The show us our souls journey through eternity, a spiritual montage of all that has made us who we are today. They remind us that we can never be limited or defined by any earthly experience. We are so much more than this. Remember that. Dream in beauty. Blessings, Judith