The May Full Moon: Ideologies And Anger, Avoidance Recommended

imageThis month’s Full Moon on the 21st looks to be a volatile one. The Sun enters Gemini, and will be opposed to the Moon in Sagittarius. At the same time, Mars, the planet of passion and desire, will be Conjunct the Moon, almost exactly. The Moon rules feelings, emotions, and the subconscious mind. Mars rules construction and demolition, speed, weapons, and fire, among other things. Having Mars, a fiery planet in its own right, in Sagittarius, a fire sign, exactly conjuncting the Moon definitely heats things up. Now, this can be a positive thing if harnessed and used wisely. It can give thrust and momentum to allow us to move forward out of a stagnant situation. On the other hand, it can cause any repressed anger that has not been dealt with to geyser up like Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

I think Saturday, Sunday, and Monday need to be handled carefully. Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Saggitarius, along with Neptune in Pisces are all at about 12 to 14 degrees of the Mutable signs. The Moon will square Neptune and square Jupiter as it reaches 13 degrees of Sagittarius on Sunday. At this point it will be Conjunct to Saturn, the planet that rules discipline, patience, and fear. This is a very powerful configuration, for many reasons. It is called a T-Cross, two planets forming an opposition with the third at the exact mid-point of those. Jupiter is opposite to Neptune, with the Moon/Saturn conjunction in the middle. Let’s look at that.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, confusion, lies, distortion of the truth, and denial. Fantasy, rose-colored glasses, and escape from reality. It rules the Astral plane, mood-altering, drugs, and alcohol. It also rules cults. It is currently in Pisces, squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, which can cause a desire to evade personal responsibility ( Saturn), or a need to escape from repressed fear. ( Also Saturn). Saturn in Sagittarius is in the sign ruled by Jupiter. Having these two planets in a square aspect to each other adds to the impact of the opposition. As part of the opposition, Jupiter opposite Neptune inclines to over-expansion and over-indulgence, along with narcissism and grandiosity, the Ego construct believing it’s own press, so to speak. Jupiter, the ruler of the sign Sagittarius, as I said, also rules philosophy and religion, as well as ideologies. So, we see increased examples of rampant narcissism, as well as extreme ideologies, taking up political platforms now. We have two candidates, Sanders and Trump, both narcissists, inciting fear and anger in their supporters, which has resulted in violence and death threats by some of their followers recently. They are the embodiment of the most negative aspects of this planetary configuration. When people ask why this presidential election is different from previous ones, the current planetary aspects are inclining certain types of people to succumb to this lower vibration.

People who can fall under the influence of this aspect are people that have a relationship to denial somewhere within the subconscious. Denial is a very powerful coping mechanism, not to be taken lightly. A word of advice here: Do not attempt to introduce the truth to anyone invested in avoiding it. It will not go well. A person has to have enormous courage to embrace the truth, and to embrace their own feelings. Do not assume that of most people. This configuration is powerful. It is incendiary. It can blow up relationships, friendships, jobs, any situation where the truth is seen as the enemy.

I believe that the best approach to this Full Moon is both acceptance and avoidance. Avoid those that are in denial, while accepting their right to be in denial, when you can’t avoid them. This grouping of planets is extremely volatile. I can’t stress that enough. People with narcisstic entitlement issues ( Jupiter opposing Neptune) will be more forceful than ever, overstepping boundaries right and left. With Mars added into the group, suppressed anger and hostility can surface, waiting to catch fire. Let’s see, a planetary recipe for entitlement, ideologies, lies, denial, fear, and anger. Have I left anything out?

I have always been a servant of the truth, and a servant of the light. Part of my soul lesson has been about the acceptance of any souls right to remain in denial, or to outright lie. As healers, we can only help those who want to be engaged in their own process. Those who choose illusions, denial, religious extremism, radical ideologies and fantasies cannot be helped. Period. During this aspect, step back. Observe. Do not engage. It is a waste of precious Qi better used somewhere else. As far as the Race Mind is concerned, send light, while accepting that souls have Free Will, and are going to do what they are going to do. Their Karma is their own. No matter what others choose to do or believe, we can be held harmless from those Karmic consequences and results. Release fear, and release the feeling of responsibility for others and their choices. Some choices are hard to watch, but remember, pain is a great motivator. Sometimes, the correct action is no action. Don’t get sucked into anyone else’s drama during this time. Remember, the Earth Plane is a dream. Don’t look at anyone else’s dream. Dream your own life in beauty and peace. Guard your serenity, it is precious. Blessings, Judith

The May 6th New Moon

imageNew Moons are wonderful, and this May New Moon is so special, I had to say something about it. A New Moon occurs every month, with the Sun and Moon occupying the same degree of a sign of the zodiac, which is called a Conjunction. Tomorrow, May 6th, the Sun and Moon will be Conjunct at 16 degrees of Taurus. Taurus is an Earth Element sign, one of three Earth signs, including Virgo and Capricorn. Of the three Earth signs, Taurus is the most nurturing, the most lush, as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of charm, affection, artistic creativity. Taurus people love food, cooking it, sharing it, writing about it, reading about it. They often have a green thumb, having a natural earthiness that makes them good gardeners. They are patient, with a quiet tenacity that allows them to be able to see a project through to the end. Some people call them stubborn. Not me. I admire the fixity of purpose the Fixed signs of the zodiac have: Taurus, Fixed Earth, Scorpio, Fixed Water, Leo, Fixed Fire, and Aquarius, Fixed Air. They are the perfectors, the finishers. They get things done.

Tomorrows New Moon is spectacular because the Sun and Moon will be forming a Grand Trine in the Earth Element, where they will be Trining Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. A Trine aspect is a harmonizing aspect, enhancing the positive qualities of the planets involved. A Grand Trine is that harmonizing aspect on steroids, three Trines at once. In this case, the planets involved are incredible when combined like this. Jupiter has been called ” The Greater Benefic” by the ancient astrologers. It is the planet of faith, hope, optimism, and Sacred Law. It is the planet of abundance, protection, and manifesting. Pluto is the planet of alchemy, rebirth, and magic. It rules the unknown and the Void. It is the higher octave of the Moon, which rules the emotions and the subconscious mind. Having Pluto Trine to the Moon gives us greater access to our deepest, innermost feelings and beliefs, while Jupiter Trine both of them grants us the courage, faith, and optimism to explore that inner landscape, and leap into the unknown, making the subconscious conscious. Adding in the Sun, the planet of vitality, strength, and individuality, we have the confidence to probe the depths of our psyche, free ourselves from old patterns, and move forward.

With Taurus being a Fixed sign, any intention work that we do on this New Moon will be enduring in its effectiveness and results. Set intentions that nurture your soul, that feed your dreams. The Earth Element in Chinese Medicine is about sympathy, empathy, mindfulness, and boundaries. Make it okay for yourself to say no, and to mean it. Ask yourself what nourishes you, and do that. Enter into mindfulness while releasing worry. Be as empathetic with yourself as you are to others. Walk in the garden. Buy yourself some flowers or a beautiful plant. The flower that vibrates to Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is the Rose. Diffuse Rose essential oil. It is a heart healer. Meditate with a piece of Rose Quartz.

This New Moon is a gift during a very challenging time. Take a few moments tomorrow to tap into it, and connect with this planetary alignment. Yes, the world will still be doing whatever it’s doing, but remember, we are the creators of our own reality. Allow this New Moon to give you a respite, and a new perspective, or refresh the positive perspective you’ve always had. Above all, be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Be loving to yourself. Rest. Take the opportunity to begin anew. Blessings, Judith